Ready to Wear Fast


17 Nov RL Cashmere Refashion

I often read and hear conversations about whether one really saves money sewing clothes. It's all relative of course. With the exception my two Susan Khalje garments and Mother of the Bride dress, I've spent very, very little on clothing. Personally, I love comparing what I've spent on sewing and refashioning clothes to what I would spend buying similar garments. Case in point:   Sweater: Exclusive for Intermix for Intermix Oversized Boyfriend Crew S...

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02 Nov Marcy Tilton Interview & Giveaway!

A Marcy Tilton interview and giveaway? It's true! Get yourself a cup of coffee or beverage of choice, sit back and enjoy! _______________________ I am so pleased to announce the utterly creative Vogue Patterns designer, Marcy Tilton is kicking off my series of interviews with leaders in the sewing industry. When I think about how I'd live my life differently if given the chance, I'd certainly be more adventurous like Marcy Tilton, who in the mid 70's, with a group of friends,  drove  from Denmark to Kenya. When her clothes began to wear out she bought wonderful cotton fabrics from the markets and made herself...

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02 Jul J McLaughlin Refashion

The RTW Fasters and I are halfway through our pledge to abstain from buying ready-to-wear clothes during 2014! Lots of the women are knocking it out of the ballpark sewing incredible clothes too. I've found reaching the halfway point serves as a great incentive in achieving nearly every goal I've set out to accomplish, and I celebrated the six-month marker by cleaning out my closet. :) While I've questioned the wisdom about going on the RTW Fast during the same year of my child's wedding, the closet exercise proved my decision sound. Closet organization generates a different type of creative pleasure for me.  I do not...

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01 Dec Invitation!

  That's right, dear readers! It's time for me to fast from Ready-to-Wear again, and I've got a wedding coming up this year! Hope you'll join me in the festivities of sewing during 2014. You've got a whole month to prepare for a whole year of sewing, saving and looking fab!...

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09 Feb A Movement?

I am thrilled, elated and joyous that the RTW Fast is catching on. Could  become a movement? In late September I was informed by a reader that the day after I completed my RTW Fast, a sew-a-long inspired by my 1 year challenge started on the Pattern Review website in my absence, with many citing me as their inspiration. I was quite moved to say the least. Just last week I learned Pattern Therapy along with thirteen other women are hosting a year-long challenge for home sewers who want to commit to ONE YEAR of sewing to build their wardrobe. The challenge is to avoid purchasing clothing beginning...

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22 Dec December to Remember

Snazzy Sew 'n' Sew got her Sewing Mojo back. Cissie continues to inspire us all and Jilly's hand has healed. As for the title of my post - I got that from Barbara Dean; her words not mine. The RTW Fasters "behind the scenes" rapport is nothing short of inspirational to me.   Other than providing support for anyone who wanted to give up buying clothes for a year, my vision for the page was pretty loose. With the help of Google Groups, these ladies communicate with each other all the time sharing tips, seeking advice and support. Christmas is not only...

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03 Dec Holiday Fasting

A funny thing happens when sewers quit buying clothes…… they become very clothes conscious. At least that is what’s going on with the RTW Fasters, and it certainly happened with me. I became obsessed with all things clothes. I recently asked the Fasters to briefly comment on the experience so far and to date no one said they miss shopping for clothes – quite the opposite. Many have expressed a new sense of freedom as shopping for RTW is becoming a distant memory. So what are they doing? Robin bought a practically new Bernina Artista 200 last month and is all over the place...

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28 Oct Lucky 13

Maybe it’s just my love of Halloween surfacing, but I often believe the number 13 gets a bad rap. Today I added the 13th committed person to the RTW Fasters’ page and decided it was time for an update.  These 13 women represent a diverse geographic area including three countries and several states scattered from Florida to California. They have been communicating about topics important to them as they sew themselves away from the retail madness, but more importantly they are sewing beautiful clothes. Linda, living in a warm climate resists the t-shirts and crops scene, and recently completed this crisp periwinkle...

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