New Twist on The Tunic Bible

Tunic Bible Variations

06 Aug New Twist on The Tunic Bible

I overdosed on making tunics………after 50 I lost count……..and then an image went floating down my Instagram feed…….Variations on The Tunic Bible

“Oh my gosh – it’s a wide-split placket, with a band collar AND a ruffled neck! Why didn’t we think of that? Wait…… we did, just not combined with one another!”

TUCKERNUCK is a favorite retail and lifestyle website. My daughters love it and I do too. Cute clothing, accessories, jewelry, gifts for the home ….. and wonderful inspiration!

I studied the four “Palmerston Dresses” and pulled out The Tunic Bible. I had forgotten how much fun tunics are to design and sew. Once you have the fit worked out, you’re good to go for as many as you can make – unlimited possibilities!

The Tunic Bible

Tuckernuck’s Palmerston Dress features a bib placket, a ruffle around the neckband and a trapeze bodice with a ruffled hemline. It’s adorable, but I knew The Tunic Bible’s A-line silhouette with a ruffled hemline would work fine for me.

The polyester or rayon floral fabric is from my remaining stash and I believe it came from Mood Fabrics. Its medium weight has lots of body and needs no lining. I began with the bib placket and piped around the border using same fabric on the reverse side.

For the  collar I attached  a 1 1/2″ ruffle between the collar band and its facing.

The Tunic Bible

The ruffle is doubled fabric since it is seen from the inside and the outside.

I cut the tunic just below the hips and added a 9 – 10″ ruffle, which I cut double the width of the lower edge.

The Tunic Bible

To keep the dress free flowing  I did not add darts to shape the back.

The Tunic Bible

Sleeves or no sleeves? As tempted as I was to keep it sleeveless for summer weather, I added short sleeves – still not sure about this choice 😉

The good news is my “Tuckernuck Tunic” pulled me out of a rut, and now I see tunic plackets all over the place! I’m going to make this version one once more to tweak a few details, and I envision many tunic variations using various plackets, sleeves, necklines, dress lengths and more!

The Tunic Bible

Amazing what a little inspiration can do 😊 Thank you Tuckernuck!

Next Up: Making The Cut



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  • Caroline Lazzara
    Posted at 07:35h, 06 August Reply

    Adorable! I love Tuckernuck designs but have found they are too short for me. I’ve had to return dresses twice.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 07:58h, 06 August Reply

      Thank you, Caroline! At 5’2″ nothing is ever too short on me 😂, but their dresses do appear very short – great inspiration however!

  • Pam Foster
    Posted at 09:36h, 06 August Reply

    Good Morning Sarah,
    Great post! I have my copy of Tunic Bible in hand. In going through my stash it’s been fun to reread and look at all the possibilities. Hard to narrow down the next project. That’s definitely not a bad thing!
    I vote for good choice on using the short-sleeved version-it seems to balance out the ruffle. And blue….can’t go wrong with that either.
    Glad to see your posts again. I’m finding that in nearing retirement I’m organizing my sewing area and all the goodies that have accumulated. Very anxious to have more time to enjoy creating.
    Have a wonderful week!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 09:53h, 06 August Reply

      Thank you, Pam for your comment and buying The Tunic Bible! That was my thought on the sleeve too, however, I think the sleeve could be slightly fuller…… next project! Good luck with your organizing 😊😊

  • Scarlett Tatum
    Posted at 10:03h, 06 August Reply

    What an amazing detail … matching the design of the flower at the bodice and the dress front seam lines!!! This is a detail that Tuckernut does not offer.
    Time to pull out my Tunic Bible … well after I finish making my dining room drapes. The list is endless, but oh so fun.
    Thank you for the inspirations!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:12h, 06 August Reply

      Thanks, Scarlett! It was a really fun make 😊

  • Dara Harper
    Posted at 19:00h, 06 August Reply

    Beautiful as Always! Thanks, Sara.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:12h, 06 August Reply

      Many thanks, Dara!

  • Janet Mitchell
    Posted at 23:36h, 06 August Reply

    Welcome back, Sara. As expected, your new dress is a stunner. I must dig out my Tunic Bible and do some imagining. You are so inspiring.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 06:15h, 07 August Reply

      Janet, Thank you for your comment. Giving The Tunic Bible a rest opened my eyes to many possibilities I never imagined when we wrote the book 😊 Hope the same is true for you!

  • Beverly
    Posted at 14:44h, 07 August Reply

    Where do you get fabrics locally and online?
    Where is the blue fabric for the latest tunic dress from?
    Thank you!

  • Jennifer Mariel Shaw
    Posted at 18:26h, 07 August Reply

    I do adore your new dress! I really love your fabric that you had in your stash to make this dress. I am about your height, but I am not as petite as you are. I am more of an hourglass shape with a sway back. Now the tunic made as a short top with some shaping in the back would really work for me! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful adventures in sewing!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 07:50h, 08 August Reply

      Thank you, Jennifer! Short tunics are IN right now 😊 Send me a pic if you give one a try and good luck 😊😊

  • Pamela
    Posted at 07:58h, 09 August Reply

    I originally discovered you via the Tunic Bible and love this version of it! Your descriptions of pieces used and construction are invaluable. My cotton versions sometimes come out stiff and boxy due to my mature, plump size. What would be the best fabrics to use.? I don’t wear polyester.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 08:28h, 09 August Reply

      Thank you, Pamela for your comment 😊 Have you tried cotton lawn and cotton voile? Neither should be boxy!Silk also makes nice tunics and has a great drape. I discovered along the way, that shaping the back with darts when the tunic appears boxy helps the shape. Maybe try making the tunic a little shorter as well. Hope this helps!

  • Ginger Wise
    Posted at 10:06h, 09 August Reply

    Love this dress. You did an amazing job. I am also a big fan of Tuckernuck. I have a few pieces from there. A lot of their tops and dresses have the banded collar with a ruffle. I have the Tunic Bible. I am in the process of arranging my sewing room. I commented on a previous post that I loved the neckline and you suggested I checked my stash and that this neckline was in the Tunic Bible. I haven’t unpacked the box with the Tunic Bible but found several patterns with the banded split neckline. Looking forward to getting my sewing room unpacked and organized and sewing again. Years since I have sewed but I never stopped collecting patterns and sewing books.

  • Joan
    Posted at 00:23h, 16 August Reply

    Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah! Love your fabric and your Tuckernuck-inspired dress: very fresh for summer! I have yet to use the pattern that came w/ your book, but am definitely more motivated after being reminded of its versatility. You really have an eye for detail: the piping adds a lot and looks terrific.

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