About Me

If you can read a recipe, you can read a pattern. If you can drive a car, you can operate a sewing machine. If you can shop, you can SEW.

Sarah Gunn

On August 31, 2011 I gave up buying clothes for a year and vowed to make my clothes instead.

As a mother to two fashionable daughters, I was no stranger to shopping for clothes. From baby clothes to upscale fashions, shopping for clothes had dominated my checkbook for decades.

During my year of sewing I made 64 garments, saved thousands of dollars, and received countless compliments on my clothes from people who did not know my story. Two weeks after I concluded my year of abstaining from buying ready-to-wear clothing, Mood FabricsProject Runway’s go-to fabric store announced a sewing network of nine bloggers of which I was one.

Honored to be a part of the Mood Fabrics team, I’ve continued to work on my skills and promote sewing clothes.

On January 1, 2014 I was joined by hundreds of sewists across the globe for another year long Ready-t0-Wear Fast.  Follow  here!