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15 Jul Vogue Pattern 8833, White Linen Top

In March a color specialist spoke to a women's group I belong to. I haven’t thought about the Color Me Beautiful scene since the 80s, but this industry is going strong! Our speaker came from House of Colour and the business has expanded into makeup, accessories, hair color, and even balancing silhouettes and proportions….We were told that a pure red color looks good on everyone (leading me to buy the Red Tunic), but not so with black and white. I should wear beige, navy and chocolate brown….. I understand how blue and yellow undertones affect what colors look best on us, but...

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20 Aug Vogue 8833

I often think my Fall wardrobe is practically non-existent – most likely because I look like I’m coming down with something when I wear those traditional, Fall earth-tone colors. Fortunately the Pantone Fall 2013 report brings new colors to the mix translating into exciting possibilities for my closet! My first Fall sewing project needed to be a go-to garment. Being a lover of silk, I ordered this crepe de chine from Mood Fabrics by Thakoon - the gorgeous colors enhance every pair of pants I own!  True, the fabric would make a beautiful special occasion garment, but I'll feel special each time this luxurious...

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17 Oct Vogue 8833

Here is my new top.  If I was on Project Runway, Tim Gunn would walk into the workroom and tell me I needed to live up to my potential. Michael Kors would call me a One-Trick-Pony, and Heidi Klum would exclaim that I look like I’m going to a baseball game before saying Auf Wiedersehen with a kiss on the cheek. Does this mean I do not like the top? Not at all!  I like it, but I’m starting to repeat myself and it’s time to regroup. ______________  Two weeks ago I went to Waechter’s Silk Shop in Asheville, NC with a friend who decided to start sewing for...

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