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23 Jun Petal Skirts

There's nothing better than a spontaneous afternoon of shopping and tea with friends. Several weeks ago I had the pleasure to do just that in Charleston with my dear friend and literary publicist Kathie, and my partner in crime, Julie. Kathie wanted to shop which gave Julie and me a legitimate reason to be in the retail stores on King Street. In our presentations, Julie and I often discuss the etiquette of  Snoop Shopping which in polite society should be referred to as Inspiration Shopping. I draw much of my sewing inspiration from Ready-to-Wear clothing and have become quite adept at sneaking...

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18 Mar Birdie and Me

Greetings from the desert! A beautiful baby and gorgeous warm weather greeted us upon our arrival to Scottsdale. Can life get better than this? I've been asked countless times if I plan to sew for Birdie (now 6 months). The answer is YES, but I have decided not to smock again. It's been a long time since I've attempted to sew baby clothes, and while times have changed, baby patterns have not! After a 25 year break, I was led back to The Children's Corner patterns and discovered many of the cute patterns I sewed for Katie and Mimi are now online waiting to be...

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05 Mar 3 Dresses 3 Fits 3 Looks

Maybe you go through color phases like I do.  I don't know where they come. Two years ago I was all about orange but lately I've been partial to blue and green. Recently, the delightful fabric designer Jennifer Paganelli sent Julie and me selections from her Hotel Frederiksted collection. We each made a tunic for one of our book signings at Quiltcon in Savannah last week.  The fabrics are quilting cotton which isn't always recognized as garment friendly, but one can have fun with the great prints found in quilting cotton, and create cute casual garments! Here's mine. I decided to make a...

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