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26 Nov The Big Ball

As promised I’m posting a picture of the group in full regalia! What? Why yes, of course the ruching above the knee is intentional. It’s really difficult to do you know……… In all seriousness, it was a great evening and well worth the $48.00 investment. Was the dress worth the investment of nearly three weeks?? And why is it that my greatest efforts of time and largest amount of money are devoted to special event attire? I’m looking forward to making clothes I can wear everyday again. Two weeks ago a friend told me that since I gave up shopping for a year and...

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20 Nov Robe de Soirée

 It has been eighteen days since my last post! Making an evening gown consumed every precious free moment I’ve had – physically, intellectually and emotionally. The ball is in five days and the dress is finished! Up until making this gown I have really enjoyed sewing again, but I put such pressure on myself to make a dress that will match up to the others (including the ones I bought for my daughters) the experience has been stressful, but I persevered.     Other than several dyslexic incidents brought about from working on a one-shoulder dress, this Butterick pattern was easy enough and presented no...

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24 Oct I must make an evening gown

I was hoping to tackle the more ambitious projects towards the latter part of the year but here I am in the second month faced with a challenge that has brought my momentum to a standstill…………….. an evening gown…….. for a ball……….. the day after Thanksgiving………  h  e  l  p . I would have considered an exception to my year of no shopping but both of my daughters are going and you guessed it…………. they need new gowns too. I’ll buy their dresses and make mine - something is wrong with this picture.  The last time the entire family went to...

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