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27 Jul New Look Pattern 6372

I love silk and wear it for almost any occasion, other than feeding babies ;) I was especially thrilled to recently find the Karen Kane Riviera and White Abstract Silk Crepe de Chine on the Mood Fabrics website - a silk crepe de chine featuring a casual print. With its gorgeous shades of blue and soft drape of textured silk, this fabric was right up my alley for the project I had in mind; a breezy summer top that could go anywhere. No agenda, no deadline, no pattern matching, no tricky fitting ...

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04 Jun A Lizard, Newspaper, Craftsy and Silk

Maybe you read Pamela Druckerman's New York Times Op Ed on Sunday. It's a synopsis of the commencement speech she gave to students graduating from the Paris College of Art, an American art and design school in France. By the time I reached the end of the column I felt it was written just for sewists and sewing bloggers - especially the paragraph that states it's ok to be obsessive. Druckerman quotes comedian Louis C.K. who says "Anything you do should be better than anything you did before." That statement might have been a joke, but ...

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30 Aug Mother-of-the-Bride Dress, Vogue 8766

If only it was this easy.   I’m not sure why I panicked so about making a dress to wear to Katie’s wedding! Whether it was having too much to do, searching for the right pattern and fabric or doubting my competence, I was on edge about the project. By now I should know that one’s hard work is ultimately rewarded. All of the planning and efforts invested over the last several months resulted in a divine evening and I dare say, a perfect wedding :)  We can’t get much happier than this! MY DRESS What can I say? Sometimes it takes a village to make a...

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