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14 Feb What I Did For Love

My sewing goal for this post was to make two pairs of Style Arc’s Elle Pants from fabric I bought over a year ago inspired by Robin of A Little Sewing. The fabrics are a hi-tech matte hybrid in chocolate-brown and red. I made the pants in black last year, blogged here. For some reason I asked my husband’s opinion about making the pants………. “Make  a dress out of the red fabric, like the one you had at the beach,” Hubby was referring to his favorite dress pattern. Of all the dresses I’ve made this is his favorite. “But Cissie, one of the RTW...

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30 Dec Vogue 8742

Whew! (click Like if you feel the same way)  On the First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me……. On the Third Day of Christmas I found myself alone, ;) Which meant by the Fourth Day of Christmas I had made a new dress. And on the Fifth Day of Christmas…….. I made it to the beach.O h  H a p p y   D a y !   Would you believe my husband said of all the dresses I’ve made, this is his favorite? This dress was  s o  e a s y  to make that it belongs in a different category from the dress projects...

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