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18 Jun Orange Blossom Special – Vogue 8648

Over the weekend my husband and I bumped into a couple of friends. I happened to be wearing Vogue 8648, and the male half of the couple told me how nice I looked in my shift. Before I could politely thank him, my husband took over the conversation. “That is no shift. Sarah is wearing a couture dress that she made. The dress has 21 pieces that are lined and underlined. She did a lot of the work by hand and it took her a very long time to make it.” Had I recently accused him of not paying attention to me...

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16 Jun Tidbits

 I’m sewing Vogue 8648 again . It’s not quite the  S H I B U I  that it was the first time around, partly because I have omitted the silk organza underlining, thus saving me hours or perhaps days of work. In the meantime several tidbits of information and inspiration have surfaced that I wanted to share…….. Today I had the pleasure of reading a comment from Lexley. That would be Lexley who inspired the cute Style Arc Lexley blouse !  I’ve often wondered about the names of clothing articles , particularly with Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer who name all of the...

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30 May S H I B U I – Vogue 8648

“When the student is ready, the master appears.”   Buddhist Proverb I was ready to learn how to make a good dress, and boy did I learn. My dedicated efforts in dressmaking were often flawed by random mediocre details leaving me discouraged and insecure. Enter the Online Couture Dress Class with Susan Khalje. I’m wondering if I even knew what  C O U T U R E meant. Very nice, good fitting, custom-made clothes with special hand-sewn techniques – right? My naivety proved me nearly clueless. While Susan suggests several dress patterns to use, the Craftsy course includes this free Vogue 8648 dress pattern which she illustrates in...

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