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I  w i l l . I will never buy a wrap dress again. This is the fourth wrap dress I’ve made since January and there is no reason to fork out the big bucks, or even ‘bargain’ bucks again for one of my favorite styles. I completed my one-year RTW Fast on August 31st and finally found my way into a dress shop in October. I bought the black sweater I promised myself 10 months ago after repairing moth holes in my trusty black cardigan during the fast, but as soon as I carefully examined a couple of $300.00 wrap dresses,...

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It’s done. I love it, and I’m glad it’s over. My Missonish fabric has become a dress! It was one of those sewing projects that didn’t come together until the very end…. as in when I basted the hem in place. I glanced over nearly 100 reviews of this very popular Very Easy Vogue 8379 pattern on the Pattern Review website before retrieving it from my pattern stash. One promise I made to myself during this 365 day challenge is that I will not be in a hurry when I sew, and I dutifully made a muslin of the top before I cut the fabric...

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