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18 Mar Two Wrongs Get It Right

Greetings from lovely Bluffton, SC! My husband and I are here where he is meeting with colleagues.  I am riding bicycles, taking yoga classes and enjoying the abundant coastal wildlife which all headed for the lagoon when I walked out of my cottage wearing the latest. Even the big alligator made a u-turn and started swimming toward the river. I‘m thinking about making a scarecrow out of these clothes just to keep it away.  I knew this orange floral fabric would not be suitable for the dress I planned to make the minute I opened the box, and these pants practically cut and...

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07 Mar Orange Pique

   Well, I made these orange/red pique pants from fabric in my stash using this wonderful Style Arc pattern again . The pants turned out great, but sadly I have n o t h i n g but a couple of white  tops to wear with them. I'm going to consider this unadorned photo a blank canvas - maybe like one of those paper dolls you cut out and dress up with different clothes.  I’m noticing red and orange pants everywhere this spring combined with vivid colors, and I look forward to sewing new tops in new colors for my new pants.   As I enter my seventh month of abstention from buying...

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