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03 Apr Saint James Knock Off

Knowing I can sew a garment for a tiny fraction of the retail price of a simply thrills me, and is one of the reasons I continue to sew. I knew I could make the $200 Saint James Toledo striped dress I saw in a boutique in Charlotte,but I didn't know that Mood Fabrics stocked Saint James knits ~ the very same fabrics! Upon finding Burda 6722, I knew it was meant to be. Described as a ponte, Mood offers the Saint James knits in several colors, and I chose the white background with black stripes. I rarely sew Burda patterns (no reason in...

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12 Jul McCalls 3830

I recently bought the August – September issue of Vogue Patterns magazine. When sewing blogger Robin Denning announced her new position as Editor of the magazine I immediately renewed my lapsed subscription, however, after catching a glimpse of pages 76 - 83, I wasn’t willing to wait for it to arrive and bought a copy.  This issue provided me with instant inspiration along with a solution to a four-month dilemma! In March I ordered this fabric based on the jpeg below.   H e l l o………..   “Too bold.” I said. “Too bright……too big……..too much…..” The 7 magazine pages filled with big bold stripes changed my...

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Who’s there? O R A N G E. Orange who? Orange you going to ask what possessed me to order all of this  L O U D  fabric?  __________________________________________ Bigger, Brighter and Bolder does not mean B e t t e r . Hopefully you caught the word ORDER. I’ve had excellent results from ordering fabric online until now, and the reason my latest order is such a disappointment is because I didn’t take the time to order swatches. It never occurred to me that this would be this or that this stripe would be this stripe. and I never dreamed the scale of this floral  would be enormous. I was going to...

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