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18 Aug The Quest for Perfection, Simplicity 4149

“It’s a risky project with a lot of potential opportunities for disaster.” Hubby has been watching way too much Project Runway. “….. and you need to think about ¾ length sleeves.” ___________________________ Somehow, someway and someday I’m going to have the perfect tunic pattern. Encouraged by Julie Starr’s success, (who is also on the same quest), with Simplicity 4149, I decided to give it a try. Here’s my muslin after I made my standard adjustments to shorten the bodice – far from perfect.           The darts are too low and the back is enormous. The front is ok, but I wanted to reduce...

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17 Jun Superfly!

“You look like you’re still on vacation!” I know – I’m just in denial. My vacation was a blast.  If this Superfly fabric by Sis Boom doesn’t make me feel like I’m still on vacation then nothing will! I only wish I had made this easy summer dress before I went on vacation rather than after :) Shall I blame it on Tia Dia of Mezzo Couture?  Her recent Vogue 2864 dress was exactly the pattern I wanted to try- a relatively fitted empire waist shift. I ordered the OOP pattern from Etsy before I finished reading her post, and it was waiting...

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