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27 Mar Simplicity 7715 – Kate Spade Aubrey Wrap Inspired

Making this Simplicity 7715 pattern evolved into one of those  s p e c i a l  projects………. piece by piece, hour by hour, day by day…………… I was starting to hate it but now that it’s over I love it - much like childbirth as I recall. The gory details are here on the Pattern Review website if you want to know more.  I'll just say every pattern piece but one required a redo - planned and unplanned. One positive aspect of the pattern is the wonderful ruffle, which I equate to finding an oasis in the middle of the desert. With the...

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23 Mar Kate Spade/Simplicity 7715

You may already know how much I love Kate Spade clothes although I don’t own a single Kate Spade garment.  One of the dresses I’ve admired over the years is the Aubrey Wrap Dress, which Kate Spade introduces in new fabrics every season.    Whether or not I can recreate this dress remains to be seen but I’m trying. In November, Tracy  kindly introduced me to this vintage Simplicity 7715 pattern when I was contemplating evening gown patterns. Three months later, after losing the e-Bay bid Tracy discovered,  I found it on Etsy – even in my size! Hooray and thank you Tracy! Not only is the pattern...

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