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Snow White

Each snowflake that falls in the South sells a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread or a package of batteries. Panic sets in around here as it did with me, but fortunately it was just what I needed to … Continue reading

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Sultry or Sunshine?

 “Well if it isn’t Sultry and Sunshine!” blurted the drunk man upon seeing my friend and me. The year was 1984. My friend resembled Angelina Jolie and well, I just looked like myself, only 29 years younger. It’s not hard … Continue reading

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Ribbon Skirt Conclusion!

I originally planned a three part Sew-a-Long for the Ribbon Skirt, but I discovered after sewing the ribbons in place the rest is simple enough to complete in a single post, thanks to Julie Starr. For newcomers to the Sew-a-Long, … Continue reading

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When I realized the weather would be too cold to wear my navy lace dress for Easter, I set it aside for Mother’s Day, but I didn’t give up on such a pretty lace making its Easter debut, and made … Continue reading

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K a t i e Spade

Can you tell the difference between the Kate Spade and the Katie Spade? Most people can’t thanks to Kenneth King’s online course, Clone Your Favorite Garment! I’ve made several pencil skirts during the last 17  months, but was still searching … Continue reading

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Many years ago my dear friend from New Orleans introduced me to the word lagniappe, a word Mark Twain describes as worth travelling to New Orleans to get. A lagniappe is a small gift given to a customer by a … Continue reading

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McCalls 3830

I recently bought the August – September issue of Vogue Patterns magazine. When sewing blogger Robin Denning announced her new position as Editor of the magazine I immediately renewed my lapsed subscription, however, after catching a glimpse of pages 76 … Continue reading

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Gilding the LILLY

If ever there was a dress that did not need to be remade it was this one; a Lilly Pulitzer sundress, circa 2003. I bought this cute dress for my older daughter when she was in high school. I’ve always loved … Continue reading

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McCalls 3830 + Craftsy Class

Since the last post my sewing took a domestic turn in the form of window treatments for my daughter’s new apartment in Charleston. My husband and I drove down to check out her new home and help her settle in. … Continue reading

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Four years ago I bought this skirt at a Worth trunk show. Worth is one of my favorite clothing lines, but the clothes are expensive and I consider my Worth purchases to be very  special. At the show I tried … Continue reading

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