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29 Sep New Look 6162

I sure have missed my blogging friends! I have been so eager to post anything just to say hello while I was taking care of a patient, hosting a party at my home followed by entertaining out-of-town company immediately upon returning from our unforgettable vacation to the Mediterranean. The patient is fine, the party was fun, the company found its way to a football game in Florida, and I hit the sewing machine after a four-week break. I imagined this beautiful brocade from Mood Fabrics as numerous garments.My husband suggested I make a close-fitting special occasion dress which would be beautiful, but...

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22 Aug “It Ain’t Me, Babe” B5567

“This jacket just isn’t you,” commented my honest husband. “Shut up and eat your damn cake,” said I. _____________________________________________________ Years ago while dining at a very nice restaurant, my husband and I observed a drunk man tell his nagging wife to shut up and eat her damn cake in front of a table full of guests.  It’s been one of our little jokes ever since………  It’s quite discouraging to spend three days sewing only to be disappointed with a mediocre result, but my husband is right – this jacket isn’t me. I believe the giant ric-rac just made it worse too.   Would you believe I...

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