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06 Feb Marfy + Mood = Love

Have you made your Marfy yet? Thanks to Leisa Stanton of A Challenging Sew, I had no more excuses to avoid the chic Italian patterns without instructions. Not only are three free patterns available for downloads on the Marfy website, but Leisa is providing sew-a-longs for the patterns on her blog and just completed the top sew-a-long. How do you like it?  The pattern is Marfy 1913, and after two muslins I was ready to cut my Thakoon silk crepe de chine from Mood Fabrics. When the silk arrived in July, I was tempted to make my 5th sleeveless ruffled top. “No! No! No!” exclaimed the...

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26 Oct BASICS is not a dirty word

Now, I know there is nothing unique about this skirt, and I took dozens of pics trying to capture its special qualities. There are none. What is special, is that I found a skirt pattern that fits well, as well as one that I really like! I suppose if one sews long enough, one will have a collection of go-to patterns. I now have three but this is the only one I have not altered in any fashion, and the fit truly resembles the Simplicity pattern photo, although I omitted the front pockets. As a person committed to sewing my own clothes...

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24 Oct I must make an evening gown

I was hoping to tackle the more ambitious projects towards the latter part of the year but here I am in the second month faced with a challenge that has brought my momentum to a standstill…………….. an evening gown…….. for a ball……….. the day after Thanksgiving………  h  e  l  p . I would have considered an exception to my year of no shopping but both of my daughters are going and you guessed it…………. they need new gowns too. I’ll buy their dresses and make mine - something is wrong with this picture.  The last time the entire family went to...

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