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16 Jun Tidbits

 I’m sewing Vogue 8648 again . It’s not quite the  S H I B U I  that it was the first time around, partly because I have omitted the silk organza underlining, thus saving me hours or perhaps days of work. In the meantime several tidbits of information and inspiration have surfaced that I wanted to share…….. Today I had the pleasure of reading a comment from Lexley. That would be Lexley who inspired the cute Style Arc Lexley blouse !  I’ve often wondered about the names of clothing articles , particularly with Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer who name all of the...

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08 May Gilding the LILLY

If ever there was a dress that did not need to be remade it was this one; a Lilly Pulitzer sundress, circa 2003. I bought this cute dress for my older daughter when she was in high school. I’ve always loved it but she left it behind several years ago. I understand. Twenty-somethings don't want to wear 10- year old dresses, nor did I at that age. The dress isn’t my style or size, but I didn’t want to give it away. I decided a remake was in order, so I picked up my seam ripper and watched Diana Rupp’s Sewing Studio skirt tutorial...

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04 May Once a Lilly, Always a Lilly

For years I  wanted to do something with this Lilly Pulitzer dress.I bought it in 2008 shortly before going on my first cruise. I had no idea what to take, and bought this from Lilly’s Resort collection. This shapeless dress made of heavy broadcloth hardly looks like Resort Wear on me.I suppose I’ve worn it enough to get my money’s worth,  but I‘ve always felt dowdy and matronly in it. Within seconds of cutting off nine inches, the garment had a brand new look, much like one of those magical haircuts that bring out one’s best facial features. The project was pretty...

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