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20 May The Ultimate Compliment

Many years ago my daughters and I colored and framed a poster entitled “The A,B,Cs of Manners & Etiquette” featuring a little penguin illustrating all 26 rules. A   “Accept a compliment graciously.” it begins. Today I received the ultimate compliment. I wish I had accepted the compliment with  less modesty and more vigor. I really feel like tearing up this poster.  The story goes like this: I was in North Carolina over the weekend visiting my parents. On the way home today, I stopped in Charlotte to have Sunday lunch with my daughter. In my life all roads lead to Neiman Marcus, and so there I was in...

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11 Oct Liberty of London Part II

My last trip to London was three years ago. My daughters were with me and I enthusiastically prepared them for our shopping trip to Liberty of London, but sadly, things had changed.  No more dressmakers, no quilts and far less fabric. Much of the floor space once occupied by bolts of gorgeous and unique fabrics was replaced with ready to wear shirts and skirts in Liberty cotton prints.  It was depressing when compared to the store I first visited in 1993, and I never saw it coming. The store appeared to have suddenly changed though I doubt that’s the case. “How...

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04 Oct Liberty of London Part I

In 1993 I took my first trip to London. I knew I wanted to visit the Liberty store and look at the beautiful Liberty prints. Pre-internet traveling days were full of surprises, good and bad, and this surprise was wonderful.  I stayed in the store for six hours. My husband was in a meeting and I opted out of the spouses’ tours offered that day. The store captivated me from the moment I entered. I perused the Liberty fabric gifts on the first floor and somewhere along the way watched a bride being fitted in her gown. When I entered the...

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