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Inspiration Defined

According to the Oxford dictionary the word inspiration is defined as: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. An example is “Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration”  _________________ I have received … Continue reading

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It’s June Too Soon!

Dear Readers, The conclusion of Me-Made-May ’13 was over four days ago, however, my Me-Made-May ’13 page fizzled out shortly after mid-month …….. hate it when that happens! I diligently wore my Me-Made clothes all month long but taking pictures … Continue reading

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Holiday Fasting

A funny thing happens when sewers quit buying clothes…… they become very clothes conscious. At least that is what’s going on with the RTW Fasters, and it certainly happened with me. I became obsessed with all things clothes. I recently … Continue reading

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Lucky 13

Maybe it’s just my love of Halloween surfacing, but I often believe the number 13 gets a bad rap. Today I added the 13th committed person to the RTW Fasters’ page and decided it was time for an update.  These … Continue reading

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Celebration Time

On August 31, 2011 I turned over a new leaf :) I gave up buying Ready-to-Wear clothing for one year and vowed to make my clothes instead. Today I’m celebrating because I not only set out to do what I … Continue reading

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Style Arc Abby Cardi

I’m wearing the versatile Abby Cardi by Style Arc, a pattern which I received free during a company promotional. The WORTH cashmere sweater pictured below has been one of my wardrobe staples for nearly four years and served as the inspiration … Continue reading

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One Award + Two Legs =

…… a   l e n g t h y   p o s t ,  but please stay! Yesterday I received a lovely message from Beth at Chic Envelopments who awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award. Many thanks, Beth! I … Continue reading

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Austerity or Abundance?

I was at a social gathering over the weekend wearing my Red Ruffle Dress when a friend made reference to my year of “austerity”. Now, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but I thought this was an … Continue reading

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La Primavera

Dead perennials + leaves in the pool = w i n t e r  in South Carolina; t h e   p e r f e c t   t i m e   t o   g e t … Continue reading

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The Latest

One top costs $150.00 and the other is $29.99. Why is that?    In March of 2011 I bought the blue and white top at J. McLaughlin in Charleston, SC. I thought $150.00 was expensive for a spandex top, but … Continue reading

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