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10 Mar The French Jacket Experience (guest post) Julie Starr

My friend and co-author, Julie Starr dedicates each January (+) to sewing a couture garment. She's hooked on French Jackets and generously shares her experience below. Enjoy :) The allure of the classic French jacket - its mystique has captivated for years. Long before rediscovering garment sewing several years ago I admired this garment for its timeless elegance on the outside, never understanding that the magic on the inside is the real story. Quilting lofty boucle to silk lining with rows of stitches that are all but invisible from the outside produces a sumptuous quality double layer that hugs the body...

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I’ve been about to bust to write a post but sadly I have nothing to show. I’m in the midst of The Couture Dress Craftsy course with Susan Khalje for whom I have great admiration and respect. Composing a symphony, climbing Mt. Everest and making a couture dress must have similarities, although I bet climbing Mt. Everest takes less time than making this dress. I have been working for days making a muslin, cutting the underlining, and now, I am         f i n a l l y  assembling the dress. Susan recommends using large (huge) sheets of waxed tracing paper...

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02 May McCalls 3830 + Craftsy Class

Since the last post my sewing took a domestic turn in the form of window treatments for my daughter’s new apartment in Charleston. My husband and I drove down to check out her new home and help her settle in. I sewed, she pressed, he hung; a comical scene since our family isn’t exactly handy. Thirty-six hours later we congratulated ourselves on a job well done and headed for Edisto Beach. Shortly before leaving for Charleston, I decided to enroll in a much-needed sewing course.  For months, maybe years, I’ve been looking for the perfect skirt pattern. I finally concluded the only...

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