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10 Mar The French Jacket Experience (guest post) Julie Starr

My friend and co-author, Julie Starr dedicates each January (+) to sewing a couture garment. She's hooked on French Jackets and generously shares her experience below. Enjoy :) The allure of the classic French jacket - its mystique has captivated for years. Long before rediscovering garment sewing several years ago I admired this garment for its timeless elegance on the outside, never understanding that the magic on the inside is the real story. Quilting lofty boucle to silk lining with rows of stitches that are all but invisible from the outside produces a sumptuous quality double layer that hugs the body...

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01 Aug Susan Khalje Giveaway Winner

Dear Readers, Susan Khalje's generous giveaway offer brought in a whopping 532 entries! I was truly moved to read your kind comments, and please know I read each and every one. I wish all of you could win the fabulous French Jacket Class. To the 531 readers who did not win the giveaway prize, I emphatically state that investing in a Susan Khalje class - in person or by video, is money well spent if feasible. My package arrived yesterday and I plan to make a jacket this fall - maybe a suit to wear to one of Mimi's upcoming wedding events in January Susan Khalje, more...

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06 May The 30 Day Dress

……… also known as the Baltimore dress is completed. I had the pleasure of taking it apart again only to discover the opportunities for alterations were limited…… but maybe my 30 day investment needed little else than minor adjustments.  After separating the skirt from the bodice and removing the top ruffle, I removed all of the gathering threads and started over. Most of the gathers in the skirt were replaced with darts giving me a smoother fit around the waist. I cut 14 inches of width off of the ruffle but sadly realized my new vision for the dress looked disproportionate. The decrease...

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18 Jun Orange Blossom Special – Vogue 8648

Over the weekend my husband and I bumped into a couple of friends. I happened to be wearing Vogue 8648, and the male half of the couple told me how nice I looked in my shift. Before I could politely thank him, my husband took over the conversation. “That is no shift. Sarah is wearing a couture dress that she made. The dress has 21 pieces that are lined and underlined. She did a lot of the work by hand and it took her a very long time to make it.” Had I recently accused him of not paying attention to me...

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I’ve been about to bust to write a post but sadly I have nothing to show. I’m in the midst of The Couture Dress Craftsy course with Susan Khalje for whom I have great admiration and respect. Composing a symphony, climbing Mt. Everest and making a couture dress must have similarities, although I bet climbing Mt. Everest takes less time than making this dress. I have been working for days making a muslin, cutting the underlining, and now, I am         f i n a l l y  assembling the dress. Susan recommends using large (huge) sheets of waxed tracing paper...

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