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15 Mar New Arrival at K a t i e Spade

I’m staying at a lovely 5-star resort through the weekend (not our typical getaway) – one of those places where you swap your car for bicycles upon arrival. My husband is engaged in professional activities allowing me to bring along a suitcase of sewing paraphernalia guilt free. This morning when I discovered my white thread was left at home I called the concierge to request a sewing kit so I could hem my top. “My apologies Mrs. Gunn, but we do not furnish sewing kits.” My husband was slightly incredulous when I got dressed and pedaled to the nearest store to find some thread. I ended...

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08 Mar Anchors Away

“I don't really know how to do casual clothes.”  Oscar de la Renta   I don’t know how to sew casual clothes -  the kind of knock around frocks you wear on the weekend - but I’m going to learn. I believe the art of making a simple garment requires an underestimated level of sophistication that I’ve yet to acquire.  How does one Avoid the discount department store look? Address excessive ease in loose-fitting patterns? Achieve a finished appearance despite a lack of construction details? What is Eileen Fisher’s secret? I gave myself the assignment to sew a very casual top  - one I would wear on a...

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22 Feb K a t i e Spade

Can you tell the difference between the Kate Spade and the Katie Spade? Most people can’t thanks to Kenneth King’s online course, Clone Your Favorite Garment! I've made several pencil skirts during the last 17  months, but was still searching for the perfect pattern when I broke down and bought my sixth garment since completing the RTW Fast in August; the Kate Spade Judy Skirt. At 60% off, the skirt was a bargain?? Surprisingly, everything about the skirt works for me, enough so that I wanted this pattern! Enter Kenneth King. In a series of 10 brief lessons Kenneth demonstrates how to create a pattern...

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