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13 Jan Le temps de nettoyage!

My sewing room looks like an absolute war zone. From pictures knocked off the wall to a floor covered with everything and anything. Would you believe my calendar is still showing August 2011? I started sewing my own clothes on August 31st, 2011 and never looked up. Some might describe this sewing frenzy over the last 16 months as enthusiasm, which it was, but to me it's more like I was possessed by making clothes. I truly thought of little else and it shows all around my house.   I'm ready to leave the mess behind and sew in an organized space. This week...

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25 Oct From Grim to Grinning

What are your plans for All Hallows Eve? After wearing a ratty black cloak for 600 years, I was in the Mood for a makeover.  How do you like it? Since  I’m on call 24/7 , I need a dress perfect for morning, noon or night.   Late one evening I walked through the walls of Mood Fabrics and found this gorgeous Italian wool double-knit. It was quite the bargain requiring only 1 ½  yards of fabric. After so many positive reviews on the Pattern Review website I put down the scythe, bought this Vogue pattern and made the dress in one day! [caption id="attachment_2047" align="aligncenter" width="270"]...

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