Seersucker Beach Pants – Vogue 7912

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29 May Seersucker Beach Pants – Vogue 7912

For some reason, my husband and I have not been to the beach together in almost one year!

Greetings from Edisto and Happy Memorial Day!

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I didn’t know I wanted a pair of wide-leg beach pants until the Blue and White Bengal Cotton Seersucker arrived from Mood Fabrics. Seriously, I was planning a dress with a ruffle collar, but a new vision appeared once I opened the package.

This is no pinstripe seersucker, but a lovely light and airy fabric featuring  1/4″ stripes.  It is slightly puckered with a wonderful drape making it suitable for several garments.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 8.36.13 AM

As one who almost always prefers a slim silhouette, I was ready for something different and pulled an old Vogue pattern from my stash. The pattern is out of print but available on Etsy and other online vendors. I unsuccessfully made the pattern once before during the first year I returned to sewing. Thankfully, I learned from the experience 🙂

Vogue 7912

Although I was ready for a little change, I questioned whether I could wear wide leg pants.

I selected View B which includes inset pockets.

Stripe pants 1-001

The topstitching on the pocket fronts keeps them in place making the pockets nearly invisible.IMG_0010 4Since the pants are fitted in the waist and hips the wide legs do not overwhelm the garment and produce a more flattering silhouette than drawstring pants.

Stripe pants 2-001The back invisible zipper disappears into the stripes,

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and the sash is shaped to lie flat around the waist. What a difference this makes!

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The circumference of the pant leg is 21″. The seersucker has enough body to hold the shape but is light enough to billow in the breeze.


So rarely do I sew resort wear and vacation clothes, but this was fun once again proving it’s all about proportion and fit.

This sewing project was a reminder that sewing provides fashion options that money just can’t buy. Playing it safe has its place but perhaps  sewing the straight and narrow should be the road less traveled 😉

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Have a good one!

  • Roberta Fahrni
    Posted at 07:34h, 29 May Reply

    They look great! Good decision!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 07:35h, 29 May Reply

      Thank you, Roberta!

  • Susan Moore
    Posted at 07:52h, 29 May Reply

    Beautiful! Love the beach pictures!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 07:53h, 29 May Reply

      Many thanks, Susan 🙂 🙂

  • Nova
    Posted at 07:59h, 29 May Reply

    Beautiful! And thank you for including information about the construction; the shaped sash would take more fabric but does indeed lie in a very pleasing manner.
    Any desire on your husband’s part for some bespoke casual wear?

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 16:45h, 29 May Reply

      Thank you, Nova! My husband has his own style – very tailored. I doubt I’ll be sewing for him anytime soon 😉

  • Karen Hinson
    Posted at 08:14h, 29 May Reply

    Very summery and attractive.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 16:45h, 29 May Reply

      Thank you, Karen!

  • Jeanne Longo
    Posted at 08:48h, 29 May Reply

    So adorable! I am motivated to sew every time I read one of your posts! Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 16:46h, 29 May Reply

      Ahh….. many thanks, Jeanne 🙂 🙂

  • Michele Svedberg
    Posted at 09:12h, 29 May Reply

    I had a pair of blue and white seeksuckers ready to make but sadly I didn’t have enough fabric (it was vintage, hand me down so I couldn’t buy more). I still want a pair but the new fabric at the big box fabric store was so thin/see-through. How is this fabric?

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 16:51h, 29 May Reply

      Can you make shorts from the fabric or a skirt? In answering your question – this fabric is not sheer and an excellent weight.

  • Patti
    Posted at 09:18h, 29 May Reply

    You have such great vision! Those pants are seriously cute!!!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 16:53h, 29 May Reply

      Thank you so much, Patti! I’m loving the pants 😉

  • Barbara Elliott
    Posted at 09:22h, 29 May Reply

    Love palazzo pants. The most comfortable pants ever especially in the summer. These are especially flattering and fun.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 16:55h, 29 May Reply

      Thank you, Barbara! I might make another pair in a longer length. I really like this pattern 😉

  • Carol Howard
    Posted at 09:36h, 29 May Reply

    You are such an inspiration, not only in creating a garment you may not have thought you wanted, but also in just getting away and enjoying life! Mood Fabrics must really love you because everything you post makes me want to buy their fabric! 🙂

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:02h, 29 May Reply

      LOL – that’s Mood’s idea for sure, but Mood has given me an opportunity of sewing on a variety of fabrics – some I would have never sewn were it not for Mood’s generosity!
      As for getting away and enjoying life – we have been insanely busy the last 2 – 3 years. It is simply wonderful to enjoy this tranquil and treasured island 😉

  • Irene
    Posted at 10:33h, 29 May Reply

    Quintessential summer! These look absolutely wonderful.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:03h, 29 May Reply

      Thank you, Irene! I agree – summer all the way 🙂

  • Susan Spiers
    Posted at 12:28h, 29 May Reply

    These look fabulous!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:03h, 29 May Reply

      Thank you, Susan!

  • Christine Johnson
    Posted at 12:31h, 29 May Reply

    Really lovely! These look fabulous on you. Such a great pattern, too. Your initial vision when seeing the fabric was the perfect choice.. So glad t see you relaxing and taking a break,

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:10h, 29 May Reply

      Many thanks, Christine! We learn to roll with the punches when we sew 🙂 🙂

  • Alice Elliot
    Posted at 13:05h, 29 May Reply

    Your seersucker pants look terrific on you andI I love that pattern! I’ve made a few pairs of wide leg pants with elastic waists and feel “meh” about the fit. Going to try to replicate that pattern next time. Thanks for the inspiration. 🤗

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:12h, 29 May Reply

      Thank you so much, Alice! I’ve found elastic at the waist adds an extra few inches to my waistline and abs ~ not the look I’m seeking ….. and I do love the fitted nature of these pants 😉

  • Pamela H.
    Posted at 15:24h, 29 May Reply

    Love the style of the navy top. Did you make that as well?

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:15h, 29 May Reply

      The top is the Lilly Pulitzer ‘Elsa’ top in silk. I’ve yet to see a pattern or figure out how to replicate this top. It’s a great drape and just the right amount of fullness. 😉

  • Zeddie
    Posted at 15:52h, 29 May Reply

    Lovely looking pants. I’m assuming there is a zipper at the front but I can’t see it! It’s inspiring to see a wider pant leg on a shorter (i.e. non-model height) woman.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:16h, 29 May Reply

      Many thanks, Zeddie. I inserted an invisible zipper in the back of the pants. (7th photo) 😉

  • Kathryn
    Posted at 17:45h, 29 May Reply

    These look gorgeous, what a great pattern. I love the fabric you’ve used and the sash makes them extra special I’d say.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 18:24h, 29 May Reply

      Thank you, Kathryn! I plan to cut future sashes from this pattern piece 😉

  • Julie Starr
    Posted at 17:47h, 29 May Reply

    How I love these! Just looking at them makes me feel relaxed. Hope you’re having a wonderful Memorial Day; the weather is certainly beach-perfect!

  • goodbyevalentino
    Posted at 18:26h, 29 May Reply

    Thank you, Julie! I’m having a difficult time wearing anything else ~ I’d say I need to make another pair 😉
    Incredible beach weather !!

  • Becky Thompson
    Posted at 19:07h, 29 May Reply

    You haven’t been to the beach in a year? Shame on you! We go to the coast weekly but it’s a fishing village and the on-trend consists of GameGuard fishing shirts and Evinrude G2 motors.😊 Nice drawers.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 19:24h, 29 May Reply

      We’ve been but not together! You’re right – shame on us 😉

  • Marilyn Kelly-Clark
    Posted at 19:38h, 29 May Reply

    Very nice! I’ve missed the wide leg pants from the 70’s-they were so comfortable! I went out to Etsy and found the pattern at a Vintage Shop! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 22:43h, 29 May Reply

      Congratulations on finding the pattern and good luck with your sewing! Many thanks, Marilyn 🙂

  • Lucy
    Posted at 20:12h, 29 May Reply

    Your pants are screaming “Summer fun!” You are so right about sewing the road less traveled.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 22:42h, 29 May Reply

      Summer fun indeed, Lucy! Taking risks ~ even small ones will keep us from getting into a sewing rut (which I’ve never seen you in) 😉

  • Joyce Love
    Posted at 23:14h, 29 May Reply

    You are so right about elastic waists in pants – highway to Frumpville! These look great!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 06:22h, 30 May Reply

      A new word in my vocabulary, Joyce! Many thanks for the comment 😉

  • Sandra O'Leary
    Posted at 06:04h, 30 May Reply

    Just love your pants, you made the right,choice!
    Could you,give us any tips on how to,get such a great fit in pants… You seem to have it down pat…

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 06:30h, 30 May Reply

      Thank you so much, Joyce! I recommend Sarah Veblen’s book The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting for any fitting issue. I make a muslin with a new pattern and take it from there. 😉

  • Tomasa
    Posted at 20:47h, 30 May Reply

    These pants look great on you! Yes, the proportion and fit are just right. I like the idea of the curved sash – I will keep that in mind.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 06:12h, 31 May Reply

      Thank you, Tomasa! The curved sash is new to me 😉

  • Jana Sparkman Duplantis
    Posted at 00:28h, 31 May Reply

    I love these pants but I’m a bit confused. The article says the fabric is not seersucker but looking at the fabric at Mood Fabrics is says it is seersucker. Please explain.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 06:11h, 31 May Reply

      Jana, I apologize for the confusion. In saying fabric is not the typical pinstripe seersucker, I was referring to the design. 😉

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