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  1. robindenning says:

    I like your new blog look! I’ve enjoyed your recent projects sewn with Mood fabrics and I am sure this upcoming year will be filled with many more. I like your fabric choices for the patterns you use. Your style is consistent. Carry on!

    • Thank you for this comment, Robin! It seemed to be time for a new blog look but I accidentally sent out a post when I was trying to create this page! I hope I will continue to be consistent but not become repetitive……. finding balance is always the great challenge, huh? :)

      • Susan Morton says:

        I love reading your blogs! You have truly inspired me to keep sewing! Thank you for all that you share! I am looking to upgrade my sewing machine. I presently own a Babylock 6600 that I purchased new in 1991. Mine now has a one step buttonhole and does 21 different stitches. The majority of my sewing is apparel. I saw a beautiful scalloped edge on a RTW dress that I would love to try and was wondering if there was a machine that would do this among other fancy stitching. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
        Susan Morton

      • Hi Susan!
        Thank you so much for writing! How luck you are to be getting a new machine…… I have a new serger, but my sewing machine is a 1230 Bernina. It was the top of the line 20 years ago and is still going strong :)
        I believe the best thing to do is to visit the stores and get a demo on what each machine offers. Good luck!

  2. Eileen says:

    Shop at Mood all the time . Looking forward to following you.

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