Keeping the Faith – Vogue 8776


14 Nov Keeping the Faith – Vogue 8776

What’s more valuable than a Caped Crusader? An artist… I spiraled into a 6-day funk and not a single Caped Crusader came to my rescue. IMG_0003 It’s been rough, dear Readers. After one too many close calls I felt my success rate was on the decline and so were my spirits. I questioned my sewing, my taste and my use of time. After avoiding my sewing room for days, a friend convinced me to take my own advice and finish the cape I’m wearing. V8776I’ve owned this Vogue pattern since the day I saw Renee’s cape (Miss Celle’s Pants)  nearly two years ago. I took nothing about the pattern into consideration like I generally do, such as ‘What will this pattern look like on me? How will this pattern fit me? ’ I simply wanted a cape like Renee’s for a recent outdoor event I was co-hosting.
I studied the pattern instructions and maintained organization through each step. When I reached the anticipated stage to try on the cape, everything about it seemed wrong sending me into an undesirable state of mind, and my sewing came to a screeching halt.
Has this ever happened to you?

Inspirational quotes made me nauseous, and Hubs felt helpless. The event passed, my cape remained unfinished, and I felt like a failure.

Monday, my friend Becky came over to use my serger and encouraged me to finish the cape. After all, I publicly vowed to finish all of my sewing projects.



I credit the HBO YoungArts MasterClass series for getting me back on track! As I began my hand sewing I watched three recorded shows from the series and saw:

  • Violinist Joshua Bell advise his students to perform as much music and as many pieces as humanly possible which quickly translated to sew as many types of garments as I could.
  • Broadway royalty Patti Lupone remind her students not to be afraid to fail. “You never learn from successes because you want to repeat them.”
  • Renowned artist, James Rosenquist share his story of losing his  home, archives and all belongings to a freak forest fire in Florida

Before I knew it the cape was finished.


IMG_0036 Here’s the skinny 🙂
The cute pattern is out of print but still available through Vogue Patterns. Several renditions can be seen on the PR website. The cape is unlined with no provisions for petite alterations. Assuming the pattern ran large, I made an XS (4 – 6) unfortunately skipping the muslin. The muslin would have shown me that the pockets are a little low. IMG_0012 The muslin would have shown me the collar is too tall to button and wear as seen in the illustration above. IMG_0046It would have shown me that the cape is too long, and the overall fit is more like a loose coat on me. IMG_0006 I also might have altered my fabric choice from this fantastic brown and white wool knit from Mood Fabrics to something a little lighter weight. Following the pattern instructions I cut the facings from the fashion fabric which made the cape very heavy.
The upside is the garment has great movement,IMG_0049 and is quite warm! Taking the lead from other sewists, I opted for snaps as closures and sewed the buttons on for decorative purposes.
Thankfully I’ve emerged from the dark hole. I even want to sew the pattern again with a few alterations, but more importantly come the life lessons that we can apply to each endeavor we pursue. 

In my case – sew more, learn more and be more 🙂IMG_0053 Best wishes, everyone!

Next up – a lovely guest post from RTW Faster, Julie Starr.

  • Mimi
    Posted at 12:26h, 14 November Reply

    Cute, mom!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 13:19h, 14 November Reply

      Thanks, girl!!

  • Debbie Simpson
    Posted at 12:28h, 14 November Reply

    I love that Cape on you, including the length, neck and pocket height. If I wasn’t up to my neck in planned sewing I would be itching to sew it. It looks fantastic on you.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 13:19h, 14 November Reply

      Thank you, Debbie! It’s not perfect but I do like it enough to sew it again 🙂

  • Judith Freeman Clark
    Posted at 12:30h, 14 November Reply

    There must be something in the stars (or maybe that news-worthy comet is to blame): I have been in a creative slump, too, and have avoided my studio since last weekend. Thank you for the chutzpah in sharing your tribulations AND the photos. Your cape would be perfect if you lived in Massachusetts: the thermometer reads 31 degrees this morning. brrrr…

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 13:21h, 14 November Reply

      LOL – I guess it happens to everyone! Believe it or not the South is preparing for an Arctic blast and I should get some wear out of the cape earlier than I expected 🙂
      Many thanks for the comment, Judith!

  • Sue D
    Posted at 12:34h, 14 November Reply

    The cape looks fantastic!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 13:22h, 14 November Reply

      Thank you, Sue!!

  • Glenda
    Posted at 12:42h, 14 November Reply

    The cape is very pretty. You are such an inspiration. It is only because of your wonderful blog that I have decided to start sewing clothing again and improve my sewing skills. I have quilted for years, but after finding your blog and seeing all the beautiful clothes you make I am shifting over to sewing clothing.

    I watch for every post and am, currently, catching up with past posts. Thank you for inspiring others to sew and to keep trying. Clothing that didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted was why I stopped sewing clothes years ago.

    Many blessings to you.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 14:20h, 14 November Reply

      Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring comment, Glenda – I am happy to read that my blog has helped you return to sewing clothes and wish you the best of luck! Stay in touch 🙂

  • Monica Cook
    Posted at 12:51h, 14 November Reply

    Looks beautiful on you! Would love to see YouTube videos and tutorials of your projects. Love your style you have inspired me to create my new wardrobe after loosing 30 lbs. Please keep the projects coming. God bless!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 13:11h, 14 November Reply

      Thank you so much, Monica! I’m considering it and CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss!!!

  • Carol S
    Posted at 13:01h, 14 November Reply

    I always eventually figure out that when I’m in a sewing (or knitting) slump that there is something not going right with the project and I just don’t know it yet.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 13:10h, 14 November Reply

      Oh goodness….it’s such a bummer but I’m glad to be out 😉

  • Jan Crews
    Posted at 13:02h, 14 November Reply

    I have never been drawn to capes, but this I love!! Thanks for finishing and posting. I’m probably going to have to set an eBay alert for this pattern.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 13:10h, 14 November Reply

      Many thanks, Jan! I felt the same way when I saw it on Renee – it is a little more structured than the average cape and I find easy to wear 🙂

  • Vernelle Nelson
    Posted at 13:02h, 14 November Reply

    That cape/coat is GORGEOUS! Almost makes me wish I lived in a colder clime. It never gets cold enough for something like that down here in South Florida.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 13:09h, 14 November Reply

      Thank you, Vernelle! I think it would be super in a lightweight fabric 🙂

  • Rachel
    Posted at 13:10h, 14 November Reply

    Hello! I find capes tricky – I like the idea of them and think they look elegant on others (like this one does on you); but in practice I feel awkward wearing them. I’ve come to the conclusion that I struggle with the silhouette – it’s different from how I am used to seeing myself. Perhaps this is what you are feeling too? Regardless, I hope you come to like it, as I think it really suits you. Rachel

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:09h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you, Rachel! As it turns out I like the cape, – it’s just too big 😉 I believe on the next one I won’t mind the silhouette as the front of the cape is flat and most of the fullness is in the back.

  • Lydia Weathersby
    Posted at 13:11h, 14 November Reply

    You are so funny! I love your post today because I’m in a creative funk myself. Personally I love your cape – everything about it. To me it looks like a cocoon – comfortable, warm, cozy. This may be because where I am today (Asheville, NC), it’s 22 degrees, cloudy, I am recovering from a fall 2 days ago (broken wrist) and feeling pressed. I’m glad you are back creatively and I thoroughly enjoyed your post today!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:12h, 15 November Reply

      Oh, poor you Lydia!!!!! A broken wrist sounds just miserable.
      It’s cold in South Carolina too, but the good news is the cape is perfect for the Arctic blast we’re experiencing. Best wishes for a speedy recovery 🙂

  • Graca
    Posted at 13:11h, 14 November Reply

    I think this is absolutely lovely, I’m glad you finished it and hope you get lots of wear out of it.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:13h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you, Graca! It’s freezing in South Carolina so the heavy fabric is actually perfect now 😉

  • Donna Emberson
    Posted at 13:20h, 14 November Reply

    Hi Sarah, thank YOU so very much for the inspirational quote in today’s blog…”sew more, learn more, be more”!
    I too have been in a funk lately, lots of ideas, and throwing fabric swatches on the cutting table to try this or that pattern, all the while having 4 “nearly finished” garments hanging in the sewing closet. Today, you have lifted me out my funk, and given me a plan to “just do it”, not only as a sewing lesson, but a life lesson as well. So thank you.
    You are my Caped Crusader!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:16h, 15 November Reply

      Well you’re just about to make me cry with this sweet comment 😉 Good luck finishing your garments and many thanks for writing, Donna!

  • Elaine
    Posted at 13:25h, 14 November Reply

    I think this cape is truly amazing! So much so that I had to comment (which I never have done before). I am a novice sewer and I have been very inspired by your blog since I stumbled upon it earlier this year. I really love your honesty, humility, and encouragement. Thank you so much for sharing. I would be very happy to be half as good a sewer as you some day!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:23h, 15 November Reply

      Hi Elaine! Many thanks for taking the time to comment. Some projects turn out better than others but I’m glad I regrouped since my effort resulted in a garment mush better than I expected 🙂

  • annie
    Posted at 13:43h, 14 November Reply

    Looks cute to me.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:24h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you, Annie!!

  • Liz Karp
    Posted at 13:46h, 14 November Reply

    This is your best post yet, because of the valuable life lessons that sewing brings us! The one lesson I always learn is to “slow down” think about both the bigger picture and the details, it’s ok to take your time.

    Thanks – Liz Karp

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:26h, 15 November Reply

      Many thanks for your thoughtful comment, Liz! I agree with you – it never hurts to slow down when sewing 🙂

  • Renee
    Posted at 13:53h, 14 November Reply

    I also fell for this cape after I saw it on Erica B. My fabric was also really heavy and I did the facings from a lighter weight wool. I do wish I had interfaced mine and done some front seam stabilization. But, overall, it’s a cape I get complimented on each time I wear it. Yours is terrific. The pockets are a hair low (I had no idea you were petite). But, I do think that’s the way the collar is supposed to be. The colors are great on you. And, with your milder winter — you might be able to wear yours all season!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:43h, 15 November Reply

      Hi Renee! Boy, I love your cape 🙂 It’s true, I’m 5’2″ and everything runs long and large. What a smart move to cut the facings. Fortunately, my heavy fabric has kept me warm during the current Arctic blast!

  • Cissie wellons
    Posted at 13:56h, 14 November Reply

    Love the cape on you, despite your misgivings. I’ve got two in the unfinished pile but now I want to revisit them!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:44h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you, Cissie 🙂 Now that it’s finished, I like it better than expected – it’s just too big. I believe I might have seen one of your capes in Baltimore?

  • Maggie edger
    Posted at 14:04h, 14 November Reply

    Never doubt yourself and your choices when it comes to sewing. All your clothes are either beautiful or fun. You just needed a rest from it all and you did just have another birthday!! Love. AM

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:45h, 15 November Reply

      Hi Maggie! It’s true I’m another year older and needed a rest, but I’m just glad it’s completed now 🙂

  • GayleMI
    Posted at 14:06h, 14 November Reply

    It’s lovely and I would never know the collar is supposed to stand up. A lot of garments are made loose these days so don’t fret about that. You did a fine job of sewing as usual and you can always make some changes if you want to the next time you make it. I like it!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:46h, 15 November Reply

      Many thanks, Gayle! I do plan to make it again and believe I’ll achieve a better fit, but this one is fine 🙂

  • Marguerite Babrowicz
    Posted at 14:12h, 14 November Reply


    If there is anything I know about sewing and working on seemingly impossible projects is that you do get through it with perseverance! We must fail at times (unfortunately) to grow…most of the time it just feels like we are failing. You came through it and for that …congratulations!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:48h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you, Marguerite! The whole failing scene is just a drag that I need to handle better 😉 But you’re right – perseverance pays off!

  • MaryEllen
    Posted at 14:21h, 14 November Reply

    Sew more,learn more & be more – great advice Sarah !!!! Thanks as always for your inspiration & honesty . Your cape is stunning , your ideas make me want to stretch my sewing skills

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:49h, 15 November Reply

      Many thanks, MaryEllen!

  • Elaine
    Posted at 14:36h, 14 November Reply

    Aren’t you lucky to have an encouraging friend such as Becky — and I ‘m sure she probably feels the same. I love every single thing about this. I skipped right over from looking at Valentino on (link to Princess Kate’s DVF dress got me there today) to your blog as I was reminded that I hadn’t looked at “that other Valentino” in a while. This outfit would look right at home on their website. Do you think if the pockets were higher that it might take away from the look? Truly, you have lived up to the name of your blog on this one!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:55h, 15 November Reply

      What a nice comment, Eliane and thank you for introducing me to mytheresa. com!
      I think the cape would look better proportioned if the pockets were 1 inch higher. A reader recently mentioned that the upper bodice is too long and that is what makes the pockets too low. What a good eye she has 🙂

  • Roxanne Reynolds
    Posted at 14:40h, 14 November Reply

    It’s lovely.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:56h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you, Roxanne!

  • Connie
    Posted at 15:05h, 14 November Reply

    I really like the design lines of this cape, specifically that curved seam in the front and the arm openings that are part of the line. Great looking cape, I think it looks just great on you. I’ll bet you are glad you finished it.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:57h, 15 November Reply

      I like the lines of this cape too and I am sooooo glad to be done 🙂 Many thanks for your comment, Connie!

  • Marge
    Posted at 15:05h, 14 November Reply

    I love the cape !!! I would love to get the pattern. I would need to find some fabric that is not too warm for out climate.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:58h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you, Marge! I believe this pattern would be fab in a light weight fabric 🙂

  • SunGold
    Posted at 15:11h, 14 November Reply

    I wondered where you’d gone . . .

    I’m sorry completing the cape was such a struggle, but it is fabulous. I love the curved bodice line and the weight would be 3-seasons perfect here on Canada’s west coast.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 20:58h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you so much, Sungold! I plan to make it again and have already altered the pattern pieces while the fit was fresh on my mind 🙂

  • Laura Goodrich
    Posted at 15:14h, 14 November Reply

    Love your cape and LOVE your post. I have been going through a bit of a slump myself. You do a great job of pulling wisdom and inspiration out of seemingly disconnected things and creating a new perspective. For me…I guess I am tired of sewing the TNTs and need to not be afraid to fail. I need a project that I can sink my teeth into. And, I need to do it just for the artist in me, not because I need another piece of clothing. That should be reason enough.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:00h, 15 November Reply

      Hi Laura! I think your attitude will lead you to a great outcome. Good luck with pursuing a new project and many thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Cennetta
    Posted at 15:27h, 14 November Reply

    The cape is lovely and I’m glad you pushed past the hurtles and was able to finish it.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:01h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you, Cennetta! You are so productive and everything fits you beautifully. I’ve got some learning to do 😉

  • sharon kane
    Posted at 15:32h, 14 November Reply

    Hmmm.. .not the best garment I’ve seen you make or in. The style is great as you are a trend setter, but the cape looks too big and perhaps needs a little pizazz. Bling buttons perhaps? Some leather piping or leather undercollar? The back is fabulous and has a great swing. Thanks for posting even when you don’t like the garment. it. Just more proof that sometimes it’s the style and not the workmanship that makes or breaks a sewing project.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:04h, 15 November Reply

      Many thanks for the great suggestions, Sharon! I love the mention of a leather under collar. I was so busy being bummed that I couldn’t be creative 😉

  • Lauren
    Posted at 15:39h, 14 November Reply

    I think this cape would be cute in the shorter length as well, perhaps incorporating a splash of colour with accessories. Huge job making this cape.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:04h, 15 November Reply

      Hi Lauren,
      I’m definitely going shorter on the next cape. Many thanks for the suggestions 🙂

  • Lorie Hughes THoms
    Posted at 15:50h, 14 November Reply

    Lovely cape! I see what you mean about the pockets and collar, but it still looks lovely on you! The tweed is very flattering for your colouring! I sew and do Color Analysis using the Colour Me Beautiful (new and way improved!) UK method. Would love to talk to you about it! Love your blog.

  • boutis
    Posted at 16:00h, 14 November Reply

    I like it. I think capes are charming. Because it is slightly too big (exactly how is a cape supposed to fit anyway?) you look tiny and girlish which is a good thing. Count this as a success.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:06h, 15 November Reply

      I’ll count anything that makes me look tiny as a success 🙂 Many thanks for the comment, Boutis!

  • Dona Taylor
    Posted at 16:03h, 14 November Reply

    Thank you for this timely post. I just finished cutting out a beautiful linen striped tunic with exposed seams (stripes are the same color- cream-as the rest of the fabric just sheer). It was like herding cats. A 2 hour sew turned into a 5 hr cutting marathon. Finding the grain was unreal. matching stripes…..oh where was the wine. I was ready to give up until I read this….so today I will sew.:)

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:08h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you for the comment, Dona 🙂 Sounds like you’ve done the hard part and good luck with completing the tune – sounds lovely!!

  • Monica Goforth
    Posted at 16:11h, 14 November Reply

    I think the cape is beautiful and looks great on you! I enjoy your blog and looking at the clothing you have sewn. I don’t sew but have recently retired after teaching for 34 years. One of my goals is to learn to sew and make clothing for myself. My mom sewed years ago. It was a necessity with 5 children! She made clothes for my 2 sisters and me- the boys had to settle for “store-bought!”

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:09h, 15 November Reply

      You’re going to have fun, Monica and congratulations on your retirement!! Many thanks for the comment 😉

  • Bernadette O'Brien
    Posted at 16:12h, 14 November Reply

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing how you dug yourself out of a temporary funk. Keep moving forward!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:09h, 15 November Reply

      Many thanks, Bernadette and i’ll try hard 🙂

  • Maureen Cooksley
    Posted at 16:14h, 14 November Reply

    I absolutely LOVE this cape on you – and it has inspired me to go get the pattern and make it for myself. I too was in the doldrums – and you have now added wind to my creative sails. Thankyou Sarah.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:10h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you, Maureen for your lovely comment! Good luck with your cape and please send me a pic 🙂

  • Kathy T
    Posted at 16:24h, 14 November Reply

    Your cape looks just fine, If you didn’t mention the issues, one would never notice. I agree with you and others, when one encounters a problem sewing project, we just HAVE to finish it in order to have inner peace. We can’t let the project get the best of us, after all we are skilled artisans and we can do this, whatever this is. When I am having a difficult project I always tell myself that designers fail too, and they have a whole staff to help them sort things out. We are just one person. Looking forward to your next post because you have inspired me to try several patterns over the last few years that I would not have tried without seeing your results.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:13h, 15 November Reply

      You hit the nail on the head – Inner Peace is never achieved when things are left undone. Many thanks, Kathy for your lovely comment, and good luck with the new patterns 🙂

  • Ginger
    Posted at 16:26h, 14 November Reply

    This totally works and looks so cute on you! It may not be quite what you initially envisioned, but it really is nice. I’m glad you were able to power through and finish it… somehow project fails or unfinished garments sort of weigh me down and make it hard to start something new.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 16:34h, 14 November Reply

      Thank you, Ginger! I had no vision which was part of the problem. Generally my sewing projects are well thought out, nonetheless I like this pattern and for the most part like the cape itself 🙂

  • Chris Johnson
    Posted at 16:38h, 14 November Reply

    Not only have you created a gorgeous cape, but this project has a story. A story of growth, acceptance, and enlightenment. The feelings you describe are often referred to as a state of disequilibrium, a place where you feel doubt and confusion, when you are no longer secure about what you thought you knew or believed about yourself or a situation. It signals a time of growth and awareness. It also comes with a fear of failure from the confusing messages swirling around and through you. Teachers see this in action all the time. As a math teacher, I would see brilliant students fall apart when something new didn’t make sense to them quickly. Teaching them about disequilibrium and how to not only move through it, but to embrace it with a vengeance was truly the goal. Typically, I would see kids who met the challenge, confronting the new direction or concept with courage, along with plenty of effort, move beyond this state in about three days. Reflecting on this process became a major component of my teaching. Knowing that disequilibrium is simply an important part of the learning process, doesn’t make it any easier to confront the next time it hits you, but understanding the importance of it helps the process. You are an inspiration to all of us.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:17h, 15 November Reply

      Oh wow, Chris! I never expected a comment such as this, but you’re right – I was in a full-blown state of disequilibrium. Embracing the issue with a vengeance is truly the way to go, but this time I was paralyzed.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the situation to me 🙂

  • Marie Barrese
    Posted at 17:03h, 14 November Reply

    Thanks for the inspiration. I can see where the videos you watched gave you the “umph” to get over your hump. Am posting those words of wisdom in my sewing room.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:19h, 15 November Reply

      Many thanks for your nice comment, Marie! The videos were the best 🙂 🙂

  • Irene
    Posted at 17:25h, 14 November Reply

    Your cape looks wonderful! I very often get into a “funk” over projects, because they aren’t going the way I’d like. Sometimes I plow ahead, just to get it done, and other times I put the problem project aside, tackle an easy project or two, then return to the “problem”, only to find that it wasn’t as bad as I initially thought.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 21:21h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you , Irene! I should have done what you do – set it aside for a while without going into despair 😉

  • liseetsa
    Posted at 17:40h, 14 November Reply

    My mother sent me your link. I thought you were the model. I LOVE your cape. I LOVE you! I LOVE your blog and followers. I ordered the pattern off Amazon and cannot wait until it arrives. Thank you for being such an inspiration!!!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 23:23h, 15 November Reply

      Goodness, I LOVE you too, Liseetsa! I LOVE that you thought I was the model. I LOVE that I inspired you to make the cape and I LOVE that you love my blog and followers !!! I wouldn’t be sewing without either. Thank you so much for your sweet message 🙂 🙂

  • Melissa Schulze
    Posted at 17:43h, 14 November Reply

    The cape is GORGEOUS!!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 23:24h, 15 November Reply

      Thank you, Melissa!!

  • Ramona Walter
    Posted at 19:07h, 14 November Reply

    Love this cape. My daughter ordered the pattern. Can’t wait to get started. Love your site.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 23:25h, 15 November Reply

      Oh good! Many thanks for your comment, Ramona and good luck with the cape 🙂

  • Alicia A.
    Posted at 19:18h, 14 November Reply

    We all have those times when our creativity wanes or we just simply are not in the mood to sew. You made it through it and now you are back on the wagon. We all have to have a few misses in order to appreciate the times that we knock it out of the park.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 23:25h, 15 November Reply

      Amen, Alicia! Now I’d like a home run 😉

  • Chris B
    Posted at 19:41h, 14 November Reply

    Don’t give up my friend. We all have our days like that. You have always inspired me by your wonderful selections of fabrics and patterns. Once upon a very long time, I sewed my clothes, but got away from it for too many years to think about.. At the present, I full regret it and have found the patterns a tad difficult to understand due to my lack of sewing. I am now a quilter so I’m into
    1/4 in seam allowances instead of the 5/8. Cheer up, and keep on sewing. Looking forward to more of your fab designs.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 11:41h, 16 November Reply

      Thanks, Chris and I don’t plan to give up …. now, but I certainly questioned my competence for a while 🙂
      I was watching a Craftsy course by Janet Prey who teaches that the RTW industry sews with 1/4″ seams – I had no idea!

  • amanda cantarella
    Posted at 20:21h, 14 November Reply

    I love the cape it looks great. I wish my failures were as gorgeous as yours. I had a bit of a run of failures but you don’t improve till you stumble. You are a very inspiring sewer I so look forward to your posts. Good luck with your next adventure. I love the cape.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 11:42h, 16 November Reply

      Many thanks for your nice comment, Amanda! The cape looked hideous at one stage, but after I attached the collar it took on a brand new appearance 😉

  • Charlotte
    Posted at 20:54h, 14 November Reply

    The cape is beautiful. I’m so glad you finished it and shared it with all of us. Thank you.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 11:43h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you so much for your comment, Charlotte – I’m glad I finished it too 🙂

  • Becky Bagwell
    Posted at 21:15h, 14 November Reply

    You did it…..and it looks great!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 11:43h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you for encouraging me to get back to work, Becky!!

  • Syd Harris
    Posted at 21:28h, 14 November Reply

    I love your cape!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 11:44h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you, Syd!

  • Myra
    Posted at 21:30h, 14 November Reply

    Beautiful coat Sarah! Your pieces are always so elegantly made! If it’s a perfect too! This one is going to keep you warm and cozy for many winters to come I’m sure!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 11:55h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you, Myra! It has certainly kept me warm this weekend 😉

  • Faye Lewis
    Posted at 22:25h, 14 November Reply

    I really thought it was just me who went through things like this. Guess it happens to all sewers. I love that cape on you, collar pockets and all.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 11:56h, 16 November Reply

      LOL, Faye! It’s a terrible place to be for sure, but you are not alone 😉 Many thanks for your comment!

  • Diana
    Posted at 22:53h, 14 November Reply

    Sarah, Your cape looks beautiful and it suits you to perfection, you really know what styles to pick and the fabric looks just gorgeous believe me you are not alone with the feelings you experienced, happens to me all the time, I rush in full of enthusiasm to cut out the pattern, and then only to find at the first try on that things are not as they should be, I feel a complete and utter failure if things haven’t gone to plan, but you know we all make mistakes at one time or another
    the key is to persevere and put it down to experience, after all it’s not the end of the world. Please keep sewing and showing us your lovely garments..

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 11:58h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Diana 🙂 Funny how the patterns I’m apprehensive about often yield a pleasant surprise and the ones I’m so sure about often disappoint. That’s life, huh?

  • Vancouver Barbara
    Posted at 23:01h, 14 November Reply

    The cape is gorgeous and suits you very well. I love seeing the collar open – very face-framing. Beautiful.

    After reading your comments about the pockets being so low, I really scrutinized your photographs and Vogue drawings. It seems to me that the models’ arms show the elbows and even above the elbows a few inches, whereas in your photos, your arms are shown below the elbows. That says to me that the yoke is too long for you. If you shortened it two or three inches, you’d have more mobility and the pockets might be in a better place for you.

    I have this pattern too – it’s been aging in the stash but your version is so stellar, it makes me want to create one immediately.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:01h, 16 November Reply

      You are exactly right, Barbara and I have already altered the pattern (thanks to you) for the next one. I shortened the yoke and corresponding pieces by 1 1/2″ which should be fine. I also shortened the collar.
      Thank you so much for your great evaluation and comment!

      • Vancouver Barbara
        Posted at 17:46h, 16 November Reply

        I look forward to your next cape. Whatever you make will be interesting and gorgeous. Just thinking it would look beautiful in a glamorous fabric as an evening coat.

  • Becky Fisher
    Posted at 23:52h, 14 November Reply

    LOL….I guess I have the giggles. I love that you completed the beautiful cape. As always it is beautifully made. The lifted collar photo just makes me laugh. You are the best judge of whether it truly fits. You are so petite and seem to often wear more fitted garments. This may be part of the issue as well. I think with the tweaks you mentioned you will have the perfect cape you desire!

    Now it is time for me to go back to working on all the robes! I have all 8 cut out and ready to get going on those french seams. Thanks for your help and encouraging tips. I look forward to seeing your next project.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:03h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you, Becky! Please send me a pic of the robes when you finish 🙂

  • maddie
    Posted at 00:32h, 15 November Reply

    Oh yes! I’ve had this kind of project and the best thing to do is to sew upa project that is easy and you know you can accomplish or try it a second time. Even with all the “mistakes” you made, I think it’s a great coat!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:04h, 16 November Reply

      Hi Maddie!
      Now that I’m through the first round, I KNOW the second should be better 🙂 Many thanks for the nice comment.

  • Alice Elliot
    Posted at 03:44h, 15 November Reply

    It looks great! Glad you finished it. I find the stand-up collars on Vogue patterns too tall and always have to shorten them. They must have a giraffe for a fit-model!
    The slump happens……to all of us. I’m just getting out of one too. And so glad to begin working on or finish so many projects…yes I have had at least 6 sitting and waiting.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:06h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you, Alice! I recently read unfinished projects bring about low-level stress, and I’m sure the writer (a man) hasn’t a clue about sewing!!!!!

  • Alice Farnsworth
    Posted at 05:22h, 15 November Reply

    Your cape is beautiful Are you aware that this pattern is almost exactly like a design by Victoria Beckhman? I’ve seen it on her, which is why I bought the pattern. It looks as good on you as it does on her. Love it!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:11h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you, Alice! I am aware of the similarities to the VB design – she also pulls her collar up and over her face 🙂

  • Sew, Jean Margaret
    Posted at 05:45h, 15 November Reply

    Beautiful cape. So glad that you persevered and finished this. Looks so lovely, warm and snugly. I don’t usually like the look of capes but yours looks fabulous.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:12h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you, Jean! What I like about this pattern is that the front is flat creating a different silhouette that the traditional cape.

  • Paula Hamrick
    Posted at 11:52h, 15 November Reply

    I think that cape is adorable on you! One of my favorite things to see on you.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:13h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you so much, Paula!

  • Julie Starr
    Posted at 13:02h, 15 November Reply

    When you mentioned the struggle you were having with your cape I dont know what I expected but it wasn’t this. The result really is great looking – I especially love the shot of the swingy back. What really strikes me about this post is reading the insightful comments. It’s so obvious that your blog has come to be about much more than sewing techniques and beautiful clothes. You are inspiring people on a deeper and more meaningful level and that’s why I look so forward to it.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:18h, 16 November Reply

      It was hideous for a while, Julie. Attaching the collar helped, but it wasn’t until the last button was sewn that the project came together. Many thanks for your comment – I truly believe all of our life experiences are valuable on many levels 🙂

  • Cathy Larsen
    Posted at 13:18h, 15 November Reply

    I think this cape turned out very well and looks great on you.
    The fabric is flattering for the pattern
    because it drapes (and swings) well. I like how it frames your silhouette and the overall outfit you’ve put
    together for this look is stunning!
    I’m also petite and appreciate your advice on pocket placement and collar
    I’ve hit similar road-blocks in my sewing over the years. Sometimes I need some time to figure out
    a finishing plan, especially when I work with a pattern/fabric for the first time.
    As you well know, different fabrics
    respond and make up differently even when using a pattern over and over.
    You are and continue to be an inspiration to me
    and I wish you continued success in all your sewing endeavors!
    Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:22h, 16 November Reply

      Cathy, Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging comment. I doubt I’d be sewing were it not so easy to communicate with other sewists these days.

  • Nancy Settle
    Posted at 13:23h, 15 November Reply

    Is there anything that doesn’t look good on you Sarah? I love this cape – it’s beautiful and you did a lovely job. I have to laugh though as you very kindly responded to an email I sent to you a while ago to encourage me when I was getting frustrated (don’t know if you even remember) and one of your suggestions was to make a muslin … not that I think there is anything wrong with this creation but as you have said, the muslin would have helped you to determine the issues before you cut your fabric. So I will follow your very very good advice and make my muslins. Thanks for your posts – I love that you give us the best and the not so good.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:24h, 16 November Reply

      LOL – I need to take my own advice more often! So glad to know you are making your muslins, Nancy and truly appreciate the timely comment 🙂

  • Teri
    Posted at 13:45h, 15 November Reply

    Yes, I have those slumps too. I had one said garment hanging in my sewing room for years. Every time I looked at it, my sewing screeched to a halt. Just a couple months ago I decided to let it go and put it in the donate pile. I didn’t even want to try to salvage the fabric. I immediately felt better. Lesson learned for me. Sometimes I have to admit defeat and move on. Your cape is lovely. I am glad you finished it.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:25h, 16 November Reply

      Hi Teri! Sounds like you made the right decision 🙂 Many thanks for sharing your experience with me.

  • Tia Dia
    Posted at 17:02h, 15 November Reply

    Wow, I’m so glad you finished up this project, because I love it! I don’t think it looks as big as you think it does. That super tall collar would button up perfectly where I live and keep the wind off the neck and lower face. Perfect with bitter wind chill temperatures! Love that your inspiration to keep going and finish it up came from the HBO series. Failure is always just around the corner in my sewing room, but isn’t that what makes it fun? Artists are the best. 🙂

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:28h, 16 November Reply

      Many thanks for your comment, Tia Dia! I can’t believe with your sewing skills that failure gets a foot in the door, but I suppose it happens to everyone 🙂 ………. and would you believe I finished my cape just in time for an Arctic blast to hit the South?

  • Mimi Berg
    Posted at 17:39h, 15 November Reply

    The cape/coat actually looks nice on you, though I can see that the pockets are too low to be useful.

    I have experienced the frustration and ennui you mention. I recently made a linen dress I was sure would be a delight. It was a pattern I liked, perfect for the fabric, and easy too. I didn’t bother with a muslin as I was so sure such a basic dress would turn out exactly like the drawings and fit fine, as it was my usual size and described as loose. Big mistake. The dress came together well, sewing was a breeze and I just flew through the steps. But then, alas, I did my first fitting and realized I had put all this work into a dress that just didn’t fit right. The sleeves were simply too tight and pulled, the “loose” fit was baggy and unflattering and I wouldn’t be able to wear this dress as constructed. I’d fallen for a project unrealistically, rather like falling for a pretty fella who turns out to be a jerk. At least I hadn’t already done the button holes. The body of the dress, I could alter to fit better, but the sleeves? I’d have to redraw the pattern pieces, remove the original sleeves and hope the new ones will fit into the bodice. I’m not sure I will bother. Sigh. In the meantime, I need to back on the horse and make something new.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:30h, 16 November Reply

      Ugh……. you had a terrible sewing experience! I suppose the important thing is to learn and move on, huh? Many thanks for sharing, Mimi 🙂

  • Sheree
    Posted at 18:12h, 15 November Reply

    Don’t like to hear you say you felt a “failure”. You are the opposite! Even though you are not as happy with the cape as you hoped, I think you look great in it. It has never occurred to me to make a cape, but I even started to desire one. I sew a lot, but if I am honest my failures outnumber my winners. I think that is partly down to me being fussy. To achieve the quality and fit you manage time after time would be amazing to me.
    By the way, the collar is just fine on you, the same as the pattern drawing. Wear it with confidence.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:32h, 16 November Reply

      Many thanks for your nice comment Sheree 🙂 I just looked at the photo of Victoria Beckham wearing the cape that obviously inspired the pattern and she wears the collar straight up covering half of her face!

  • Doris Sayer
    Posted at 20:29h, 15 November Reply

    I’m loving this cape, , I’m only 5ft 2ins tall and after seeing how it looks on you, I’m wanting to make one. So glad that you finished it. I have two projects which I have left to one side, I will have to make an effort and finish them.
    Looking forward to your next post.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:33h, 16 November Reply

      Many thanks, Doris! I truly cannot move on with an unfinished project……. almost like an unfinished book 😉

  • Pia
    Posted at 22:12h, 15 November Reply

    But you look so fierce in this outfit! Not your style?….oh, ok. You still look Sartorialist worthy though.

    The tall collar…what about folding it in half, so like a wide turtle neck / funnel neck?

    Anyway, I hope you do wear it a few more times. It looks good with your coloring. Very soothing. But in a Fashionista way.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:37h, 16 November Reply

      Thank you, Pia! I actually like the cape very much – it’s just too big but I’ll still wear it. It’s been perfect for the Arctic blast that hit the South this weekend 🙂

  • Laura Casey
    Posted at 23:25h, 15 November Reply

    Oh my dear friend…..You are so brave to tell us of your not so favorite garments, when you’re down in the dumps… is okay okay okay….it’s only fabric….
    I couldn’t make the simplest gifts for my favorite cousins (we’re going there for Thanksgiving)….nothing was right from fabric choices to interfacing….so I threw it all out…out!….and decided it was not the year….went to ETSY and bought 3 very cute ditty bags for make-up and such…all pieced and cute. complete with zippers…..check that off my list!
    I do think it’s a cute pattern and you will make a very cute cape after this one.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:39h, 16 November Reply

      Oh, boo hoo hoo !!!!!!! I had to tell someone and who better than my sewing friends 😉
      Many thanks for your comment, Laura and I’m glad you resolved your gift issues!

  • Rita Holladay
    Posted at 01:47h, 16 November Reply

    I made that same cape when the pattern first came out. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened your website and saw you standing there in it. I am also petite and made some alterations; in the upper front piece if I remember correctly. I have made other capes in the past and by nature they are problematic. By raising the empire waist I raised the armholes (intentional). I also raised the pockets and made the shoulders a little wider to accommodate shoulder pads. I also made a lining and bound buttonholes. I think yours is smashing and mine as well. Wouldn’t wear it to the grocery,however. Raising my arms is still and issue even with the higher armhole. What to do????…..just smile I guess.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:43h, 16 November Reply

      LOL! I did wear mine to the grocery store which was fine as long as I was just pushing the buggy 😉
      Another reader suggested shorten the upper bodice to raise the armholes and I look forward to making it again. Many thanks for the great suggestions, Rita!

  • Zosews
    Posted at 10:16h, 16 November Reply

    You look just gorgeous in your lovely cape!!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 12:43h, 16 November Reply

      Many thanks, ZOSEWS!!

  • Heather M
    Posted at 17:55h, 16 November Reply

    You look great in your cape! Great fabric choice too. Thank you for posting what you don’t like as well as what you DO like, although you are way too hard on yourself.

    I’m finding as I get back into sewing and just emerging from the re-fitting annoyance from earlier years that I don’t look good in some styles that I used to, because of bulges in – ahem – shall we say new places?? Is it coincidence that your recent makes that you have not liked as well are not fitted? You look so great in more closely fitted clothing that you may not be aware of the way looser things look. That’s my problem, anyway as I used to look best in fitted clothing.

    Also, this may be useful: I try to view everything I do art and sewing wise as an experiment, not a masterpiece in the making. It takes the pressure off!

    Thanks for your inspiring and wonderful blog and posts!

  • Sharon
    Posted at 23:35h, 16 November Reply

    This is not the most flattering garment I have seen you make or wear, and with the pattern adjustments that have been made and others I as sure you have in mind your next version will be much more “you”. You did an excellent job in finishing this version and it will have its outings but imagine it they will be few.

  • Marla Cooprider
    Posted at 01:50h, 17 November Reply

    I’d love to buy this pattern but looks like only a large size is available. I’m sure I’d need a small if runs large. I’m wondering how easy it would be to resize the pattern? Are there sideseams or just the center back seam? I’m tempted to go ahead and buy the larger size and take my chances!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 11:42h, 17 November Reply

      This pattern runs large and I would not attempt to reduce the size dramatically, but that’s just me. There are side seams, a back seam, a front side panel and an upper bodice and lower bodice all of which are affected by the other. Keep looking and one is bound to show up in the smaller size on ebay, etsy etc… 🙂

      • Marla Cooprider
        Posted at 12:13h, 17 November Reply

        Thanks for you reply! Glad I had not ordered now. The only small I have seen is on Amazon.Uk. They don’t ship to the US evidently. Will keep looking.

        Love your blog!


  • juebejue
    Posted at 07:30h, 19 November Reply

    oh boy! you and erika have me crazy for this pattern! after seeing her version (repost) and yours within a week I started drooling after every version made… what a bummer the small size is out!! i am ever shorter than you so perhaps i should attempt to draft from scratch… thanks for the fit info!

  • Tiffany
    Posted at 00:56h, 20 November Reply

    It’s lovely and I think it looks great on you (especially with this season’s oversize outerwear trend).

    I fell into the same trap as you with this cape. Lovely design and I genuinely love it but BOY did I hate finishing it. For once in my life though, the measurements worked for my 5’10”, plus-size frame. My 5’2″ size 2 sister asked for one though so I may need some advice if you don’t mind! 🙂

    • Marla Cooprider
      Posted at 13:39h, 20 November Reply

      I somehow managed to find a pattern for smaller sizes on the internet! Whether this lady will restock I do not know but the website was Pattern Postie. If I remember right it’s out of New Zealand? The postage was only $3.50. She said it would take six to eight business days to arrive.

      I found a cape pattern on StyleArc that I think I would like to order sometime. It kind has a military style to it if you know what I mean. This company is out of Austrailia. The shipping is higher and the pattern is more than I want to pay right now but I keep looking at it and like it! It is called Terry Tie Cardi. I wonder if Cardi is their word for cape as is a cape in my dictionary. 😉

      Anyway, looking forward to trying the cape pattern soon. Looks lovely on you!

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