Garment #2 – Pleased With My Pull-Ons

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10 Dec Garment #2 – Pleased With My Pull-Ons

Maybe I should say Garment 2 (a) because I plan to make more.

When my next birthday rolls around, I hope to be equipped with a collection of jeans. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as a simple pair of jeans anymore. Boot cut, skinnies, flared, mid rise, low rise, dark denim, light denim…… not to mention colorful jeans.

For years I held on to my old jeans with the intention of refashioning my collection. Recently, I came to my senses and donated all of my very heavy non-stretch denim jeans …. and then I ordered this fabulous Italian Mottled  Beige Stretch Cotton Twill from Mood Fabrics.

mottled twill

Reading over 3 dozen positive reviews on the Pattern Review website led me to try Jalie’s Eleonore jeans.  It’s true… they are pull-on….  and bulk free around the abs 😉 I like ’em.


I was delighted to find the color more camel than the online pinky-brown photo which means my new pull-ons are compatible with many colors including my cozy gray sweater.

Mood describes the twill as a medium weight making it perfect for pants. The pattern is adaptable for skinny jeans but I went with the boot cut the first time around.

The elastic stitched on the inside of the waistband results in a very smooth appearance, (the next pair will feature construction photos).  My only criticism is the bagginess behind the knees, but otherwise find the fit flattering.


I topstitched the upper portion on the pants including the yokes, back pockets, mock fly and front pockets, and played it safe using a compatible thread.  I did not make a muslin since stretch fabrics perform differently, however the next pair will be tweaked.

001 facebook_cover (1)So here’s to Garment #2 (a).
I hope to make a pair of  “real” jeans later on, but tis the season to be simple!

IMG_0061Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la 🙂


  • Laura Casey
    Posted at 08:14h, 10 December Reply

    There great! At my age all of my slacks have elastic in them, even my wool crepe….most of my sweaters are not tucked in anymore….so very comfortable all of the time….beautiful job. Love your posts! Merry Christmas!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 10:35h, 10 December Reply

      Thanks, Laura! These jeans definitely have a built in comfort factor 🙂

  • Ann Richerson
    Posted at 08:24h, 10 December Reply

    Those are lovely! Very nice fit and looks so nice with the sweater! Enjoy your post.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 10:36h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you so much, Ann! The fit is good but not perfect 😉

  • Karen Mulkey
    Posted at 08:34h, 10 December Reply

    So fun to see you making pants. The fits looks pretty darn good for a first try,

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 10:37h, 10 December Reply

      Many thanks, Karen! I agree with you – good for a first try. Second should be better 😉

  • Julie Starr
    Posted at 08:36h, 10 December Reply

    Outstanding Sarah! What a unique and beautiful fabric this is. I’m on the Eleonore bandwagon 100%. and am about to begin pair #6. Who tucks their tops in anymore anyway?

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 10:38h, 10 December Reply

      Many thanks, Julie! Of course your cute Jalies inspired me to make this pattern 😉 What length do you think looks best with these pants?

      • Julie Starr
        Posted at 18:01h, 10 December Reply

        I just read a great post on this topic on Pinterest. Apparently it depends entirely on the shoes you plan to wear them with. The higher the heel, the longer the length. I narrowed most of mine into modified “skinnies” and wear them with flats or low heeled booties so they are hemmed at or just above the ankle. I plan to flare a pair of these soon to wear with heels.

  • Cissie Wellons
    Posted at 08:57h, 10 December Reply

    These are a great wardrobe staple! I am a fan of this pattern too and have plans to make a few pairs for my newly pregnant daughter.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 10:39h, 10 December Reply

      Hi Cissie ~ I’m going to try to take this comment as a compliment 😉

    • Mary
      Posted at 09:56h, 11 December Reply

      If you put in a maternity panel, adding in buttonhole elastic it should work all the way till the end. ( Lycra in fabric, right?)

  • Jennifer Shaw
    Posted at 09:41h, 10 December Reply

    Who would have ever known that these are pull on pants? They look great on you. I love the way they fit you and the fabric is beautiful! I am taking a pant fitting class in four weeks and want a pattern that fits my body type better. With my sway back and strong legs, I have a challenging time in finding pants that I love.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 10:40h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you, Jennifer. I’m always leary of sewing and buying pants. They are easy to make but tricky to fit. Good luck with your class 🙂

  • Irene
    Posted at 09:47h, 10 December Reply

    The jeans look wonderful! With all the new fabric possibilities for jeans these days, they are so versatile.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 10:41h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you, Irene! I agree – jean fabrics have come a long way to say the least 😉

  • Mary Stein
    Posted at 09:50h, 10 December Reply

    I feel I am missing out on something valuable! What is the Pattern Review Website? And everything you put together is beautiful!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 10:42h, 10 December Reply

      I put a link to the Pattern Review website. This site changed my entire outlook on sewing the second time around. It features 300,000 members who review patterns they have made along with books, classes, fabrics and all things sewing. You’ll love it 🙂

  • Amanda S.
    Posted at 10:04h, 10 December Reply

    A fun simple garment made interesting with the mottled fabric choice. The fit looks fabulous from here!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 10:43h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you, Amanda. The fit is a l m o s t the way I want it 😉

  • Shams
    Posted at 10:07h, 10 December Reply

    Those look great!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 10:44h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you, Shams!

  • Art Attack
    Posted at 10:46h, 10 December Reply

    Oh, I disagree! I think these are a great fit all around. Really cute on you. Don’t you just love this pattern?

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:13h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you, Dorcas! I do like the pattern, and believe I’ll love it the second time around 😉

  • Barbara Kaye
    Posted at 12:01h, 10 December Reply

    You are just adorable!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:14h, 10 December Reply

      Ahhh…….. you’re making me blush 🙂

  • Julie Culshaw
    Posted at 12:52h, 10 December Reply

    Ah, an enabler! because of your post and your great-looking jeans, I ordered this pattern and also their stretch jeans pattern right away. Always on the look-out for a good pant pattern. thanks.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:14h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you, Julie! I’ve also heard great things about the stretch jeans pattern too 😉

  • Lucy
    Posted at 13:42h, 10 December Reply

    These turned out great. I love the color.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:15h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you, Lucy! I too, love this color 🙂

  • Janice
    Posted at 14:01h, 10 December Reply


    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:15h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you, Janice!!

  • Myra
    Posted at 14:02h, 10 December Reply

    Wow, I absolutely love your jeans! The color, that shape and the fit seem to be perfect from my point of you! (I really don’t even mind the wrinkles behind the knees, LOL!) I’m glad you review this pattern, I actually have it on my list to do in a few days. I have one project before that one to complete Anyway, enjoy your new beautiful jeans and I can’t wait to see your next pair!!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:16h, 10 December Reply

      Many thanks, Myra! I’ve become so picky about the fit these days……… I really think I can take care of the sag behind the knees 😉

  • Margene Yeaton
    Posted at 14:11h, 10 December Reply

    Thank you, you didn’t make me wait long at all for your next post. How do you do it?
    These jeans look awesome so can’t wait to see your tweaked jeans. Must check out
    the pattern you used. I agree with so many of the comments and your inspiration
    is non-stop. I, too, plan to get acquainted with Pattern Review. Appreciate your blog
    so much! “Happy Holidays”

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:17h, 10 December Reply

      Happy Holidays to you, Margene and many thanks for your comment 🙂

  • GayleMI
    Posted at 15:32h, 10 December Reply

    Terrific fit!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 17:17h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you so much, Gayle. 😉

  • Jennifer Miller
    Posted at 17:18h, 10 December Reply

    These almost have me convinced to try a pair. They are on my list…..even though you’re not 100% pleased, these are a really nice looking pair of jeans! (No one could tell they pull on)

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 18:34h, 10 December Reply

      Thank you, Jennifer! The only thing I’m not pleased with is the bagging behind my knees. I think I know how to solve it though. 😉

  • Super!
    Posted at 17:23h, 10 December Reply

    The pullon jeans and you look superb
    Thank you for giving pattern specifications –Now I’m thinking about a similar pair.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 06:22h, 11 December Reply

      Thank you 🙂

  • Mary Lynn
    Posted at 20:42h, 10 December Reply

    Love the pants and great fit! I have such trouble finding fit, baggy behind the knees
    wouldn’t bother me at all! Gorgeous day at the Ocean Course today – missed my sewing chums!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 06:27h, 11 December Reply

      Hi Mary Lynn! My striving for perfection means there is always room for improvement, but maybe I shouldn’t let those baggy knees get to me 😉
      I’m sure the weather has been simply divine at Kiawah!

  • Beth M
    Posted at 21:36h, 10 December Reply

    This look fabulous! I was trying not to buy another pattern but you may have pushed me over the edge.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 06:28h, 11 December Reply

      There’s always room for a good and easy pattern, huh? Go for it, Beth!

  • Sew, Jean Margaret
    Posted at 05:47h, 11 December Reply

    Very smart pants…the fit is awesome and that fabric is lovely. Beautiful outfit.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 06:29h, 11 December Reply

      Many thanks, Jean. I find this fabric different with just enough color variation to give it depth 🙂

  • Barbara Byrne
    Posted at 06:51h, 11 December Reply

    VERY classy with the black sweater x

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 07:11h, 12 December Reply

      Thank you, Barbara!

  • I Cortelloni
    Posted at 07:32h, 11 December Reply

    Your prototype jeans are very becoming. Did you adjust the waistline in the pattern? Some of the ones I have used are too low cut.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 07:13h, 12 December Reply

      I made no adjustments whatsoever this first go around including the waistline. Everything fit nicely, and the only thing that I will try to change will be the bagging behind the knees. 🙂

  • Kathleen
    Posted at 11:11h, 11 December Reply

    Love these jeans on you! Perfect fit including the length. I have that jeans pattern sitting in my stash along with a gorgeous Liberty of London stretch flowered denim that I am just so crazy about I’m scared to use it 🙂 You’ve inspired me to take the plunge!

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 07:13h, 12 December Reply

      Thank you, Kathleen! This pattern would be p e r f e c t for your Libery of London stretch denim 🙂

  • Patricia Pfeiffer
    Posted at 17:52h, 12 December Reply

    Nice jeans! I think Jalie is the pattern I need to buy.
    You know of course that the back pants leg pattern should be shorter than the front. That’s the way pants patterns always used to be drafted, but for some reason they are not anymore. Take about 1/2″ out of the back leg in the thigh area above the knee. Ease the back to the front in the back thigh area. This takes up the loose material in back of the thigh. I think you should also stitch from top to bottom on both sides of the leg, with the longer, front, piece on top. I think you can find this alteration in “Fast Fit ” by Sandra Betzina. I could tell you more but at the moment I am stuck in a chair with ice packs on a swollen knee, so I can’t go get the book.

    • goodbyevalentino
      Posted at 07:36h, 13 December Reply

      Patricia……. I had no idea since I rarely make pants. Thank you so much for this advice! I will give it a try on the next pair which I hope to do soon.
      Take care of that knee! 🙂

    • Marguerite
      Posted at 15:54h, 17 December Reply

      Pat, I have forgotten about that back ease! You are so right. The older patterns had that drafted right in along with other places to ease on garments like shoulders and elbows. Maybe this answers some of the reasons for poor fit people seem to get from newer patterns. Easing…a lost art! Thanks for the reminder!

      • Patricia Pfeiffer
        Posted at 20:39h, 17 December Reply

        I went down and looked up Sandra Betzina’s directions on this. It is in her Power Sewing book. And this it what she says to do. On the back leg pattern, 2″ below the crotch point, cut straight across to 1/8″ from the outer seam. Lap to take up 1/2″ from the inner seam, tapering to nothing on the outside seam. Ease the front to the back between the crotch and the knee.
        Don’t take up 1/2″ all the way across the leg. You might end up with the pant leg cupping too much under your derrière.

  • Leigh
    Posted at 23:56h, 12 December Reply

    Oh, I like those! So much I just ordered the fabric and the pattern. Can’t wait to get started. 🙂

    • Goodbye Valentino
      Posted at 07:30h, 13 December Reply

      Ahh….. wonderful, Leigh – you made my day! I hope you enjoy both as much as I do. I recommend washing the fabric TWICE before sewing 🙂

  • Vernelle Nelson
    Posted at 08:27h, 13 December Reply

    Hello, Sara – Just yesterday, I decided to get rid of my old non-stretch denim jeans as well. I’m still considering pattern options. Thanks for the review and thanks for letting us all know how comfortable your new jeans are.

  • Tomasa
    Posted at 21:38h, 14 December Reply

    These jeans fits you beautifully – bravo! No one would ever know these were pull ons!

  • Marguerite
    Posted at 15:56h, 17 December Reply

    Great looking pant! I’ve read the reviews on this pattern also and have been tempted to try it. With all the tunics and long tops around, pull on is the way to go!

  • Cindy
    Posted at 18:09h, 30 March Reply

    I tried these jeans and really liked the fit although I could hardly get them on due to the fabric not having enough stretch.. I used a stretch twill fabric with a light stretch. I am having a really hard time finding the right fabric. What do I look for when I’m buying fabric online? We have little in the way of fabric stores here so I have no other choice than buying on-line.

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