Y E A R  1  –  2 0 1 1

M O N T H  1  –  S E P T E M B E R 

 Pattern: Amy Butler Barcelona Skirts  Fabric: Laura Ashley dress, circa 1987

 Pattern: refashioned existing skirt  Fabric: cotton with lycra

Pattern: Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt  Fabric: Amy Butler  Love collection  –  Bali Gate


 Pattern: Refashioned existing suit from Talbots   Fabric: Polyester

Pattern: New Look 6964 Fabric: silk from the stash

Pattern: New Look 6179    Fabric: silk, Mary Jo’s cloth store

 Pattern: Simplicity 2475   Fabric: silk tweed, Mary Jo’s cloth store

Pattern: Simplicity 2497   Fabric: polyester from the stash

M O N T H  2  –  O C T O B E R 

 Pattern: Refashioned Doncaster blouse  Fabric: silk

Pattern: self drafted    Fabric: upholstery from Mary Jo’s Cloth Store

(skirt only)

Pattern: Simplicity 2475  Fabric: Silk dupioni from Mary Jo’s Cloth Store

Pattern: Simplicity 2497  Fabric: silk from Liberty of London (purchased in 1994)

Pattern: Simplicity 2152  Fabric: wool from stash

M O N T H  3  –   N O V E M B E R

Pattern: Butterick 4343   Fabric: Polyester from Mary Jo’s Cloth Store

Pattern: Butterick 4735  Fabric: Silk Dupioni from Mary Jo’s Cloth Store

M O N T H  4  –  D E C E M B E R 

Pattern: Vogue 1127  -  Fabric: Silk Dupioni from Mary Jo’s Cloth Store

Pattern: Vogue 8669  Fabric: Cotton Jersey Mary Jo’s Cloth Store
Pattern: Simplicity 2603  Fabric: Wool Jersey Mood Fabrics
M O N T H  5 – J A N U A R Y 
PATTERN: New Look 6922 FABRIC: Cotton Jersey from stash
PATTERN: Burda 7970  FABRIC: 4 way stretch  Mary Jo’s Coth Store
PATTERN: Refashioned Doncaster Jeans
PATTERN: Vogue 8379 FABRIC: Synthetic Knit Mood Fabrics
PATTERN: Refashioned Tallbots wool skirt
PATTERN: Refashioned Howard Wolf skirt (1978)
PATTERN: McCalls 5705  FABRIC: Wool blend jersey Mood Fabrics
PATTERN: McCalls 6513  FABRIC: Spandex Mary Jo’s Cloth Store
PATTERN: Simplicity 2584 FABRIC: Amy Butler cotton
M O N T H  6 – F E B R U A R Y 
PATTERN: Simplicity 2584 FABRIC: Amy Butler cotton /linen contrast from stash
PATTERN: Simplicity 2584 FABRIC: Grandmother’s Vintage  Sheet
PATTERN: Refashioned WORTH skirt
PATTERN: Vogue 8409 FABRIC: Wool Jersey Mood Fabrics
PATTERN: New Look 6097  FABRIC: Jersey Blend Mood Fabrics
PATTERN: Vogue 7912 (pants ) FABRIC: Stretch Denim Mary Jo’s Cloth Store
M O N T H  7 – M A R C H 
PATTERN: Style Arc Leah Lounge Pant FABRIC: Amy Butler Cotton
PATTERN: Style Arc Leah Lounge Pant FABRIC: Cotton Pique from stash
PATTERN: Style Arc Abi Cardi FABRIC: 4 way stretch Mary Jo’s Cloth Store
PATTERN: Style Arc Elle Pants  FABRIC: Woven Knit Hybrid – EmmaOneSock
PATTERN: Style Arc Leah Lounge Pant FABRIC: Oscar de la Renta cotton Mood Fabrics
PATTERN: Simplicity 7715  FABRIC: Silk Crepe  Mary Jo’s Cloth Store
M O N T H  8 – A P R I L 
PATTERN:Style Arc Diana Top FABRIC: Cotton Jersey Mary Jo’s Cloth Store
PATTERN:Style Arc Diana Top  FABRIC: Spandex Mary Jo’s Cloth Store
PATTERN: Vogue 1127  FABRIC: Amy Butler cotton Midwest Modern collection
PATTERN: Simplicity 7715  FABRIC: Silk Dupioni Mary Jo’s Cloth Store
M O N T H  9 – M A Y
PATTERN: McCalls 3830 FABRIC: Cotton Pique Mary Jo’s Cloth Store
REFASHION: Lilly Pulitzer dress to top
REFASHION: Lilly Pulitzer dress to skirt
PATTERN: Simplicity 2497  FABRIC: Silk Dupioni Jo-Ann’s
PATTERN: Butterick 4735 FABRIC: Linen Mary Jo’s Cloth Store
PATTERN:Vogue 8648 FABRIC: Linen from stash
REFASHION: Bathing Suit Coverup
M O N T H   10 – J U N E 
PATTERN: Style Arc Lexley Top FABRIC: Cotton Voile Mood Fabrics
PATTERN: Vogue 8648 FABRIC: Oscar de la Renta Cotton Mood Fabrics
REFASHION: Cotton Lycra woven stretch
PATTERN: Vogue 8570  FABRIC: Cotton Lycra Woven  Mood Fabrics
M O N T H   11 – J U L Y 
PATTERN: Vogue 8182 FABRIC: Cotton Jersey Mood Fabrics
REFASHION: Cotton Lycra Dress
PATTERN: McCalls 3830 FABRIC: Cotton Lycra Woven Mood Fabrics
PATTERN: Vogue 8570  FABRIC: 4-ply Silk Crepe, Mood Fabrics
REFASHION: Sarah Campbell cotton top
PATTERN: Vogue 0771  FABRIC: Silk Charmeuse
M O N T H  1 2  –   A U G U S T  2 0 1 2 
PATTERN: Butterick 5615  FABRIC: Linen from stash
PATTERN: Kwik Sew 2498  FABRIC: Amy Butler Lotus Collection
PATTERN: New Look 6097    FABRIC: Silk Jersey Mood Fabrics
PATTERN: Butterick 5615  FABRIC: Lightweight silk brocade from Mood Fabrics
PATTERN: McCalls 3830 FABRIC: Silk Dupioni, Mary Jo’s Cloth Store

Y E A R  2 – 2 0 1 2


PATTERN: New Look 6162   FABRIC: Silk Blend Brocade, Mood Fabrics

O C T O B E R 

PATTERN: Butterick 5415  FABRIC: Silk Charmeuse, Mood Fabrics

PATTERN: Vogue 8833  FABRIC: Cotton

PATTERN: Vogue 8593  FABRIC: Wool Double-Knit, Mood Fabrics


PATTERN: Vogue 8379  FABRIC: Silk Jersey



KWIK SEW: 2498            STYLE ARC: DIANA TOP          MC CALL’S 6652

Repeat Fabrics from previously posted projects


 PATTERN: Vogue 8669  FABRIC: Organic Cotton Jersey, Mood Fabrics


 PATTERN: Mc Call’s 5927  FABRIC: Ralph Lauren Wool, Mood Fabrics


Refashion from 1994 dress

D E C E M B E R 

red white silk top

PATTERN: Vogue 1323 FABRIC: Silk Charmeuse, Mood Fabrics

razooks remake

REFASHION from thrift store dress


PATTERN: Vogue 8742  FABRIC: Viscose/Spandex two way stretch

J A N U A R Y  2 0 1 3


PATTERN: McCall’s 6513  FABRIC: Spandex


PATTERN: Vogue 8241  FABRIC: Sequins on polyester mesh, lined with China Silk, Mood Fabrics

Style Arc collage

PATTERN: Style Arc, Willow Pants  FABRIC: Brocade, Mood Fabrics

F E B R U A R Y 


PATTERN: Vogue 8815 FABRIC: puckered silk


PATTERN: McCalls 5705   FABRIC: Missoni wook knit, Mood Fabrics

IMG_0605 2

PATTERN: Vogue 8742    FABRIC: Synthetic hi-tech hybrid?


PATTERN: Self Drafted from Kenneth King Class  FABRIC: wool/silk blend

M A R C H 


PATTERN: Self Drafted from Kenneth King Class  FABRIC: Cotton jersey blend, Mood Fabrics


PATTERN: Self Drafted from Kenneth King Class  FABRIC: Silk Twill, Mood Fabrics


PATTERN: Vogue 8766 FABRIC: Navy Cotton Lace,  Navy China silk, Mood Fabrics


PATTERN: Self Drafted from Kenneth King Class  FABRIC: Navy Cotton Lace, White China silk, Mood Fabrics

A P R I L 


PATTERN: Vogue 8766 FABRIC: Cotton Lace, Orange China silk, Mood Fabrics


PATTERN: McCall’s 6700 FABRIC: Jersey, Mood Fabrics


Pattern: Burda 7059 Fabric: Cotton Jersey, Mood Fabrics

M A Y 


Pattern: Simplicity 2497 Fabric: Silk Twill, Mood Fabrics


Pattern: Burda 7081 Fabric: Cotton with Lycra


PATTERN: McCall’s 6700 FABRIC: Thakoon Silk Crepe de Chine

J U N E 


PATTERN: Vogue 2864 FABRIC: SisBoom Superfly


PATTERN: Vogue 2864 FABRIC: Oscar de la Renta cotton twill, Mood Fabrics

J U L Y  2 0 1 3 


Refashioned Doncaster Dress


Refashioned Worth slacks


Refashioned Elliot Lauren cropped pants


Refashioned Cambio Jeans


PATTERN: Vogue 8904 FABRIC: Cotton Jersey, Mood Fabric


PATTERN: Julie Starr Ribbon Skirt  FABRIC:  Cotton Base, Grosgrain Ribbon


PATTERN: Katie Spade Skirt   FABRIC: Silk Twill, Mood Fabrics

A U G U S T  2 0 1 3


PATTERN: Butterick 5917    FABRIC: Cotton Madras, Mood Fabrics


PATTERN: Butterick 4735 FABRIC: Kona cotton, poly/cotton batiste lining


PATTERN: Simplicity4149    FABRIC: Sisboom Cotton


PATTERN: Vogue 8833 FABRIC: Silk Crepe de Chine, Mood Fabrics


PATTERN: Butterick 5917    FABRIC: Polyester/Cotton Taffeta

 Y E A R  3

S E P T E M B E R   2 0 1 3 

PATTERN: Butterick 5873   FABRIC: lycra/rayon knit Mood Fabrics

Read post HERE

IMG_1525PATTERN: Sewaholic Renfrew Top  FABRIC: Wool knit, Mood Fabrics

Read post HERE


PATTERN: Butterick 5526  FABRIC: cotton/linen

Read post HERE



PATTERN:  New Look 6179    FABRIC:  Habotai Silk, Mood Fabrics

Read post HERE


The Shanel Jacket

PATTERN: Vogue 7975  FABRIC: Chanel wool tweed

Read post HERE

IMG_2203PATTERN: Vogue 8750 FABRIC: Wool Houndstooth, Mood Fabrics leather upcycled from thrift store skirt

Read post HERE


PATTERN: Vogue 1314  FABRIC: Jersey/Lycra blend

Read post HERE

N O V E M B E R 


PATTERN: Style Arc Willow Pants  FABRIC: DVF brocade, Mood Fabrics

Read post HERE

(purchased sweater )

IMG_2848PATTERN: Simplicity 3648 FABRIC: Chanel wool tweed

Read post HERE

IMG_3079PATTERN: Butterick 5850      FABRIC: silk/viscose blend Mood Fabrics

Read post HERE


REFASHION: 2009 DKNY wool jersey dress

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REFASHION: Husband’s ‘vintage’ plaid pants

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D E C E M B E R 


PATTERN: Butterick 5588     FABRIC: Metallic Boucle Tweed, Mood Fabrics

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IMG_3434PATTERN: Vogue 8532      FABRIC: Carolina Herrera Silk Brocade, Mood Fabrics

Read Post HERE

J A N U A R Y  2 0 1 4


PATTERN: Butterick 5683 FABRIC: Faux leather/faux fur backing

Read Post HERE


PATTERN: Style Arc Amy   FABRIC: Wool blend sweater knit, Mood Fabrics

Read Post HERE

IMG_3903 2

PATTERN: Butterick 5873  FABRIC: Houndstooth Jersey, Mood Fabrics

Read Post HERE

F E B R U A R Y 

IMG_4025PATTERN: Marfy 1913   FABRIC: Thakoon Silk Crepe de Chine, Mood Fabrics

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PATTERN: Katie Spade (skirt) FABRIC: Italian Wool Crepe, Mood Fabrics

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IMG_4223PATTERN: Style Arc Elle (pants) FABRIC: high tech knit/woven hybrid

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M A R C H 

IMG_4389PATTERN:  New Look 6910 FABRIC: Carolina Herrera silk brocade, Mood Fabrics

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IMG_4702PATTERN: Vogue 8904  FABRIC: Cotton/lycra jersey, Mood Fabrics

Read Post HERE

IMG_4859PATTERN: Butterick 5615 FABRIC: Italian Cotton Shirting, Mood Fabrics

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PATTERN:  Skirt – Burda 6904 FABRIC: Embroidered Linen, Mood Fabrics

Top: Refashion from 2006 Ready-to-Wear

Read Post HERE

A P R I L 


PATTERN: Marfy F2105  FABRIC: Jim Thompson Thai Silk

Read Post HERE

M A Y 

IMG_5494PATTERN: Marfy F2105 with redrafted skirt FABRIC: Valentino satin face chiffon

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PATTERN: Simplicity 1613      FABRIC: cotton jersey, Mood Fabrics

Read Post HERE


PATTERN: Vintage McCalls (8948) FABRIC: Oscar de la Renta twill, Mood Fabrics

Read post HERE.

J U N E 

IMG_5832PATTERN: New Look 6210   FABRIC: silk jersey, Mendel Goldberg

Read post HERE.


PATTERN: New Look 6210     FABRIC: Theory Viscose Ponte blend, Mood Fabrics

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PATTERN: McCall’s 6928  FABRIC: Marc Jacob cotton gauze, Mood Fabrics


www.goodbyevalentino.comREFASHION: J McLaughlin top

Read Post HERE

www.goodbyevalentino.comPATTERN: Butterick 5889  FABRIC: Viscose knit

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A U G U S T 


PATTERN: Simplicity 1946  FABRIC: Primarily Amy Butler cottons

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PATTERN: Vogue 8766 FABRIC: Silk Matelasse

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Pattern Review

31 Responses to GALLERY YEARS 1, 2 & 3

  1. Wow that vintage print skirt (photo-84) looks fantastic! Keep up the fabulous work. c:

  2. Brenda says:

    Beautiful wardrobe! You look fabulous in your red wrap. Why limit it to just the holidays? Wear it all winter long.

  3. Sandra says:

    Your outfits are gorgeous and what an inspiration.

    I especially love the skirts!

  4. Nice! Love the little ruffle collared top and the black wrap jacket. I bought my first RTW since 2009 a couple of weeks ago (needed suits for job interviews) and realised (once again) how shoddily made most of the stuff is..

  5. WOW!! I thought going one year without RTW would be a challenge but you went three years!!!! I’m impressed. Good luck with the job interviews and many thanks for the comment!

  6. Cam says:

    You have to try to find a pattern that is similar to the Elizabeth McKay Shirt Dress. It looks like one you would enjoy…especially since you like the Simplicity 2584 tunic/dress so much.

    • Thank you, Cam! I do love Elizabeth McKay and am working on pants that were inspired by her. I’ll be on the lookout for a pattern similar to the shirt dress! Many thanks for your comments :)

  7. Cheryl Fontenot says:

    Obsessed with that orange and white tunic style dress! Great choice of fabrics – looks like one I saw in the boutiques last week!

  8. Gail says:

    Hi there! I just stumbled onto your site based on your project post on Craftsy! How very inspiring you are!!! The couture dress is fabulous. In reading through your blog, I am inspired to sew some clothing for myself. Lord knows, I have collected enough fabric! Keep up the great work!!!

  9. neeno says:

    You are gorgeous woman!! Newbie to your blog, found you via Ginger Makes’ post on Mood Sewing network post :)

  10. Carolanne Washburn says:

    I am so inspired to swear off RTW by reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful things you’ve made. My fabric stash has become a bit overwhelming lately and what better way to start making a serious dent in it! I definitely have some thought to give to not only undertaking the challenge but overhauling my closet, discarding or refashioning what isn’t working and making much wiser choices. THANK YOU!

  11. hazel walker says:

    I have really enjoyed looking into your wardrobe, you are a very talented sewer. I am a lapsed sewer, but have recently found a fantastic teacher for a one-to-one 6 hour session once per month, I am trull;y inspired by her and looking at clever results such as yours, thank you very much, only trouble is finding suitable fabrics living far from shops………… any suggestions for fabric suppliers who deliver internationally?? hazel walker

  12. Carola says:

    Hi Sarah, I can’t find the pattern for the dress you made in month 12… the cream and black dress. The pattern numbers on either side of the photo don’t relate to the photo… I love the dress.

  13. Cennetta says:

    Love your gallery of clothes. Very inspiring, very polished.

  14. Nynke says:

    From Holland I must give you a big complement, you really make nice clothes! I also love to sow with top range fabrics!! And look how much money you have saved! Keep up the good work! :-)

  15. Fara says:

    I love the New Look 6097 pattern. What fabric did you use to make the muslin? Also the silk jersey in this dress, does it have body or did you underline it or line it to give it body? If you did, what fabric did you use? I have had a hard time finding silk jersey with enough weigh like the DVF dresses. Thank you for any suggestions anyone can give me.

  16. Hi Fara! I had made this dress once before (purple wool jersey) so I didn’t need to make a muslin. This fabric was fabulous and had the same body and texture as the DVF dresses – I got lucky. If I were you, I’d order samples from your online sources because the texture and quality varies greatly. Sorry not to be more help on this one>

  17. Michele says:

    I’ve been checking in on your wonderful blog ever since you became a Mood Blogger. Wonderful job…inspired me to start my own blog at Thanks for all the beautiful clothes to ooo and aaahhh over!

  18. Sandra says:

    I am SO SO SO impressed!!!!! I’ve been sewing for about a year and would love to do what you did!!! I am working on improving my sewing skills and want to get to a point where I can make changes to patterns/muslins and have a great fit. So glad I found your blog, you inspire me.

  19. Ember Flack says:

    Read about you in Vogue Patterns. Very impressive. I have shared your story with several people in the last 3 days, truly inspiring. May I ask you to please confirm the pattern you used for the draped-neck sleeveless top above, champagne colored silk charmeuse? You indicate Vogue 0771, but that number does not seem right…possibly a typo? This would be beautiful under my suits! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much, Ember! The pattern is Vogue 9771 – you’re right it’s a typo. The pattern may be OOP now but I bet you can find it on Etsy or even the Vogue website. Good luck and many thanks for your comment :)

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