Worth Clothing

03 Jul Long Weight Over!

I was so inspired by Shams’ (Communing with Fabric) post regarding her impressive weight loss that I decided to tackle the pesky 13 extra pounds I’ve been lugging around for the last ten years. I hopped on board the same program as Shams (Eat to Live) since I already owned the book and believed the program promoted a healthy lifestyle.  Three weeks later I’ve made enough progress (about 7 pounds) to fit into several of my old, too-tight clothes! They have been hanging in my closet for years just waiting to see the light of day again and at last it’s...

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Four years ago I bought this skirt at a Worth trunk show. Worth is one of my favorite clothing lines, but the clothes are expensive and I consider my Worth purchases to be very  special. At the show I tried on a sample several sizes larger than what I usually wear.  After the Worth representative carefully adjusted the skirt to my body with clothespins, I pictured myself wearing this beautiful silk skirt everywhere and bought it. I   n e v e r   w o r e   t h i s   s k i r t. When the skirt arrived...

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