11 Apr Giveaway Winners!

My husband kindly agreed to draw the names of the Giveaway Winners and then showed up in a tux.  What a ham……… I was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to Aunt Maggie’s International Giveaway – nearly 200 responses with an average of 3.5 entries per person! With approximately 700 entries, I suppose a tux was in order :) ………and a blindfold.  The winners are as follows: 1. Black and white plaid wool: AMY @ metrobabylon 2. Hot Pink Wool: YOLANDA REYNOLDS 3. Red and Off White Taffeta: CAROLYN WYNN 4. Beige Wool: BRENDA EVERETT 5. White Pique: AMY MAYER 6. Red, White and Blue Linen: BETH ROTHFUSS 7.Vogue 5850: BRUNA 8. Vogue...

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24 Nov It Ain’t Nothing but a Houndstooth

 It Ain’t Nothing but a Houndstooth    Crying for accessories   :) I made the dress for football games since both of the college teams my family pulls for are black and something. I finished it Tuesday and their football seasons are almost over - something tells me it’s not going to make it to a game this year.  So…….How about lunch with the girls dinner with my hubby...

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