20 Sep Second Peasant Top

 I’m not really sure I would call this a Peasant Top, and it’s nothing like what I was expecting from this New Look pattern. While visiting family last weekend I heard a wonderful sermon at  Seven Lakes Chapel in the Pines. It was about ‘no whining’. Because that sermon is still fresh on my mind, I will not subject anyone to the ugly details involved in making this top. Let’s just say this is the last “Peasant Top” I’m making for a while and it’s hardly the Milly I had in mind. Since the top is not as full I had planned,  I...

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18 Sep Obsessions

Hmmmm…….. I’m feeling divided. My goal is to make clothes and not buy clothes for one year. Through my self imposed challenge which will save me lots and lots of money, improve my sewing skills and give me a new sense of accomplishment, I’ve become more obsessed about clothes than I’ve ever been before. This obsession isn’t what I was expecting but here I am. I remind myself that I’ve got enough clothes for a year even if I don’t make anything! This challenge isn’t about seeing how many clothes I can make in a year but to remove myself from the endless...

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