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31 May Refashioned Linen Dress – A Foot to Spare

Over the last few months I've lost 10 pounds.  That means several clothes from the past fit once more, and there's nothing like an easy refashion to make my day :) It's true, I wore my dresses this long around the turn of the century - LOL. Above is a dress from the old Talbots made from Irish Linen - need I say more? I've hung onto it all these years hoping to wear it again one day. The lines in the dress are spot so I kept the refashion simple. After removing approximately 12 inches of the length, I retrieved a roll of tiny black...

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26 Oct BASICS is not a dirty word

Now, I know there is nothing unique about this skirt, and I took dozens of pics trying to capture its special qualities. There are none. What is special, is that I found a skirt pattern that fits well, as well as one that I really like! I suppose if one sews long enough, one will have a collection of go-to patterns. I now have three but this is the only one I have not altered in any fashion, and the fit truly resembles the Simplicity pattern photo, although I omitted the front pockets. As a person committed to sewing my own clothes...

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17 Oct Talbots & Kate Spade

If I like Kate Spade so much, then why is my wardrobe brimming with clothes from Talbots?   [caption id="attachment_284" align="aligncenter" width="127" caption="I love Kate Spade's color combinations!"][/caption]   I’ve been in a wardrobe rut for a while. My mother worked at Talbots until she earned a lifetime 40% discount, hence many of my clothes are from Talbots.  I’ve been in such a Talbots rut that I have bought things on my own without the 40% discount. It’s easy…. the sizes are reliable… and of course, they are good old basics which have added up to a predictable and unexciting wardrobe.   I’m not knocking...

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12 Sep Matronly Makeover

Is this not one of the most matronly looking suits you have ever seen? [caption id="attachment_93" align="aligncenter" width="145" caption="YUK"][/caption] When my husband walked in and saw this he thought it was a service uniform…  Years ago I bought a beautiful Ralph Lauren black suit which I wore until it was thread bare. When it came time to replace it I could not find anything close to it in my price range. I didn’t have an office job anymore and couldn’t justify the splurge, so I bought this suit from Talbots. That was four years ago and I have worn it once.  I felt...

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