Simplicity Amazing Fit pattern

10 Nov The Shanel SUIT

I always thought I wanted to be cremated, but now I’m not so sure. I mean, now that I’ve got something to wear………. At last, I have completed the coordinating skirt to my Shanel Jacket, which means I have a brand new suit! Goodness, I never wear suits, but I’m going to start,  and pray I am lucky enough to wear this one out before it’s time to go. ;) ________________ Over the last 26 months I’ve sewn many skirt patterns and deemed Simplicity 3648 worthy of sewing the last yard of the lofty Chanel tweed. I so wish the camera could capture the beautiful metallic thread...

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23 Aug Goodbye Valentino’s No.1 Pencil Skirt

Ready-to-Wear garments often inspire my sewing projects. Can you imagine my surprise when I opened the latest J Crew catalogue to find a skirt I made last September in the 2012 Fall Collection of pencil skirts? (pages 56 - 57)        The timing of this unexpected discovery was perfect as it pushed me past the sub-lime green jacket of yesterday as well as reminding me to trust myself and not to be shaken by a disappointment. Goodbye Valentino's No. 1 Pencil Skirt $25.00. J Crew’s No. 2 Pencil Skirt $148.00 ;)...

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27 Sep Simplicity

                                            I’ve was so busy assembling the 24 pieces of this skirt that I barely had time to glance at the Kate Spade 1 Day only 75% off online sale. Making this skirt saved me hundreds of dollars in that respect alone.  The skirt is fine and it does fit but it doesn’t have much pizzazz. I was tempted by the Amazing Fit title and ordered it some time ago. I found this beautiful  woven silk at Mary Jo’s last week  and thought...

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