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19 Feb Austerity or Abundance?

I was at a social gathering over the weekend wearing my Red Ruffle Dress when a friend made reference to my year of "austerity". Now, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but I thought this was an interesting choice of words for I’ve felt anything but austere. Based on some of the definitions and synonyms for austerity and austere, I suppose the word can be applied to my abstention from buying ready-to-wear clothing for a year. AUSTERITY 1. Economy measure 2. Severity or plainness 3. Enforced thrift AUSTERE 1. Suggesting physical hardship 2. Unsmiling 3. Plain and without luxury 4. Plain in style or design Sewing clothes rather than buying clothing...

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24 Jan The Latest

One top costs $150.00 and the other is $29.99. Why is that?    In March of 2011 I bought the blue and white top at J. McLaughlin in Charleston, SC. I thought $150.00 was expensive for a spandex top, but the sales clerk explained to me it was made of fine French swimsuit fabric, and somehow I justified my purchase.                  I love the top and have worn it repeatedly since I bought it. This McCall’s pattern reminded me of my J McLaughlin top, and I anticipated replicating it. I bought fine Korean swimsuit fabric – seriously, it...

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