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Inspiration Defined

According to the Oxford dictionary the word inspiration is defined as: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. An example is “Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration”  _________________ I have received … Continue reading

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Serendipitous Silk & More

 My dear friend Libby teaches abroad every summer – this year she taught in Bangkok. On an outing to the National Museum, the lost driver dropped Libby and her class off at the wrong location. They found themselves at the … Continue reading

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Ribbon Skirt Conclusion!

I originally planned a three part Sew-a-Long for the Ribbon Skirt, but I discovered after sewing the ribbons in place the rest is simple enough to complete in a single post, thanks to Julie Starr. For newcomers to the Sew-a-Long, … Continue reading

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Ribbon Source for Skirt Sew-a-Long

Julie Starr & I are delighted at the enthusiastic response to the Ribbon Skirt Sew-A-Long! If you have not found ribbon yet, RTW Faster Cissie Wellons has shared the following link for purchasing ribbon at great prices. The company ships … Continue reading

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