Mood Fabrics

14 Feb Red Ruffles

I can’t explain my sudden attraction to red, but in a just a few weeks I’ve gone from a person who rarely wore red to someone who can’t get enough of it. H a p p y   V a l e n t i n e ’ s   D a y ! If I could select any outfit I wanted for Valentine’s Day, I would choose a red Valentino dress with ruffles. Believe me, I know this is no Valentino, but the spirit of Valentino’s feminine designs motivated this latest sewing project! This Very Easy Vogue pattern was in my stash...

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21 Jan Ebony and Ivory

 Some people are influenced by what they read. Some people are influenced by what they hear. And some people are influenced by what they see.  Since I started, over four months ago, sewing my clothes instead of buying my clothes for a year, I’ve become absolutely obsessed about my wardrobe. Even though I spent a fortune on clothes in the past, I never had an obsession about them. During the last four and a half months I have been abnormally aware of my visual surroundings, but only recently have I realized their impact on my life. While visiting NY in December, I lingered around the...

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22 Dec In the MOOD

I’m envious of anyone who finds time to sew clothes in December! I’ve not sewn since early December - but I've not bought a single item of clothing either. However, this week  I had the good fortune to take a quick trip to New York, and  visited Mood Fabrics for the first time! Swatch was hilarious running up and down the aisles, and the store was awesome in the truest sense of the word. I fell hard for the jerseys…. I fell hard for the silks…….   I would have fallen for everything if I had been alone. Thank goodness I was with another woman, the wife...

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