31 Aug Trunk Show and Giveaway!

Two years ago I turned over a new leaf, but you might say I've branched out this past year :) This year I'm celebrating 45 Me-Made garments on my 2nd blogiversary! The ruffles continued...

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11 Apr Giveaway Winners!

My husband kindly agreed to draw the names of the Giveaway Winners and then showed up in a tux.  What a ham……… I was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to Aunt Maggie’s International Giveaway – nearly 200 responses with an average of 3.5 entries per person! With approximately 700 entries, I suppose a tux was in order :) ………and a blindfold.  The winners are as follows: 1. Black and white plaid wool: AMY @ metrobabylon 2. Hot Pink Wool: YOLANDA REYNOLDS 3. Red and Off White Taffeta: CAROLYN WYNN 4. Beige Wool: BRENDA EVERETT 5. White Pique: AMY MAYER 6. Red, White and Blue Linen: BETH ROTHFUSS 7.Vogue 5850: BRUNA 8. Vogue...

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06 Apr Aunt Maggie’s International Giveaway!

A few days ago FedEx delivered a surprise package from my Aunt Maggie. I received my first surprise package from Aunt Maggie at age 7; a large box filled with homemade Barbie clothes including a wedding dress! Through the years Aunt Maggie tastefully perfected her hobbies of sewing, crafting, cooking and home decorating to impressive heights, and I've known very few people to be as talented, industrious and thoughtful as she is. You might guess an unexpected package from Aunt Maggie is a good thing, and my anticipations swelled when a gorgeous piece of virgin wool popped out upon opening the tightly...

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