01 Oct Bring on the Bouclé!

Do you fall for fashion trends or do you aspire to classics? When I was asked to participate in Style Maker Fabrics' Fall Blog Tour, I selected this nubby cotton bouclé sweater knit.  The bouclé, categorized under Trend Proof Neutrals, is a classic, leading me to create a traditional garment that I'll wear forever ;) It's vanilla and winter white base laced with beige and black represent my favorite cold weather neutrals, and the 10% stretch made it perfect for McCall's 6844,  a cardigan pattern I've sewn before (blogged here). I love this pattern because it is fitted fairly closely and accommodates heavier fabrics...

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08 Mar Anchors Away

“I don't really know how to do casual clothes.”  Oscar de la Renta   I don’t know how to sew casual clothes -  the kind of knock around frocks you wear on the weekend - but I’m going to learn. I believe the art of making a simple garment requires an underestimated level of sophistication that I’ve yet to acquire.  How does one Avoid the discount department store look? Address excessive ease in loose-fitting patterns? Achieve a finished appearance despite a lack of construction details? What is Eileen Fisher’s secret? I gave myself the assignment to sew a very casual top  - one I would wear on a...

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02 May McCalls 3830 + Craftsy Class

Since the last post my sewing took a domestic turn in the form of window treatments for my daughter’s new apartment in Charleston. My husband and I drove down to check out her new home and help her settle in. I sewed, she pressed, he hung; a comical scene since our family isn’t exactly handy. Thirty-six hours later we congratulated ourselves on a job well done and headed for Edisto Beach. Shortly before leaving for Charleston, I decided to enroll in a much-needed sewing course.  For months, maybe years, I’ve been looking for the perfect skirt pattern. I finally concluded the only...

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06 Apr Style Arc Straight Up

“Good with spandex” caught my eye on Style Arc ‘s Diana pattern page while I was writing my last post.  Since I had a little spandex left over from this endeavor, and since I knew another Diana top was only an hour away, I headed back to the sewing machine . Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm…………….. Well, it only took an hour. It was “free” so to speak. The colors are great …...

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12 Mar Style Arc ELLE

I just finished making these ELLE PANTS by Style Arc. This is the first pair of skinny pants I’ve ever made, and I immediately placed this pattern on my list of favorites.  My husband said he really liked them and that they looked like ski pants all in the same sentence. I’ll forgive him since he doesn’t keep up with fashion trends. He didn’t realize the Style Arc ELLE PANT  “is the pant of the moment, slim line from ankle to waistline….. These pants sit so beautifully without any bulk, wear them with your high heels out for the night or with your...

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26 Oct BASICS is not a dirty word

Now, I know there is nothing unique about this skirt, and I took dozens of pics trying to capture its special qualities. There are none. What is special, is that I found a skirt pattern that fits well, as well as one that I really like! I suppose if one sews long enough, one will have a collection of go-to patterns. I now have three but this is the only one I have not altered in any fashion, and the fit truly resembles the Simplicity pattern photo, although I omitted the front pockets. As a person committed to sewing my own clothes...

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