05 Sep DÉJÀ VU

Do any of you still have your maternity clothes? I wore Laura Ashley dresses throughout my pregnancies. This is one that I wore during the first half of my pregnancy before I became huge. [caption id="attachment_36" align="alignnone" width="144" caption="Laura Ashley circa 1988"][/caption] Modifying Amy Butler's Barcelona skirt pattern, I turned the dress into an A-line skirt and brought it to the beach for Labor Day weekend.  A new skirt – free.    Speaking of Amy Butler, I simply adore her. I love Amy's fabrics,  books, home and her easy life philosophy illustrated through her products. Visit the inspiration page on her website for dozens of creative...

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31 Aug HERE GOES……………..

We women who enjoy clothes and can usually justify a new purchase, and I have had lots of reasons to shop during the past year. Whether is was my best friend’s daughter’s wedding or my daughter’s best friend’s wedding I was buying a Milly dress here, a Lilly  dress there and then came the Valentino.  How I have loved my first Valentino dress! Did I mention I have two daughters?  Shopping, shopping, shopping...

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