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18 Feb Promenade Fine Fabrics

Today I am profiling a fabric store that is supporting the 2018 RTW Fasters with a generous $100 giveaway. If Mood Fabrics is the King of fabrics stores, then Promenade Fine Fabrics, is surely the Queen. Located in the heart of New Orleans, this family owned business offers fine fabrics from around the world, including Irish linens, Italian and English wools, French, Swiss and Asian silks, French laces, brocades and much more. In addition, the store carries a large selection of buttons in diverse materials including horn, mother of pearl, glass, stones, wood, and vintage. Promenade also offers one of the nation’s largest selections of ribbon in...

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17 Feb Canvas Jacket for S P R I N G

No need to call me Dr. Gunn, but I suppose if I was a physician I'd look a little like this minus the buttons and sunglasses 😉 It takes me very little to get excited about Spring, and after returning from Cleveland's ice and snow to a few warm days of sunshine and blooming cherry trees,  I am keen to sew for the upcoming season. One of these days I might sew a capsule wardrobe, and if I do this is my first piece.  Based on my Capsule Wardrobe Pinterest board one might think I was a capsule wardrobe consultant. I'm obsessed, but...

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31 Jan McCall Pattern Company Interview & Giveaway

 The McCall Pattern Company founded in 1870 is a mainstay of the home sewing industry. Through the years, the pattern companies have undergone numerous business changes but they are still here! I had the privilege of touring the Manhattan company headquarters in 2013 which was very impressive.  I was guided through the conception to realization of its pattern process, and the company truly runs like a well oiled machine. Today the McCall Pattern Company is owned by CSS Industries, and sells sewing patterns under the McCall’s®, Butterick®, Kwik Sew® and Vogue Patterns® brand names. In support of the 2018 RTW Fasters, The McCall Pattern Company is serving...

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Blackwood cardigan

28 Jan Blackwood x2

Discovering a pattern that is just your style is pure gold. I have a few and have just added a new one to the collection. Winter just got a whole lot better 😉 After browsing through a stack of Christmas catalogs during the holidays, I was convinced I needed a pair of patterned leggings and ordered Mood Fabric's ultra soft black wool knit with orchid pink medallions. Opening the box of fabric long after the catalogs were thrown away brought me back to reality and I reassessed. The leggings would be cute if I was 10 or on a Scandinavian vacation...

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16 fasters

05 Jan Meet the Fasters and Mood Fabrics Giveaway!

Happy 5th of January and meet the 2018 RTW Fasters! Dear Readers, What a thrill it is to be in the company of over 1,000 women (and two men) fasting from the Ready to Wear scene during 2018. From young singles, moms-to-be, new moms, professionals, newly retired, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, to petite, plus size and somewhere in between, I am accompanied from women around the world representing every continent except Antartica. With varying skills and styles, all of the Fasters have much to offer each other. Whether advising about technical and design issues, sharing great finds or simply conveying a fresh attitude towards...

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31 Dec It Was a Very Good Year……..

Several years ago I asked a woman at a tradeshow about when her business started to become successful. “When I decided to get serious about it." she replied. I believe there is a lot of truth in that statement with intention and commitment playing primary roles in our successes and failures, no matter how large or small the undertaking. While all years seem to have their share of ups and downs some are certainly better than others. Fortunately, things seemed to click this year. After taking time off to promote The Tunic Bible, a return to sewing and blogging in January was refreshing and relaxing. I...

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