Houndstooth Jersey Dress

I thought I owned one of everything in black and white houndstooth, and then I saw this sweaterknit/jersey on the Mood Fabrics website.

IMG_3878 I realized I owned nothing in a houndstooth jersey, and remedied the void by placing a quick order on the Mood website (see lots of great sweater knits from Mood HERE). Continuing my January theme of simple sewing, I selected Butterick’s See & Sew 5873 one more time and made the dress in a day.


While my first dress was a warm weather dress, sewn from Mood’s beach/camo jersey, this beefy knit should carry me through South Carolina’s winter if the Polar Vortex will leave us alone.

The faux wrap dress is my solution to easy daytime dressing!  A shapely design combined with no wrinkle fabric and a snappy houndstooth print has truly produced a go-to dress.


I omitted the side zipper which I omitted in the first dress too. The elastic casing in the sleeve is also absent due to my haste. Instructions called to stitch the lower portion of the sleeve seam allowance together to form a  vertical casing for the elastic –  shown below in View A:

B5873 sketch

Oops…….. I missed that step and ran the seam through the serger.


Hate it when that happens, but obsessing about my unadorned sleeves is not an option and neither is re-doing the sleeves. During my years in music I learned how important it is to keep on going after a mistake…… the show must go on!

Well, so must the sewing.

IMG_3903 2

Besides, I really like my new dress :)

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106 Responses to Houndstooth Jersey Dress

  1. Love it! Just my style. I might have to make one.

  2. Gail Yellen says:

    Don’t you just love black and white houndstooth check? It’s bold, graphic and striking. Your dress is a definite winner!

    • Hi Gail! Yes, I adore black & white houndstooth and really enjoy the pattern in a sweater knit – I feel an entire new group of houndstooth garments in the making :) Many thanks for your comment!

  3. The dress looks great on you.

  4. Jenny says:

    So great! I’m hoping to add that one to my wrap dress stable (http://cashmerette.blogspot.com/p/wrap-dress-central.html) , though it only comes in sizes up to 16 so I might have to do some grading.. Do you think that would be difficult?

  5. Your dress looks sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. I bet the jersey feels great too! I’ve never ordered fabric online because I always think I need to feel it. Your Mood selections make me think of giving it a try!

  6. beth says:

    I have this pattern and hope to get it to fit me as well as you did! Nice choices here and your sleeves look great — redoing them just takes away time from the next dress and your reading list! Does your reading stack always contain patterns as well as books, like mine does? :) Enjoy your day!

  7. designcloseup says:

    It’s really gorgeous and visually striking. My favourite choice of fabrics are usually related to houndstooth and plaids!

  8. Julie Starr says:

    Another beauty, Sarah! There’s something so crisp and polished about black and white anything and the houndstooth makes it even better. Thanks for the closeup of the fabric…it really shows how textural this fabric is. Stay warm and safe these next couple of days…can you believe it? SNOW?!

  9. Rhonda says:

    Love this dress. Did you underline, use fusible interfacing, or line the dress?

    • No, no and no! I underlined the summer one due to the light weight of the fabric. The instructions do not use lining or interfacing and this fabric was heavy enough to stand on its own. Many thanks for the comment, Rhonda!

  10. Joyce Love says:

    I love it! Simple & elegant, & the houndstooth gives it a real wow factor!

  11. Kathleen says:

    Don’t give the sleeves another thought . . . you just created a variation of the design – not a thing wrong with that!

  12. Beautiful. I am going to find that pattern. Thank you.

  13. Cindy C. says:

    Though the accidental omission of the ruched sleeve removes some warm weather-ish styling, the resulting sleeve creates a year-round dress appropriate for both serious and fun occasions. And the scale of the houndstooth pattern is perfect on you. Adorable!

  14. Graca says:

    Oh my goodness that fabric is fabulous! I rushed over to Mood’s website but it no where to be found. The dress is beautiful.

  15. Lynn says:

    Love the dress! Question though, did you change the collar or is there a view not shown in the line art?

    • Yes, I just sewed a collar band because I thought I lost the collar pattern piece……… but I found it when I finished the dress. Now that I’m organized I hope that won’t happen again – LOL :)

  16. Just lovely! I like the sleeves better without the elastic…

  17. zibergirl says:

    Is very pretty! Is it easy to get into without the zip?

  18. Diane Osborn says:

    oh my gosh LOVE this. I have some material similar, just smaller print. Thanks for the idea.
    Yours turned out great and looks fantastic on you!

  19. Wendy says:

    Another beautiful creation! Love your sense of style and fabric choices!

  20. Fiona M says:

    Oh that is just lovely!

  21. Lauren says:

    This is a very flattering dress. Very nice for the winter weather. How did you deal with preventing the “baggy bum” issue when using this knit? I love knits, but the stretch and sag from sitting is always a concern. Any suggestions for us?

  22. Alexandra says:

    Another awesome dress that suits you just so! I like how the collar stands away from the neck a little (I don’t like chokey-feeling collars). You make this pattern look like a must-try.

  23. LindaB. says:

    Just Fabulous!!!

  24. Karen says:

    Great dress! Wrap dresses really suit you and leaving out the elastic in the sleeve doesn’t spoil ghe design at all – a happy mistake.

  25. Laura Casey says:

    FABULOUS…and glad you omitted the sleeve ruching….think it would date the dress….love the print/check, perfect pattern. Speaking of Polar Vortex still snowing in Asheville, so keep your boots shined and close by.. .

  26. Barbara Anderson says:

    Good morning from New Zealand….Your dress looks stunning in this fabric . I have now made this pattern serveral times after you first posted your first version and intend to make a few more……. so fabulous to see it in a heavier fabric. The first one I made I also left the elastic out and I think it looks so much nicer. Such an easy pattern for big impact. Thanks for giving me something interesting to read with my morning coffee,lol.

  27. Cynthia Parker says:

    Such a great looking dress—I’m thinking it would be perfect for me to wear for my work as an Assistant District Attorney! Snappy, serious and business like, but lovely and feminine at the same time! Yay!!

    Question: did you sew the collar as provided with the pattern, or did you redesign it. It looks great, and I want mine to look like yours!! ☺

    Best regards,
    Cynthia Parker

  28. EmSewCrazy says:

    What a fun yet classy dress! I think the sleeve gathering would have been lost in the print if you had done it. I love that I’m not the only one to keep carrying on!

  29. CherryPix says:

    You’ve got me baying for houndstooth again! Such instant chic! Love the raglan shoulder line combined with the wrap front.

  30. Tia Dia says:

    This is one chic dress!

  31. Vicki says:

    Lovely dress. Looks perfect just as it is.

  32. Well, you had me at ‘houndstooth’, so the rest was ‘gravy’…but this is one CUTE dress! LOVE the knit – looks positively yummy. I’m going to have to check Mood out – again!

    I’m working on the Onion wrap dress for DD #1 right now (which means it should appear on my blog oh, about this time next year…lol), but will definitely take another look at this pattern. Wrap dresses/wrap look dresses just seem to compliment so many body types and styles.

    LOVE yours, as usual!

  33. Angela says:

    What a pretty and versatile dress! Love that houndstooth — it goes with almost everything.

  34. Another fabulous creation & you wear it so well! Thanks for sharing yet another inspirational sewing project.

  35. Margaret says:

    Wonderful, as usual, and I like it better without the ruching — it would have been too busy. Great on you!

  36. Myra says:

    …and I really like it too! What a very pretty dress! I really like this pattern and think I may have it too! Great job Sarah!

  37. Barbara says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Houndstooth! I too have been obsessed with the pattern for a couple years now. This is fabulous. As usual, great job!!

  38. Sarah it looks fabulous. I think that I may have to use that pattern too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. Sharon says:

    A very snazzy dress, I love houndstooth and your bangle is perfect.

  40. I made it!! says:

    Looks great just the way it is!

  41. Miriam says:

    I love the sleeves just like you did it, I truly think it looks great. Love that outfit on you.

  42. Art Attack says:

    This is one of my favorite dress patterns. Love it with the houndstooth. Stay warm…our blast was much ado about nothing, thank goodness.

  43. Ro says:

    Just beautiful! I would never think of this print, but I love this one. As a beginner, do u think the pattern would be to difficult to match up for sewing? Also I am looking for a dress form, could u give me any tips,? please. :)

  44. Lady ID says:

    That is a lovely dress. You look great!!

  45. Charry says:

    This pattern really suits you! I liked your warm weather version as well. Did you line this dress too? What did you use for lining? And did you have to ‘stay’ the neckline so it won’t stretch? Sorry, too many questions!

  46. lisa g says:

    fantastic dress! so classy, as always!

  47. sewruth says:

    That is stylish! Yet so practicable.

  48. Gail says:

    Your dress is stunning. But sadly, you couldn’t wear it in Sydney – large b&w houndstooth is the signature wrapping paper and logo of our major department store David Jones.

  49. gingermakes says:

    This is so cute! I love it! And the style looks so great on you (but who am I kidding, EVERYTHING looks great on you)! I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled for similar fabric at Mood as I’d love to make something in this print for my Alabama-loving friend!

  50. I am majorly jealous of this dress! I’ve been eyeing a fake wrap pattern like that and then you went and combined it with knit houndstooth! AH! I can’t stand how green-eyed monster I am right now!

  51. Gjeometry says:

    Gorgeous!! This pattern really gives a nice shape, doesn’t it? I love it. And, the fabric, so classic! How do you find sewing with knits? I just sewed a gunmetal and had such problems with the choice of knits I used. I talk about it on my post that I just blogged, but it seems that every fabric I chose, gave me grief and some of it was even unsewable, even with all the things I tried. So frustrating.

  52. Jean says:

    Beautiful classic style that’s sure to get lots of wear.

  53. Joen says:

    Love this style its so flattering and you certainly master the fit on this pattern. Looks great!

  54. I have been thinking about your faux wrap dress in the beautiful hounds tooth since you posted it. Yesterday I went to New York and marched myself into Mood and bought the fabric. Today I see I can download the printed pattern from Butterick. Life is good.

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