Style Arc Amy & More

If you are a driven person like me, you are constantly challenging yourself to do better and accomplish more. Who wants to cruise on the bunny slope when you’re comfortable skiing moguls?  Due to recent time constraints, I was forced to rediscover the joy of simple sewing or not sew at all.

Goodbye Valentino -  Style Arc Amy -  Mood Fabrics' Abstract Olive KnitNot only did I realize I should do more easy sewing, but my latest project reminded me of why I started sewing again in the first place.

My adventurous side led me to order this Olive Abstract Knit from Mood Fabrics without ordering a sample. Fortunately I loved it upon opening the package! The fabric is a sweater-knit jersey blend with a soft and slightly fuzzy hand, similar to a cozy sweater, although it is lightweight. (Available both online and at Mood NYC. )

olive abstract knit

I paired the warm sweater knit with Style Arc’s Amy Knit Top, a free pattern I received from Style Arc over a year ago.

AMY-KNIT-TOPGenerally I avoid wearing oversized tops because they appear disproportionate on me although they look great on my taller friends. Since Style Arc had never disappointed me before, I gave the pattern a try and made the top in three short hours. I made no alterations to the pattern.

IMG_3786 It’s oversized but not too big! The shoulders fit perfectly and I find the neckline flattering.  The length is just right, and wearing the top with skinny pants gives it a good proportion.


I truly love being proven wrong on this one!

Goodbye Valentino -  Mood Fabrics' Abstract Olive Knit My effortless sewing experience reminded me that one cannot overlook the importance of simplicity driven garments…especially during eventful circumstances!


Would you believe 277 women have joined the 2014 Ready-to-Wear Fast? That is correct, and they are making some fabulous clothing! Check out their blogs and photo albums on the RTW Fasters page and stay tuned as I plan to feature pieces during the year.


Leisa from A Challenging Sew is leading a free pattern Marfy Sew-A-Long. Have you made a Marfy? I haven’t and truly look forward to learning to sew these chic patterns. Monday (January 13) featured Part 1, so it’s not too late to join!


And lastly, my sewing room is 90% complete – sewing room post coming very soon :)

sewing room

Best wishes to all!

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63 Responses to Style Arc Amy & More

  1. Cissie Wellons says:

    Love the top! Especially that cozy looking fabric! You are so right — sometimes we need instant gratification! And often the easiest pattern gives you a chance to really focus on details! Your “simple” top is tres chic! Can’t wait to see more of the sewing room!

    • Thank you, Cissie! I don’t know if it was instant gratification (though that part is great) as so much as the ole’ not enough time to sew issue. Whatever it was I’m glad I discovered this pattern in my stash!

  2. Myra says:

    What a lovely top! Oh I think I will have to purchase that pattern. You selected a gorgeous fabric for it as well, I can see why you like it so much…I would too! Nicely done! So many patterns, so much fabric and so little time, what’s a girl to do!

  3. Great looking top. This fabric is perfect for the style.

  4. jstarr4250 says:

    What news-packed post, Sarah! This is a beautiful top and you are right, it’s so easy to focus on larger more exciting projects and give short shrift to the everyday necessities. I am guilty of this as well and will definitely take inspiration from this piece. Some Ooh la Leggings would be great to go along with it! The sewing room is looking wonderful – can’t wait for the grand unveiling.

    • Thank you, Julie! I’m looking for a good leggings pattern…….. If my first temptation for shopping was the $5.00 Lilly sales, the second are the ‘Hue Leggings’ in every imaginable color :)

  5. Jackie says:

    Your top is a great piece. Think I will need that pattern! I am interested to see your sewing room as I am starting mine. Think I want husband to build a large work table. I do want to see what you are doing because I know it will be wonderful.

  6. Becky says:

    I think the top is very flattering on you. I, too, tend to stay away from long, over-sized tops. They usually dwarf my frame. I just look sloppy in them. This is definitely a win. While it is great to make upscale and complex garments, it is a mistake to overlook the simple garments we wear every day. Looking forward to future posts!

  7. Carolyn says:

    Your new top is great but I’m really excited to see the pictures of your new sewing room!

  8. Carrie says:

    Your new top is great and I love when I’m pleasantly surprised by fabric I ordered online.
    I find that I go in cycles with sewing easy simple projects and more complex ones. After simple sewing for a while I realize that I miss the more complex projects where I actually make muslins and take my time with nice fabric…and then after some of those I need to go back to sewing garments that only take a few hours!

  9. Judi says:

    That is a pretty top that looks very nice on you…everything you make does! Personally, I like it when you make “simple to sew” things!!! I can’t wait to see your sewing room!

  10. Barbara says:

    Your new top is beautiful – the shape, the drape, the fabric. The colours suit you very well. And it looks so comfortable. In short… perfection. I am experiencing a little envy here! The other thing I love about the last photo of you are the coloured dots floating in mid air – some people think those are spirits putting in their two cents worth. The fact that they are colour-co-ordinated to your top makes me think that even the spirits are giving your latest project a big nod YES! Two thumbs up!

    • LOL! I don’t know where the dots came from, but thought Glenda the Good Witch might be arriving :)
      Many thanks for your nice comment, Barbara – I too found this pattern to be a winner on many levels!

  11. Cindy C. says:

    Lovely top! Though I must say, I admire your conservative, beautifully executed pieces with the twist in the fabric or unique pattern detailing on an otherwise traditional fitted silhouette — a wardrobe that’s stylish, flatters your frame and lasts for years. That said, this nifty Style Arc design is an adorable change-up. Plus, it gives instant gratification — a “right now” garment without time-consuming fussing with fitting, zippers, buttonholes, etc. You’ve pulled off a real winner — stylish AND fast, a sewist’s dream. ;=D

  12. Myrtle Washington says:

    Love your top! The scrabble letters are so cute, can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  13. artattack024 says:

    I’m totally with you on simplicity needing a voice amid the chaos. Really cute top and love the fabric. Working on the sleeves of my first Shanel so I hear something quick and easy calling from ala distance…

  14. lisa g says:

    this looks great on you! we all need cozy pieces in our wardrobe, and the simple ones are so satisfying and quick to make. can’t wait to see your sewing room!

  15. David says:

    Great top! Good to see that the Goodbye Valentino headquarters are coming along very nicely :)

  16. Love the fabric for that cute top! Fuzzy inside is great this time of year :) Can’t wait to see your new room! Preview looks fabulous – I love that you did the scrabble letters. Too fun!

  17. Aileen rykiel says:

    Sarah , your top looks beautiful. I love the fabric and pattern choice. You picked a winner.

  18. Jean says:

    Great combination of fabric to pattern Sarah. Even though this was a quick and easy sew, I’m sure you will get lots of wear out of it. These instant gratification projects are often undervalued. Loved the preview of your sewing room. Looks like you have been very busy and I can’t wait to see the full sewing room post.

  19. Lovely top – and versatile, too! I think the more advanced sewing makes us appreciate the easy sewing more! I really found this past year that I needed to tuck some more easy projects in – and not feel guilty about it!!

  20. Deborah R Penner says:

    I have made 2 items from StyleArc. Love the designs, but needed to cut it down quite a bit. They seem to run large compared to the Big 4 patterns. Can you tell us what size you used? The fabric is lovely and works well with the flowing design.

  21. Sharon says:

    OOH I love that fabric and the style looks very good as like you I wasn’t sure about the volume on the petite frame.

  22. Laura Casey says:

    Well the top is great! You know, you have a nack of picking the right fabric for the right pattern…and that is not easy….YOU ARE GOOD AT THIS…! I want to try Style Arc patterns…guess that’s what I’ll do this afternoon. And just a glimpse of your new sewing space! I can hardly wait to see it all!.. The sign of your blog is PERFECT.
    I usually pick a complicated garment to make, then sprinkle in a few easy ones….it keeps me interested….Keep up the good work!

  23. Gjeometry says:

    Very pretty top, I really like the handkerchief hem! I’ve not made a Style Arc pattern yet, but have seen several folks sew them and they also really like these patterns. Your sewing room is looking good!

  24. gingermakes says:

    I love this! It looks great on you! I’m working on my first Style Arc pattern right now, the anorak, and I’m finding the directions totally baffling! They’re so confusing! Looking forward to trying one of their simpler patterns for comparison’s sake.

    Your sewing room looks so cute! I’m loving it!

  25. Vicki says:

    Looks good. Looking forward to seeing more of your sewing area :)

  26. Dilliander says:

    Ooh, this is lovely, great style and fabulous fabric! I suspect you’ll reach for this often.

  27. Sarah I’m really looking forward to your sewing room post, I’m at the beginning stages of planning my first ever sewing room. The colours of your new top are just lovely – I’m sure it will be easy to wear and looks cosy.

  28. beth says:

    Hi Sarah! This is cute on you! I also do not wear oversized clothes as I’m only 5′ tall! Do you use a dress form? I’m trying to find one that will make my fitting easier and I don’t want to make things more difficult by choosing one that is not easy to alter to my shape. Enjoy your Monday!

  29. Hey Sarah, what a perfect top, I always feel guilty sewing the simpler things and then wear them constantly…definitely a lesson there for me! Thank you so much for your lovely mention…I was going to tell you how well I was doing with my RTW Fast, but every top I have made so far for the sew along has been taken by one daughter or another!

  30. Alexandra says:

    Great top! Looks like it’s the perfect fabric for the perfect pattern. That cowl neckline looks especially pretty.

  31. Liss says:

    Hi Sarah, I completely agree with what you wrote about leaving the loose tops for taller friends, but you’ve done wonders with this one! I love how you’ve teamed it with the skinny dark pant to keep the proportions balanced. It’s so hard to get a loose top with shoulders in the right place – you’re inspiring me to make something like this myself! x

  32. katemcivor says:

    I love your version of the Amy Top! I have made 2 and you inspire me to lengthen the next one I make — and use a print!

  33. Martha S says:

    Hi Sarah! I love your sewing room! Great ideas for clever, practical storage, and such a lovely, cheerful space! Your blog is terrific! I’ve enjoyed going back to the beginning to read all your posts and have gotten many great tips and lots of inspiration. I noticed your dress form in the sewing room pics, and was a bit surprised to see it since I don’t recall your referring to it in the fitting process. I know you have great success, or have avoided “disaster”, using muslins–do you use both?

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