Metallic Party Dress

More fabric to die for……. I was sold upon reading Mood Fabrics’ narrative of this silk/viscose blend and placed it in my online cart.


 ‘The drape on this silk and viscose blend fabric is just so perfect, and then when you combine it with the glazed metallic sheen…well, you have a fabric that’s to die for. Lightweight and softly pliable. Perfect for tops, dresses, unconstructed jackets and more.

Seriously, how could I resist?

The fabric didn’t disappoint ~ actually I want more!

Slippery, you think? Nope.

Flimsy, you suspect? Nope.

The backing on the fabric produces the perfect texture for machine sewing.

I’m devoted to sewing holiday attire for the next few weeks and couldn’t pass up the giant bow on Butterick 5850!  Butterick 5850 silk/viscose blend - Mood Fabrics

The silk/viscose worked beautifully with the pattern in every aspect. The gathered skirt is attached to a fitted back.


 I typically shy away from gathered waistlines, but I wanted that bow! The sash cinches the waist, helping camouflage the bulk that gathers can produce, and I found the fitted back flattering.  Butterick 5850 silk/viscose blend - Mood FabricsI was forced to move the photos to indoor light. Look at the difference.  Butterick 5850 silk/viscose blend - Mood Fabrics  IMG_2987
However, I sacrificed the high resolution in order the capture the sheen of the fabric. 

 Fitting issues plagued my sewing which I’ll review in detail on the Pattern Review website. In short they included the enormous armscye. I removed three inches from each arm which affected the dart……. The shoulders are not cut in as they appear on the pattern illustration.

B5850 illustration The effect is created by the pleat at the back of the neck. The ties are designed as a single layer with the wrong side showing when bowed. I folded the fabric in half, sewed right sides together and turned to avoid the showing the wrong side. I also removed 10 inches from the length of each tie. Being left-handed I placed the zipper on left side rather than the right – one of the joys of sewing!

At any rate, I made the pattern work and am ready for the first holiday party or maybe the last on New Year’s Eve ;)


 Except…….. I think this dress needs a fur.

Faux fur sewing tips, anyone?

Until soon :)



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106 Responses to Metallic Party Dress

  1. Love this one, Sarah! You’re right, the fabric is just amazing! The indoor shots really let you appreciate the subtle beauty of the ‘shimmer’! Love this pattern, too – especially the fitted back. Too bad about the shoulders, though – that’s such a pretty look.

    Your dress turned out lovely and is certain to be a big hit at your holiday parties!

  2. Kathy T says:

    Very nice. That champagne color, it is very flattering on you. I actually made a dress like this one years ago out of silk satin only mine had long sleeves and a self covered belt.
    Also wanted to let you know that I enjoy your posts and that you are a “real life” pattern inspiration for me. I have purchased several patterns after seeing what you have done with them. Haven’t sewed on faux fur, but I think it is like sewing on sequined fabric, you carefully take the sequins or fur away from the seam allowances before construction.

  3. Becky says:

    Great dress, and it looks so “you”. You know your style and what looks good on you. The fabric is really gorgeous. Where do you want fur? Jacket?

  4. Vivian says:

    Wow, what a nicely tailored, sparkly but not tacky party dress. The bow is so nice also and it looks perfect on you. What fun.

  5. Amy G says:

    Beautiful. Everything you do is exceptional. I have made a few faux fur coats over the years. Simple lines work best. Cut single layer and have a vacuum handy. Use a zig zag stitch and a knit needle. Some trim the fur where the seams are I haven’t done that because I use a large needle to pick out the fur caught in-between the zig zag stitches on the right side and it covers the seams very nicely.
    I back collars with velvet to cut down on the bulk. If your machine does embroidery – don’t forget to monogram the lining always an elegant touch.

  6. Sarah Jo says:

    Beautiful and fun holiday dress!

  7. Lauren says:

    Very pretty fabric. Love the color. As long as you are happy with the dress that is great! One of those looks once again, better in a longer length, on a tall skinny person. The bow is to fru fru for me, it appears overwhelming on such a petit person. You do look like a lovely Xmas pesent! Perfect for the season!

  8. Mrs K says:

    Beautiful dress – you’ll be the hit of the holiday parties.

  9. Art Attack says:

    Very ooh, la, la! I can see how you fell in love with that fabric. It’s stunning in its simplicity…the whole look is dynamite. I envision a little black cocktail coat over this with jeweled buttons down the front, ala Jackie Kennedy. But if baby wants fur, baby can have fur! ;D

  10. pam says:

    I’m headed to Mood today — what a great dress and wonderful fabric — you made it work! Unfortunately, I’m getting tweed for Jonathan and I — I’m in a tweedy phase! Again, congratulations — I love the result. Fur on!

  11. Donna says:

    Gorgeous, as always! Was curious which of the online classes you’ve taken have been the most helpful to you? Fitting issues have almost driven me out of my sewing space!!!

    • Many thanks, Donna!
      I’ve taken, Diana Rupp’s Sewing Studio, Susan Khalje’s Couture Dress, Lynda Maynard’s Sew the Perfect Fit, and Kenneth King’s Copy Your Favorite Ready-to-Wear. I loved all of them and wrote posts about each one. Fitting drove me insane as well but I’m finally learning what to do. Good luck!

  12. You are just TOO glamorous. Love it!

  13. Cherie says:

    Your design eye is so sharp – the right fabric for the right pattern, just lovely on you!

  14. Shirley says:

    Nice fabric. Good fit. Drop the bow. It is too much for your petite frame.

  15. Judi says:

    Gorgeous dress!!!!

  16. Elena says:

    Such a youthful, pretty look! Shimmer, gold, and the bow suit you so. I’d love a pretty blouse with sleeves out of that material for the holidays too.

  17. Angela says:

    Love the fabric, love the pattern, love the bow! Have fun wearing it:)

  18. Wendy says:

    I love the fabric. I may just order some of this fabric for a simple cowl neck long sleeve shirt. Will certainly dress up some black pants. Great job once again!

  19. Vicki says:

    What a fabulous dress! You made it work despite the pattern issues.

  20. Becky Bagwell says:

    You amaze me! I want this dress, too!

  21. Frances Patricia Danylishin (I use my second name day to day) says:

    Lovely dress, and the colour is gorgeous on you. I love the frills and bows that you wear so well. I have gravitated to them all my life in RTW and sewing patterns. Sometimes I feel that I am too frou-frou, but when I see you favouring them on so many of the clothes you wear, and they look so gorgeous on you, I think why am I fighting it. I have one comment that I hope you realize is being made out of admiration for the beautiful work you do, and I have noticed others have also mentioned it. In my humble opinion, I think you should lengthen some of your skirts, not too much, maybe an inch and a half. Short sun dresses are fine, but I feel that dresses like the one in this post and skirts like your Shanel skirt, would look even more smashing if they skimmed the top of your knee. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings because your sense of style is fabulous, but I know that I appreciate it when a good friend will go out on a limb to tell me something that isn’t always comfortable and I may not realize.. Sometimes we just don’t see ourselves as others do, and small suggestions made in the right spirit are only said to help one improve near perfection. On that note, thank you for the inspiration you have given me as I enjoy your sewing adventures so much.

    • Hi Patricia,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and my feelings are not hurt. I agree that I don’t always get all of the details right in my sewing including the length on some garments, but having said that I do try to sew what suits my taste and lifestyle. Many thanks for your kind suggestions and I will keep them in mind. ;)

  22. Alexandra says:

    Another gorgeous creation! I love the sheen of that fabric. I am confused about the zipper – you said you put yours on the left instead of the right, but the pattern photo shows it clearly on the left side. Am I just having a dense moment?

  23. Velosewer says:

    What a gorgeous dress. You look amazing and ready for the festive season ahead.

  24. Cindy symes says:

    Wow, this dress is a show stopper!! I have this pattern and was looking for the perfect fabric – and then this email arrived!! I’m not so happy to hear about those fitting woes (for myself) though you’d never know it by the spectacular end product you achieved! I’ll await your pattern review for details, but honestly, if I can achieve even half as nice a dress in the end, I’d be over the moon! Congratulations on a fab looking dress – as for a faux fur, The Selfish Seamstress did a lovely one, check out her website, if you do t already.

  25. Julie says:

    Oh, this is lovely! I can see it as a full length dress (gown) as well in the same fabric family. How about a wrap (less crushing of the bow) in silver faux fox? Keep inspiring me with your wonderful creations!!

  26. Sharon says:

    Gorgeous fabric and stunning dress, and a fur coat how wonderful.

  27. Kathie Bennett says:


  28. blare says:

    This dress is amazing and you look like MONEY in it. Style it in a casual updo and a slim leather clutch to break the shine. A dark leather bangle and some sexy black stiletto pumps ala-Katie Couric. Amazeballs!

  29. Debbie Cook says:

    Beautiful dress and appropriately festive for the upcoming season! Hope you get to mix up party guests so you can wear it more than once. ;-)

  30. SHARON KANE says:

    Great dress. I truly enjoy your work and your “projects” don’t appear to be homemade. How have you managed to get your garments to fit so well. And that is the success to good sewing is that the fashions fit. I’m going on a 2 week cruise in 2014 and would like to make my cruise wear but lack some of the fitting techniques. Any suggestions? Thanks. and keep on blogging. Sharon

    • Thank you, Sharon! I made many clothes for a cruise in 2012 and it was a fun wardrobe to create. All I can say about fitting is to make muslins and take Craftsy courses – before you know it you’ll know exactly what to do with a pattern. Good luck! :)

  31. gingermakes says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it so much– it’s incredibly chic!

  32. Cindy C. says:

    Oh, what a fun dress! The shimmery fabric looks like it will swish alluringly in a candle lit room for an evening party. Add a little shaping from a push-up bra and it’ll drop men right to their knees. I do agree with the other posters who suggest a slightly longer hem, perhaps mid-knee or more for an evening dress. The pattern companies are starting to seriously push 1990’s-style longer hems and mid-thigh dress lengths (booooo!), so we gave an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and extend the lives of our creations rather than risk seeing the length become abruptly outdated.

    • Thank you for your comment, Cindy! I had to go back and look at the pics…. I’ll try a pushup LOL! The top is quite blousy. more so than I thought it would be so I hope the bra makes a difference :)
      As far as the length……. I’m sure I’ll eventually adjust to the new trend as much as I don’t want to. Ugh……. there is a certain longer length that chops my legs in half and another one that dwarfs me.
      I might be a 90 year old granny in short skirts :)

      • Cindy C. says:

        At each stage of hemline changes, I’ve tried to find a length that doesn’t look cheesy, frumpy, or idiotic on me. The way I do it is to stand in front of a mirror with a length of black fabric (no colors or prints to distract from the task), and lower it slowly until the “new perfect length” becomes evident. Amazingly, there is only one place it will suddenly pop and look good. Then a little above and a little below several times just to make sure, and then barefooted and with heels. Works every time. Right now, my new golden line is at mid-knee. Then for prints, check with each fabric before you start cutting, in case the scale of the fabric’s print suggests slightly higher or lower line to achieve that perfect kapow impact unique to that particular fabric.

  33. Eileen says:

    Your hubby is sure to LOVE this one! Very pretty on you. You are off to a great start on your holiday sewing. Love your blog – very inspirational. I have some home dec sewing to do for my granddaughter’s room and then I just may try to make something for myself. I think matching fabrics to an appropriate pattern seems the most challenging. Keep up the good work… I need more inspiration.

  34. Elena says:

    Some of the thoughtful comments on this thread — primarily about trends in length — make me wish I knew more about how to alter photos visually. I’m trying to imagine it longer and wish I could just color it in. (You know — like they do on HGTV when they are renovating a place.) This dress reminds me so much of the “ice cream social dress” you made which had ruffles, sheen, and a bow and looked fabulous on you too. I liked the spirit in which those comments were made which was sort of like shopping with your BFF.

    • Hi Elena – I appreciate constructive criticism and do consider many of my readers as dear friends! They have cheered me on through my sewing journey and their comments are important.
      I too, thought about the Ice Cream Social dress because there are similarities for sure. The ICS dress is a wrap with ruffles out of dupioni. I doubt I would ever wear it during the holidays and I doubt I’d ever wear my new dress in the spring. Something about the fabric has holidays written all over it. Many thanks for writing :) :)

  35. Ro says:

    Love this dress, the material is beautiful and perfect for this. Happy Holidays !!!!!

  36. Jean says:

    Very glamorous dress. Beautiful sheen on the fabric and the style suits you very well.

  37. Robyn bolam says:

    Absolutely fabulous! I would love to wear this style dress to my sons wedding in January, in the Australian summer, but, I need to cover my upper arms, would a sheer (organza perhaps) shrug or jacket be too much over such a style? I would love to hear anyone’s suggestions.

  38. Urbanite says:

    Love the dress.

    Faux chinchilla would be so fabulous, even if just a wrap. The Selfish Seamstress has a wonderful version, but it is probably a bit to casual. Link below:

  39. Sharon Nichols says:

    Awesome dress! The color looks fabulous with your hair. Recently I took a couple “color” classes at the Sewing Expo in Fort Worth, TX and they would applaud your color choice! Another thing both instructors reminded us of was that we mustn’t worry about following current fashion trends. That we must feel comfortable in what we wear. So as long as you feel comfortable with the length, go for it! That said, personally, I like the length! Call me rebellious, but I also don’t ‘color within the lines’ all the time. lol

  40. black label says:

    { LOVE } this fabric, this pattern & the result is stunning on you. Thanks for the tips on the sizing around the armscye…i have this pattern in the queue somewhere so its good to know.

  41. Meigan says:

    Stunning party dress! The color, style, and fit are super!

  42. foamofdays says:

    That is seriously gorgeous! You look stunning! Perfect choice of fabric!

  43. Laura Casey says:

    Oh MY do I LOVE this! Just ordered the pattern, View B is very wearable….and that fabric is to die for…perfect in every way….wonder if it comes in any other colors……off i go to the Mood site.
    Thanks for all that you do…you inspire, charm, and have a can do attitude …that’s why you are so attractive!
    Laura @ Waechter’s

  44. Gjeometry says:

    Wow this is a very special dress! Looks great on you and the fabric just seems to glow from within. In the latest issue of Sew Stylish there is a pattern for faux fur collars one with rounded corners and another with pointed ends.

  45. sewellen says:

    Totally flattering color on you! So pretty!

  46. Stephanie says:

    This is GORGEOUS! What a perfect, classy party dress. I love the bow and proportions. You look beautiful.

  47. Laura Mae says:

    Love the fabric, but the dress is fantastic! The perfect cocktail party dress!

  48. Valerie says:

    I love this dress. I have been looking for a pattern with a neckline treatment like this and had not seen this one. I have just ordered it. I have some silk and silk lining just waiting for it so thank you for this post.

  49. Myra says:

    This dress leave me absolutely SPEECHLESS! Gorgeous work my friend!!

  50. Marnita Parry says:

    Gorgeous; and you wear it like a “Rock Star”! Keep your hems where YOU like them.

  51. Mcdonna on PR says:

    Simply elegant! Thank you for sharing your inspirational sewing journey.

  52. Margie Tonkin says:

    Love the dress, fabric and colour, suit your colouring. I have this pattern, you have given me lots of ideas😃

  53. lisa g says:

    hitting it out of the park again! what a great dress, the sheen on the fabric looks divine!

  54. sewdooley says:

    Perfect for the holidays. I never thought about the right/left hand thing with zippers. It certainly makes sense to move it.

  55. danvillegirl says:

    Great looking dress, love the fabric.

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