Style Arc Willow Pants

Festive Attire

Holiday Casual

Tacky Christmas Sweater

Creative Black Tie

I’m only clued in to one of the upcoming Holiday invitation dress codes, but surely my new brocade pants will suffice for one of these categories!

When I walked into Mood Fabrics last month, my eye went directly to the enormous wall of brocade and quickly spotted a lovely red and cream DVF brocade. Being a lover of brocade slacks I immediately ordered two yards and just completed my new holiday pants.

Christmas in the Bahamas anyone?

Just kidding :) But due to the fabric, the pants can easily be dressed up




or somewhere in between.

My pattern is Style Arc’s Willow Pants which I sewed earlier this year in brocade. Any pant described to look  ”amazing worn with heels or with flats” is my kind of pant AND it sits on the real waistline!

Since I’ve ordered four pieces of brocade over the last 15 months I have learned that the hand and texture vary enormously among brocades. This brocade is soft and drapey, so I underlined the pants with silk organza to provide added stability – no saggy knees or wrinkling after sitting!  Underlining with organza brings other advantages to the sewing process too.

I cut the organza first marking the stitching lines, grain lines and other notches. (Marking the stitching line keeps me straight when sewing Style Arc’s  3/8″ seam allowance.) After placing the organza on the fashion fabric I cut and basted the two fabrics together.


Being extremely careful not to trim the seam allowance,  I serged the seam allowances of the basted pieces as one before following the pattern instructions.

image The preliminary worked made for simple sewing. No need to mark on the fashion fabric and the seam allowances are nicely finished.

It’s a great pattern to showcase such lovely Style Arc Willow Pants in silk brocade from Mood Fabrics

I’m also digging the pants’ split cuff  which may be one of the easiest ways to hem a pant leg with professional results. Due to the split cuff, the pant length and inseam were carefully measured and adjusted in the muslin. The cuff was folded and stitched right sides together along the seam allowance, then turned. Presto.

It’s great to have completed my first holiday (ish) garment before working on others that will require time, patience and many of the luxuries that disappear as the holiday season approaches. Stay tuned for more brocade!

Until soon!


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60 Responses to Style Arc Willow Pants

  1. Miriam says:

    Oh I love those pants on you, very chic!

  2. Maris Olsen says:

    Oh Sarah, LOVE these pants. I am also a new convert to Style Arc patterns-especially their pants.

  3. Treva Putsche says:

    Those are sweet!

  4. Mrs K says:

    Very nice pants. It’s nice to hear there are patterns out there that sit at the “real” waistline.

  5. Maggie Edger says:

    So pretty. Love the top. A.Maggie

  6. Pam says:

    Beautiful. The fit is perfection.My Willow pattern is taunting me from the shelf as I wallow up to my neck in home dec sewing projects :(

  7. Amanda says:

    Oh gorgeous! I love that fabric! Great style!

  8. Cindy C. says:

    Simply gorgeous! These brocade pants are another smash hit. I love the sultry, cigarette pant silhouette. You’re inspiring me to lose enough weight to fit into this style!

  9. Jihong says:

    Can I borrow your clothing? If I were your daughter, I’d be raiding your closet! =) You look lovely as usual.

  10. Margy Houtz says:

    What a lovely addition to your holiday wardrobe! Gorgeous brocade and so stylish on you!

  11. quirkkly says:

    Just lovely. They are beautiful and look wonderful on you and styled both ways! I love Style Arc. (Just completed their Lorie jacket (Chanel-inspired) and it went together very quickly. Fabulous drafting and fit!) And, though late here – congratulations on your earlier-posted ‘French Jacket’ it is beautiful.

    Thank you for the post. Look forward to future brocades! :-)

  12. Deborah M says:

    Very chic! They look wonderful on you and they are very versatile also! Isn’t silk organza just a dream?

  13. Lovely pants! I like the cuff finish, too. Did you line the pants? I have a pair of linen pants I made and underlined with silk organza to reduce wrinkling and maintain shape, but I find the organza a little “scratchy” to wear and the pants not as comfortable as they should be.

  14. Becky says:

    Love these pants, but I also love everything else you wore in this post, including the shoes, the sweater, the blouse! I am struck with envy! You look fabulous! I did remember your other brocade pants, and they were lovely as well. You always inspire me.

    • Thank you for this nice comment, Becky! The blouse belongs to my friend with whom I share clothes and the sweater is one I bought at Steinmart last year when i finished the RTW Fast. I love being able to blend DIY clothes with RTW :)

  15. Terry kretzmer says:

    I am new to your blog. I have enjoyed it and you motivate me. Do you get your style arc patterns from their website or order it somewhere in the states. Do you think there tops arw based on a B cup like the big 4. Since you have to order a paricular size how much ease do they put in them or is there a way to find out their finished garment measurements?

    • Thank you for your comment, Terry! I order Style Arc patterns from the website as they do not have a US distributor yet. I do believe the tops are based on a B cup. I believe the ease varies from pattern to pattern but Style Arc’s customer service is exceptional and I encourage you to write to the company with your questions before ordering. Good luck!

      • Terry kretzmer says:

        Thanks, i have done just that. Look forward to seeing more of your blogging. I am new to following blogs. It is quite fun. Maybe someday i will get the one myself. It is nice to see what others are sewing. I don’t have many friends that sew clothes so this has helped. Are you going to try the biker jacket.

      • Terry,
        You’ll get to know sewers online! I had no sewing friends either and now I have online AND in person friends. I don’t have plans to make the biker jacket.

  16. Dilliander says:

    Another winner from StyleArc and Mood! You are set for the holiday season with your “happy” new pants. They look great on you and versatile too :)

  17. sewfrench says:

    Love the fit on these pants. I tend to get mine a bit too snug! Loving the green blouse, too!

  18. Wendy says:

    Absolutely beautiful! You inspire so many of us to sew. I love your fabric and pattern choices. You have amazing style! Thank you for sharing with us!

  19. Oh, I love these! What a great pattern – love the Style Arc folks, although I haven’t actually gotten around to sewing anything from their lovely patterns I have! The brocade is beautiful, and lining it is a super idea – very smart! Another great post and inspiration!

    PS…You have NO idea how much I am flat out coveting your black sweater…! Fabulous!

  20. Jackie says:

    Your pants are fabulous and I am having a fit for your boots. Please don’t tell me they are no longer available.

    • Thanks, Jackie! The booties are nothing too special. I bought them at Dillards and they are the Dillards’ brand – Gianni Bini. I tried on a dozen pairs at various stores and I like the heel, the way these fit around the ankle,and the fact they are comfortable! Hope you can find some :)

  21. Julie Starr says:

    Oooo so cute! Love the brocade and each way that you’ve styled these fabulous pants. I feel a Style Arc order coming on!

  22. twotoast says:

    Very cute – they also manage to look chic at the same time! Very nice indeed!

  23. Sharon says:

    Very smart brocade pants and interesting to see it so soft!

    • Thank you, Sharon! I questioned whether the fabric should be sewn as pants but that was my vision so I went with it. Now I’m glad I did. It’s heavy like brocade usually is , just soft :)

  24. Jean says:

    Very stylish pants and they fit you so well. Did you have to make many alterations to the Style Arc pattern to get this fit?

    • Thank you, Jean! Since this is my second time to make the pants I already had a fitted muslin. I believe the first time I made these I only adjusted the length and removed approximately one inch between my back and waistline ;)

  25. Renee Ann says:

    Gorgeous. I am so jealous of your access to such lovely fabric; yes I can buy online but it’s not the same sensory experience. Love your choices and talent.

  26. Urbanite says:

    Beautiful! A fun, elegant look and you are right on the money: these pants skillfully negotiate the miasma of dress codes out there. On the styling, see what you think when these slacks play with nude shoes or booties.

    • Urbanite…… Thank you for your comment and suggestion. Earlier this morning I explained to a friend how I rushed this post for a Mood Sewing Network post , and in doing so I was not so happy with the styling. I love your suggestion of nude shoes. I also have lovely cream tops to wear as well. :) :)

  27. Wendy says:

    Just a question on how you decide to line some and not line other fabrics. I’m never sure if I should line my pants. I noticed in your other post of this pants pattern using a different brocade, you didn’t line them. How do you decide? Thanks again for your inspiration. I have to get out of always using the same fabrics and colors. My wardrobe is very boring…..blacks and grays! Love your blog!!!!!

    • Thank you for the comment, Wendy! I don’t know if there is a rule of thumb about lining, but I line almost all of my dresses and skirts sewn from woven fabric mainly because I wear straight skirts and dresses and they need it to maintain their shape.
      I line pants only if I believe the fabric requires it. The first brocade I used was heavier and didn’t need it. The second brocade I felt would benefit from an underlining which serves the same purpose and keeps the garment from getting too heavy. Hope this helps :)

  28. poppykettle says:

    Oooh, gorgeous pants Sarah! I would never have guessed they were a brocade, but I do love how they dress both ways. Great colour, too :)

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