Trunk Show and Giveaway!

trunk show 3Two years ago I turned over a new leaf, but you might say I’ve branched out this past year :)

This year I’m celebrating 45 Me-Made garments on my 2nd blogiversary!

The ruffles continued……


but why did I continue after my one year commitment was completed? There are two reasons.

Hey, I enjoy it ;)

I love my interaction with you, the readers. I truly thrive on communicating with my blogging buddies! When I read that I have inspired someone to learn to sew or start sewing again, I am reminded that putting forth our best efforts have a larger impact than we can possibly imagine.

It’s not always about the clothes. If my sewing a dress gives hope to a woman who is discouraged by the RTW scene for whatever reason, then I believe my actions have helped another person…….. and that brings me to my second reason for continuing Goodbye Valentino.

Can I just say THANK YOU MOOD!

The invitation to join the Mood Sewing Network has so enhanced my sewing experience.  I could not sew the caliber and number of clothes I make without being a member of this incredible sewing network. Never had I sewn on such fine fabrics!

fab fabs

The March sewing challenge forced me to learn to sew comfortably with lace.


I have conscientiously chosen fabrics of varying price points, and hope my Mood sewing experiences successfully acquaint you with these great fabrics now available to everyone.

My sewing improved this year but it is not perfect! I had to try more than once to get it right on numerous occasions!

multiples 2

However, sometimes I got lucky where everything came together easily.


Upcycling clothes continues to intrigue me. I’ve found it’s one of the best methods to learn about the construction of RTW clothing.


Speaking of RTW clothing, Kenneth King’s, Clone Your Favorite Garment online class proved extremely valuable. I not only cloned three Kate Spade skirts (which may be the most economical move I’ve made in years), but I also cloned a Kate Spade and J Mclaughlin top.


I’m thrilled to have collaborated with Julie Starr in the Ribbon Skirt Sew-a-Long, and am equally pleased to sponsor an RTW Fasters’ page on my blog for sewists determined to forgo RTW clothes for a year.

In celebration of two years of non-stop sewing, I’ve decided to invest in a one week class with Susan Khalje next month in Baltimore. It’s time to bump my sewing skills up to another level and can you think of anyone better to help me than this revered teacher and couture seamstress?

In closing I want to thank you all for your continued support. I love receiving your comments and sincerely answer each comment I receive.


So now, how about a giveaway?

Would you believe I once had an apron business, entitled Artful Aprons? I reproduced classic and contemporary art onto aprons and sold them to museum gift shops. It was a fun business, however when my manufacturer died my only choice was to have the aprons made overseas 80,000 at a time. No thanks.


I have just a few left to share! Please let me know if  you would like to be entered for any by Monday, September 2nd , Midnight EST. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 4th.

1. Leonardo da Vinci – The Vitruvian Man


2. Botticelli – The Birth of VenusIMG_1275

3. Mark Durham (contemporary artist), Green Dog


4. Gustav Klimt, The Kiss


5. Daniel Cromer (contemporary artist), Uncle Silas


Hubby wears his with great pride!


Many thanks for your  kindness and best wishes for a lovely weekend.

Here’s to year 3!!

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340 Responses to Trunk Show and Giveaway!

  1. Mayra Carde-Valdez says:

    Get me in!!! Love your style!!!

  2. myrosesindecember says:

    Everything is wonderful. Such an accomplishment. You should be very proud. May I ask what pattern you used for the v-neck narrow-striped top? I used to have one very similar but left it in the washing machine here at the apartments and someone took it for her own. I would love to make one like it. Thanks! Nancy

    • Hi Nancy! Many thanks for the comment. The top is cloned from a favorite J McLaughlin top after taking Kenneth King’s class. I highly recommend it!

      • myrosesindecember says:

        Thank you. I was hoping it was a pattern so I could make it up in v-neck and boat neck. Your blog is such an inspiration.

  3. alison says:

    What a treat to see all your progress in one post. I always find your posts to be very inspiring… please enter me in the drawing for the Leonardo apron

  4. jkwill says:

    You are helping to open a whole new world for me! And I am sure I am not alone. Love your style and zest! Would welcome an apron with your stamp of style! And to remind me to take a moment to sew after the kitchen is closed for the night.

  5. indigotiger says:

    What a treat to see all the progress you have made; your sewing is very inspiring! I would be pleased if you would add my name to the drawing for the Leonardo apron

  6. Margaret Winters says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog — you have such great style and wonderful ideas! You certainly are an inspiration to many of us in our sewing. I would love to be entered in your giveaway for one of the aprons — my first choice would be the doggie.
    Thank you so much, and looking forward to your next project!

  7. Lori says:

    It is always fun to look at your gorgeous garments. Thanks for the review and it is nice to see others have those garments that just are not quite right. An apron would be very appreciated so please enter me into the drawing. I totally agree with your comment about the Mood Sewing Network, I appreciate it so.

  8. daisy says:

    I would love to enter the drawing for the most unique aprons. I always refer to your projects and note the patterns used. Just yesterday, I bought Butterick 5917. I am now hunting for the best fabric I have in my stash to make the ruffly dress with. More power to you!

  9. sue hamilton says:

    Love yr aprons. Please include me in yr Giveaway. My favourites are “The Green Dog” and the rooster. Thank you for yr blog – great to see yr sewing achievements. Cheers Sue

  10. I love getting you email updates and am in awe of your prowess, especially with all those gorgeous ruffles. As a chicken lady for the past five years, my girls are not allowed a rooster where we live, may I be so bold to suggest that wearing Uncle Silas while collecting eggs could be enough to satiate their unrequited desires?!

  11. Wendy says:

    You are certainly an inspiration to me! Thanks for the review and for the great giveaway, please count me in.

  12. Leigh says:

    Me too. I love aprons.
    I always enjoy reading your posts. I’ve even started to sew more clothing!

  13. jane d says:

    Love all of your gorgeous garments! I’d love to win one of your aprons, they’re all fantastic!

  14. rrjane011749 says:

    I’d love to win one of your aprons, they’re fantastic! Your clothing is so pretty!

  15. Debby says:

    I love following your blogs and seeing your wonderful makes. I would love to take part in the giveaway if it includes those of us in the UK. What fabulous aprons, what a shame you can’t get them made locally.

  16. Mary M says:

    I’ve been following you for maybe a year and a half and I have loved watching your journey. I love that you are able to really sew things that suit you. You have a very strong style. I would love to be entered with green dog as my first choice and uncle silas as my second choice.

  17. Accordion says:

    Me too! Can we pick? I like the dog!

    I always enjoy your blogs. Seeing your output for one year is most inspiring. So few “not quite perfects” is equally inspiring.

  18. Sam says:

    45 garments is an amazing achievement, congratulations!
    I would absolutely love the Bottticelli apron as the Birth of Venus is one of my favourite paintings.

  19. Julia says:

    Ooo, I’d love to win the Gustav Klimt apron! It’d make a great gift for my mom; The Kiss is one of her favorite paintings. I grew up seeing it every day because we had a copy hanging in our living room, and his artistic style is so unique.

  20. accordion3 says:

    Me too! Your output is astonishing. In addition to having so few “not perfect” garments, I am inspired. Always love your tailoring skills.

    Can I choose which apron? I like the dog.

  21. sewruth says:

    What an impressive collection of beautifully made clothes! I’ve enjoyed following your journey with every single one of them. I do like the da Vinci apron, but does that mean I have to bake?

  22. Diana says:

    A wonderful achievement you are truly an inspiration and I always look forward to your posts.I would love The Kiss apron and I am more than willing to pay the postage charges as I live in the UK. Keep sewing, keep inspiring us !! Diana

  23. Joan says:

    Thanks for an always enjoyable blog! Please enter me in your apron giveaway: first choice is green dog, 2nd choice is Uncle Silas. Thanks!

  24. Christine says:

    Reading your blog has inspired me to sew for myself again. I love your creations. Please count me in for the apron giveaway. I love them all.

  25. Michelle says:

    You’ve achieved an amazing wardrobe this year!

    Please enter me in the apron drawing. Botticelli’s Venus is my favorite!

  26. itsmhuang says:

    You’ve made an amazing wardrobe this year!

    Please enter me in the apron giveaway. Botticelli’s Venus is my favorite!

  27. Shams says:

    Congratulations on your many accomplishments! I would especially love to own either that rooster apron, or that dog. :)

  28. GinaJ0 says:

    You are truly inspirational, thank you for motivating me to start sewing again. The aprons are gorgeous, please enter me in the draw. I would love any of them!

  29. Jacqui says:

    What an achievement – congratulations and very much enjoying your blog. I love your take on ruffles. I love the aprons! esp the Gustav klint.

  30. Elise Lin says:

    Congrats on going into year 3! You are an inspiration to me, I love your elegant style.

  31. Pam Bruner says:

    I enjoy your blog so much and look forward to each post. Please enter me in your drawing and continue sewing.

  32. Ingrid Mohr says:

    Congratulations! You are always so polished and stylish. You, and the internet sewing community at large, are such inspiration, encouragement and help. It is wonderful, even though we are so far apart, we are connected! Please enter me for the draw – I especially like the Daniel Cromer.

  33. sylvamae says:

    Thanks for continuing your blog. Please enter me for an apron, I love them all! I live in Australia, but if I win, I want the apron to go to a friend in Seattle.

  34. 45 self-made garments in a year is not a small pruduction. I´m impressed and inspired and I´m so happy you will continue with your sewing och bloggning cause I look forward to every new post.

  35. Vicki says:

    Congratulations on 2 great sewing years!

  36. Jacquie30100 says:

    Felicitations Tout est magnifique

  37. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. I’m new to reading your blog. You and your sewing adventure are certainly an inspiration. Keep doing what you do. As your talent grows, we can all take advantage of all the wonderful things you share.

  38. Sue says:

    I would like to be entered into your apron drawing. Your blog has inspired me to sew again. Thank you.

  39. Almeda says:

    :) :) Were your neighbors stampeding over to buy these beautiful garments, thinking you were having a yard sale?? I would have been there :) :)

    I am so enjoying your blog and love your style. You certainly give us reason to dream and to think that “with practice” we can someday sew clothes that would make us look so “beautiful” and “happy”.

    The Botticelli apron would be my pick, if I should be so lucky again.

    Bring on Year 3!

  40. Pam C says:

    Please enter me to win one of your aprons! I have enjoyed reading about all of your sewing creations and look forward to another year!

  41. Barbara Russel says:

    Please enter me in the give-away. You are an inspiration! Barb R

  42. Sue says:

    Finding your blog after a very disappointing experience with pricey RTW falling apart, I’ve been inspired to revisit my sewing. When my daughters were young, I sewed everything our family wore except our blue jeans. Over the years, I’ve done some quilting but am finding my way back to clothing. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten most of what I knew as it’s been quite a while. Looking back at your posts, reading about the mistakes as well as the successes, has provided both inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for sharing this all with us.

    I’d be honored to be entered in your apron drawing. They’re all beautiful.

  43. Cindy Braziel says:

    Congratulations on two years!!! I can’t wait to see what the future brings. You are a joy and inspiration and your style is AMAZING!!! Would love to win the “Green Dog” or “Uncle Silas” apron.

  44. Judi says:

    Thank YOU for blogging and inspiring all of us! I would like to be entered for Daniel Cromer’s Uncle Silas rooster.

  45. Lexley- Brisbane AU says:

    OMG is all that came to mind when you said you will be participating in a Susan Khalje class…I am sooo envious!!!!. I live in AU and have always dreamt of doing ‘The Classic French Jacket’ class. Is this the one you will be doing too? I cannot wait to hear all about it…….I would love for you to do a post on how you tackle ruffles. Yours always look sublime and would love to see your techniques.
    I check your posts religiously as they are always so interesting and inspiring!

    • Hi Lexley! I’m taking the Couture Sewing Class where you can work on anything. I still haven’t decided what to make although the jacket is tempting. I’m happy to do a post on ruffles – have been thinking about it for a while Many thanks for writing :)

  46. ajw says:

    Congratulations on your sense of style and your gusty, no-holds-barred approach to sewing. You are fearless, whether the project is an upcycle or $50 a yard creation. This is inspirational! And your feedback with readers is gracious and helpful. Here’s to another great year — and thanks for sharing all your wisdom. You are a web gem.

    I love “Green Dog.”

  47. holly watters says:

    Sarah, I’m new to the blog and your amazing talent. I’d be proud to wear any of the wonderful aprons. H

  48. jstarr4250 says:

    Good morning Sarah! There’s so much to celebrate in this post and the start of the third year of your sewing journey. Thank you for the countless inspiration you have provided, for the introduction to the on line sewing community and Mood Fabrics, and most of all for your generosity in sharing your skills and style. I’m so excited for you that you’ve enrolled in Susan’s course. I’ve dreamed of taking her couture jacket class….someday! Have a wonderful, restful holiday weekend.

    • Thank you, Julie! Honestly, I wouldn’t blog if I didn’t have the great support of the online community! I’m quite excited about SK’s class but haven’t decided what to make yet…. will decided over the weekend :)

  49. Marji says:

    Sarah I love your style, and I love that you’re willing to put out there what works for you and what hasn’t. You will love Susan!
    Congratulations on your 2 year blogging and sewing experience. It’s been fun to go back and read about your journey. I do so hope that we can get together sometime.
    (Pls don’t enter me for the drawing – your aprons are lovely, but I still live on a boat, and there is no room)

  50. sewfrench says:

    You have such great style! You are so inspiring! I always make a few pieces of clothing each year but never enough to feel as comfortable with their fit as I should be. I think I need to look into some of these classes, too. Love reading your blog!

  51. Karla says:

    Your work is a great reminder that I need to stop wasting my time on sewing things that are “okay” and devote some time and energy to fantastic stuff….like yours. That Mark Durham apron…I NEED that apron. Will you please enter my name in the drawing? Thank you for the inspiration you provide.

    • Hi Karla,
      I learned the hard way to slow down and do it right. This time around, Im only sewing things I really want to wear too :)many thanks for writing and your name is in the hat.

  52. Sarah, thank YOU for being part of the Mood Sewing Network! You make such beautiful things with our fabric. Can’t wait to see what you sew next…

  53. Molliefran says:

    Your journey this year was terrific! I’ve followed every blog and PR review. I’m in the process of reacquainting myself with my body as I sew when I can. I’m still actively engaged in the real estate business with my husband. It does not keep me from planning my future wardrobe, buying fabulous fabrics and patterns and pressing own toward my goal! I do complete a lovely garment occasionally.

    Thank you for your inspiration and keep up the great work!

  54. Sandy Holcombe says:

    Please enter me for any of the aprons – they are all beautiful! Thank you for inspiring me.

  55. De says:

    Congratulations for another fabulous blogyear!! I have been so inspired by your creations that I now have not bought a single item of clothing this year …….and have even learned to embrace ruffles!! ;-).
    I looooove those aprons and would like to be in the draw also please
    Thanks once more for the entertaining year and I look forward to your postings for the next year

    • Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you for completing a year long RTW fast! Isn’t it a great feeling and accomplishment?……. and don’t you just love sewing ruffles ;)
      Many thanks for writing De and your name is in the het!

  56. Beth says:

    Your blog is such a treat, I have enjoyed following along. I have been slowly getting back into sewing. I need to stop reading and watching DVDs and just sew something! As a dog lover I would love to see the “green dog” come my way. Thanks for all you do to encourage all of us.

  57. Heather says:

    Hello! I had a Klimt (poster) on my wall at University. I love this blog! I still have to send you a picture of my ribbon skirt. I LOVE it! It’s not perfect but wearable. Congrats on year three.

  58. Dawn Redmond says:

    You really do inspire me. I’ m always thrilled when I receive an email notification of a new post. Please keep it up and enter me in your giveaway. I’m partial to Geen Dog but love them all.

  59. Spanky Rykiel says:

    What a treat to see all of your sewing collection at one time. You certainly have an eye for the right style for clothes. I love everything you make and the changes you do improve the patterns.
    Please enter me for an apron.
    Love your blog,

  60. Kristina Schenck says:

    I have taken many classes from Susan Khalje and you have a treat in store!
    You will love it!

  61. Dawn says:

    I’ve loved keeping up with your blog the last year, and I’ve been consistently impressed by the level of your work. I think it’s your sewing skill combined with a keen sense of your personal style that makes so much of your work look smashing on you.

    Please enter me for the Leonardo apron. Thanks!

  62. Linda says:

    great post, I think you have really sorted out you own style (wish I could)
    Please enter me for the uncle silas apron

  63. Michelle L says:

    I have just completed a year without purchasing RTW thanks to your inspiration! I would love to win an apron

  64. Teresa davis says:

    Absolutely love your style anc admire your skills. 4H sewer from way back and love how sewing has modernized. have followed you for a long time. love the aprons. please enter me for the Green Dog or any of the other ones. thanks for sharing your journey.

  65. Marianne says:

    Congratulations on another successful year, can’t wait to see your year three makings! Love your aprons, especially the Gustav Klimt one. Please enter me!

  66. Madeline says:

    Of course I want to be entered for the giveaway, who wouldn’t! Thank you again for being the inspiration you are! Not only in clothing but fitness! You look great in your clothes and that is not only making them fit. That is taking care of yourself! It has inspired me to take care of me and look as health and happy as possible! Have fun with Susan, I took the week class and will be doing it again next year.

    • Hi Madeline! Thank you for the comment. I try to do all of the right things health wise but don’t always succeed. I love potato chips, but I do try to make it to the gym on a regular basis. Would you believe my husband asks me everyday if I’ve been to the gym ??
      I’m very excited about my week with Susan and you’re entered in the giveaway :)

  67. What a great accomplishment! 45 garments! I had to stop counting my favorites after a while because it looked like almost everything are my favs.

    I love the Botticelli apron – birth of Venus is so beautiful!

    Here to many more anniversaries at GoodbyeValentino!

  68. Carolyn Wynn says:

    I think you should consider reopening your “artful aprons” business. The aprons are all beautiful and so creative! Please enter me in your apron give-away. I would love any one of your apron creations. I enjoy reading your blog, too. You have such good ideas for combining fabrics with patterns and I know you will enjoy your sewing class in Baltimore with Susan Khalje.

    • Hi Carolyn! Thanks for your comment. 80,00 aprons made overseas and delivered by the tractor-trailer just didn’t excite me but it was a fun venture for sure.
      You’re entered :) :)

      • Carolyn Wynn says:

        I certainly understand that! I was wondering if maybe there was a way to do aprons on a bit smaller scale, as you began doing them, but with a new person. I can imagine lots of people wanting to buy your aprons.

  69. Fran Giacobbe says:

    Well!! Knew you were creative and your aprons surely are proof of that so , yes, please, enter me in your drawing to win one! Another year immortalized by your second trunk showing..very creative display of all your garments! I especially enjoyed your self evaluations: the photo stream of your first attempts of a pattern to the “new and improved” versions. I suspect, that the second versions were the result of relatively minor adjustments. I find that quite inspiring..realizing that sometimes a better fit is not that far away! You strike me as a very happy, content individual who truly gets great joy from sharing. For me, sewing was always a solitary art and through the internet have found countless others who share the love.I have also met a lady who lives 5 minutes away who is a fashion garment seamstress..all through the internet. We are continually amazed by our similarities. We meet every few weeks to” talk sewing” as she puts it, and to share whatever else comes up! Naples, FL is not exactly a garment sewing mecca and many have long since put away the needle..still keeping the knitting needles busy.. so it was a meant-to-be meeting. On a side note, we have the art piece entitled “Red Dog” in our dining room and I think the other is entitled “Blue Dog” in my husband’s den . Yes, we are dog people! I should snap a shot and send them along. Some of the most commented on art in our home! Many thanks for your continued considering a RTW “fast” and a new fabric purchase “fast”..I am more likely to succeed with the RTW fast.

    • So nice to hear from you, Fran! You certainly can’t fast from BOTH fabric and RTW at the same time ;)
      You’re so right that a minor adjustment can make a MAJOR difference!
      I would not be sewing if I didn’t communicate with my online friends. You’re so lucky to have a sewing buddy nearby! Many thanks for writing.

  70. Lucy Hastings says:

    Love all your posts! You really inspire me. Do you know of any good videos online for sewing a sleeve cap padding? (Not a sleeve pad) Many thanks!

  71. Melody Lenart says:

    You have encouraged me to go back to sewing fashion. I’ve been quilting for the last twelve years. The Kiss is my favorite. Hope I win.

    • I too sewed quilts for several years and it was just what I needed at the time. I bet you’ll love being back on the fashion scene and good luck! You’re in the hat for the Kiss :)

  72. Becky says:

    What an accomplishment! Did you just stand there and admire your bespoke clothing for a while? You should have. I don’t need an apron, although they are gorgeous, especially the Vitruvian man! So, no need to enter me in the contest. Since I found you about 18 months ago, I wait impatiently for each post. I love your style, I would like to own anything you have made, and I have found your journey so inspiring that I am going to get back into sewing this fall. Thank you so much for sharing so much with us. It has really gotten me off the mark!

  73. Love, love, love your blog. Many thanks for inspiring me to sew again! I’m traveling to NYC in October to visit my son. I plan to find Mood Fabrics and go crazy!
    And, yes, please enter me in your apron contest.

  74. Congratulations! Happy Blog Universary!
    What a great creations! Fantastic idea to show all you work this year! And what a work! Wonderful! Have a great 3rd year! and more!

  75. Andi says:

    Congratulations on 2 years! I love seeing the evolution of your sewing skills :)

  76. Donna says:

    Hey Sarah. Is that Kenneth King’s jeans class you mentioned? I’ve purchased that one on Craftsy, but haven’t had time to focus on it yet. Would love to be entered in your give away! The only problem is that I want the one your hubby is wearing! LOL I love that dog! :-) Your self-made fashions continue to amaze! Even the ones you label as “wrong” are beautiful!

  77. black label says:

    ive been stalking you for a long time & im constantly inspired :) you have made some seriously awesome clothing. Im in on your gorgeous apron giveaway btw – adore the da vinci & the klimt especially. keep keeping on!

  78. Art Attack says:

    Sarah, what a great post! I’m happy for you and all of your successes and can truly empathize with the not so successful ones, as well. I feel a certain sort of pride from making my own wardrobe that most RTW addicts just don’t understand. It’s been fun finding a community that shares that pride with me. I couldn’t believe your comment about Susan! I just emailed her yesterday to get a spot in her class when she comes back to Houston next year. I can’t wait to hear how you love it. I’ve already started thinking about what to make for my project. What are your ideas so far on that? Congrats on year 3! Keep sewing!

    • Thank you Dorcas for the thoughtful comment. I’m so excited to take a class with Susan – I’m truly ready to improve my skills but I’m not sure what I’ll be making. I’ve had so much fun making my clothes, but equally I’ve loved seeing my online friends’ clothes too. I think we provide tremendous encouragement and inspiration to one another through our own projects and I’ve loved getting to ‘know’ you. I’ll stay in touch with you about my plans for Susan’s class. :) :)

  79. Debra says:

    You are a genius! You not only sew clothing that fits you well, but also the most flattering styles. I would love to swear off RTW, but with a full time job and three kids (even though they are all grown) still living at home I never seem to have enough time to get to the sewing studio. One of my daughters just graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design, so your aprons are really appreciated. I would love to be entered in your give away.

  80. gingermakes says:

    Wow, congratulations on such a successful year so far! I always look forward to your posts and garments and I learn something from them every time! I hope you keep going with this project for a long, long time!

  81. Cissie Wellons says:

    Looks like you’re going to need to add some closets in your house, Sarah!!

    I’d love to have any one of the aprons, but the rooster in particular is calling to me!

    • You’re in for the rooster, Cissie! Many thanks for the wonderful support you’ve provided with your comments, ideas and participation on the RTW Fasters page. Your sewing is inspirational to me :) :)

  82. Kim Dimond says:

    I linked up to your blog via Amanda’s Sewing Adventures about a year ago. I have enjoyed following you since then and have found so much inspiration in your posts. Even the one about the diet! I hope you continue to inspire me for years to come. Your aprons are great. Enter me please.

  83. Sharon says:

    I love your style and your wonderful approach to sewing. I could shop your wardrobe with great delight and I am envious of your week with SK, why do I live so far away.

  84. Addison DeWitt says:

    Keep sewing! I love to look at your clothes!

  85. Melissa Smeets says:

    I love your blog and always look forward to seeing your next completed project. I’ve been experimenting with upcycling clothes and I love coming up with “new” pieces. Please enter me for the Green Dog apron.

  86. KathieB says:

    Oh, Sarah! What an accomplishment and what an inspiration you’ve been to so many of us! I would love to be included in the drawing. The rooster would be absolutely perfect for my sister!

  87. Katy says:

    You have inspired me to improve the quality of my garments. The result has been quality over quantity, and I have learned so much in the process!

  88. What an impressive trunk show, Sarah! Your work is so lovely and colorful, I look forward to each of your posts. You know your own style, no mean feat in itself! You and I started our blogs within a few days of each other…and isn’t it wonderful to have a whole new circle of acquaintances to share our trials and triumphs with! Best wishes for Year #3…and I’d love to be entered for the dog or the rooster!

  89. Liz Smith says:

    So inspired by your sewing skills. I bought the pattern for the madras dress yesterday and am ordering the fabric today. Hope you don’t mind me copying the dress but here in Florida, it is a perfect casual year ’round! Would love to be entered in the giveaway.

  90. Melanie Brewster says:

    I’m in for either the Botticelli or the Da Vinci! Love you, and love your posts! Kudos to you for your commitment and inspiration!!

  91. sewingaddict says:

    I have been following you from the beginning and I must say you are such an inspiration! I always look forward to reading your posts and learning what wonderful creation you will share with us. You should be very proud at all you have accomplished and how many people you have inspired – well done! As to the aprons … well, I am an art historian, so you’ve put me in a challenging position to choose only one!! I’d be delighted with any of them, to be honest. However, if I must choose, it would be Botticelli (who can deny the beauty of his Venus?). Many thanks for your encouragement to all of us wannabes!!

  92. We would like several aprons for the Topeka, Kansas Ronald McDonald House.

  93. My first ever post and your aprons have inspired me to do so this Labor Day Weekend. I love each apron, but the Leonardo apron is my favorite. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you!

  94. Karen in VA says:

    Wow!!! I follow your blog, but when you display your garments all together, it really shows how prolific you’ve been…Maybe next year for the RTW fast for me….. I love your aprons and would proudly wear one – Green Dog and Uncle Silas being my favorites….

  95. Amanda S. says:

    You’ve made some really great garments this second year! I never join give-aways, but that The Kiss apron practically has my name written on it. I had that picture as a framed poster all through college.

  96. pattyskypants says:

    I so much enjoy your posts and appreciate knowing that your intention is to inspire and assist others! I have made many aprons myself and love these! I would like to win one and give it to my husband hoping he wind up like the gentleman in the photo above with a roasted bird for each hand! And smiling about it! (I can dream.)

    • Thank you, Patty! I’m not completely altruistic – but it is inspiring to know I’ve inspired someone else :) That’s my husband in the photo. He misjudged the timing on smoking the chickens and finished them around midnight! He was so happy to finally be done !!

  97. LSV says:

    I LOVE this summary! And your frankness as to what did or didnt work is refreshing to see – thank you! And the green dog apron is brilliant :-)

  98. Teresa Salash says:

    I came across your blog while looking for sewing inspiration for ladies. It seems all the blogs I see are sewing for kids. I am sooo glad I have found you!
    I would like a chance at winning one of your aprons. I especially like Green dog. Maybe if I wear it I will become a cook like your husband.

  99. Karen says:

    I recognized a lot of the things you have sewn, reading along with your blog. You have inspired a lot of people, including me. I would love cooking in one of those aprons!

  100. Suzanne says:

    Just started following your blog. I have recently started sewing again. I love that I can make clothes that actually fit me! I would love an apron.

  101. Goodbye began about the same time I returned to sewing and your fearlessness has been inspirational. I’m on a serious Italian renaissance kick after the demise of the Borgias. I just finished a biography of the Tigress of Forli, Caterina Sforza, who was also painted by Botticelli. Seeing the birth of Venus at the Uffizi was an emotionally powerful moment for me, on a memorable trip to Italy with my late husband. He was an amazing cook! Thanks for blogging.

    • Hi there! Many thanks for your comment – I too, loved seeing the Birth of Venus at the Uffizi……. I didn’t want to leave it as a matter of fact. Got your name in the hat for the Venus apron :)

  102. Keren Kabbes says:

    I so enjoy your blog and you inspire me to keep learning more about sewing. Please keep the blog going! You inspire us! I’d love to be entered in the apron drawing. The dog is my favorite.

  103. Sheri says:

    I took Susan’s class The Couture Dress – it was fantastic! Can’t even imagine how fabulous she will be in person! I would love the be the owner of that Uncle Silas apron.

  104. Karen Mulkey says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for 1 1/2years. You sew lovely garments and style them perfectly! Please put me in your drawing for any of your unique aprons

    I can definitely see how they were museum shop gifts.


  105. Mardel says:

    I just discovered your blog and love it. I’ll be starting to sew my clothes again very soon and you are quite an inspiration. I would love any of the aprons, and it would mean that my first sewing project would not include an apron. Although I can certainly easily make one without the fabulous art.

  106. Bobbi says:

    Congratulations on two years! Your beautiful garments are always so inspiring. I would love to be entered in the drawing for the Venus apron, please.

  107. Angela says:

    Congratulations on your three years of sewing! You’ve done a beautiful job!!
    I bought the McCalls 5917 ruffle dress pattern last weekend!!
    And I love the Green Dog apron.
    Keep up the good work!!

  108. Barb Barna says:

    I have been inspired by your blog to try garment sewing again. From the age of 13 I made all my own clothes, and later my childrens clothes. About 15yrs ago, I became hooked on quilting and put all my clothing sewing aside. I no longer fit into a perfect size 12 pattern and was very discouraged about sewing and clothing shopping. I also don’t need a very fancy wardrobe, as my lifestyle is very casual. I just love to see you latest creations. Keep up the great work!
    I would love to enter into the apron draw.
    Barb from Canada

    • Thank you, Barb for the comment! Our sewing paths are somewhat parallel though I didn’t really begin to sew for myself until the age of 21 which I abandoned after I was married with children. At any rate, sewing allows you to make whatever it is you need without the fuss and expense of searching and shopping – practical on several levels if you ask me ;)
      Got your name in the hat for an apron.

  109. Janine Whisler says:

    This post is quickly becoming something I look forward to all year….. I love seeing what you have made during the course of a year, and this year I am so impressed by your “redos”! I would love the Gustav Klimt Apron!

  110. Margaret W. Edger says:

    Sarah, Congratulations on 3 years of beautiful sewing and fun for me. I have your aprons and wear them on special occasions. Can’t wait to see what you make after your next class.
    A. Maggie

  111. Elaine says:

    That orange lace dress you are standing beside would be wonderful for a festive evening out celebrating a Clemson win. :-) Luckily I found your blog early on. Thanks for the inspiration (finishing my one year fast today) and I look forward to seeing where this adventure takes you in the next year. One last thing — thanks for the introduction to Mood and Craftsy. They are truly game changers. (I like the green dog.)

    • Well I guess it would if I was a Clemson fan ;) …… I should have loaned it to one of the many fans I know for Saturday’s big win!
      Congratulations on completing your one year fast! Isn’t it a great feeling? Many thanks for your wonderful post and I’ve put your name in the hat for the Green Dog :)

  112. jillybe says:

    Big congratulations and big THANKS for all of your inspiration! Not only do you inspire, you do so with such grace and style :) Your aprons are FABulous – would love to win any one of them!

  113. lasvegasoleander says:

    Thanks for showing many of your creations. Your comments about why a certain garment worked and why another didn’t was helpful. I don’t always know when I make something if it is flattering or not. Friends are often not honest for fear of hurting my feelings.
    Love, love your aprons. As a long-time apron wearer I would treasure any one if I win. Thanks for your generosity.
    Kathy of Las Vegas

    • Thank you so much, Kathy! Most of the time I can envision the end result of a garment before I start…. but not always…… and pattern/fabric combo sometimes surprises me.
      Got your name in the hat for an apron :)

  114. Deborah R Penner says:

    Would love to win any of the aprons. Thanks for the inspirational blog. Have purchased several of the patterns you recommend.

  115. Love your blog! I found you about the time you were making the orange lace dress. I was blown away that you were able to dye the lace. You are a great seamstress and a fantastic blogger!

  116. Tricia Z says:

    Please count me in, your aprons are great and you are so talented! Thanks for the chance!

  117. Cindy says:

    What a magnificent ouvre of a true sewing artiste! You always pick such interesting projects and tackle them fearlessly, and your enthusiasm just jumps right off the page. I enjoy reading how you get your inspiration, plan the project, and then address issues that come up in construction and the tweaks that you make. Your posts are always so generous in the guidance given, and so upbeat that it makes me smile every time. Thank you so much! Please enter me in your contest; I’m especially partial to the green dog. It reminds me of my late dog racing down to the beach every summer morning, launching himself through the air into the water, enthusiastically swimming out a ways and then back in, vigorously shaking off the water droplets, and then digging a hole in the cool wet sand under the dock and curling up under its shade in a sentinal post, “guarding” every single boat that went by.

    • Thank you, Cindy for your thoughtful and lovely comment! Would you believe I’m at the beach with a lab for the holiday……… you’ve described him perfectly!
      Got your name in the hat for the Green Dog apron :)

  118. Jackie says:

    Congratulations for your successful venture. You have inspired so many of us! Please enter my name in the apron give away and best wishes for many more blogging years.

  119. Treva Putsche says:

    What a fabulous output for the year. I love your more classic style! And the inspiration you provide.
    I would love to be entered for the Botticelli apron. It looks like my daughter who is finishing her degree in dance in London this year.
    Thanks for all your posts.

  120. Lynn says:

    I’m in! I just discovered your blog and I am so glad to have found it! Fun to have inspiration from others:-)

  121. What a wonderful achievement…to have made so many beautiful garments and wear them with such panache, you also write about the process and results with such style and good humour! I wish we had a Mood here in New Zealand.
    And as for the aprons…Botticelli or Klimt?…both are gorgeous!

  122. Kathy Wetherell says:

    Please enter me. I love all the aprons, but I love your blog and wonderful creations even more. You are a marvel!

  123. Loretta Heard says:

    I’m new to your blog and have been inspired by talent and creativity! Just recently retired from working and look forward to sewing my clothes! Would love to be entered for the apron contest! Thanks so much!

  124. Patricia says:

    I’m so happy to have found your blog! After a long hiatus, I have decided to sew again. However finding quality fabric has been a challenge. I have been hesitant to shop on line for fabric but after seeing your posts I will definitely try Mood Fabrics!
    Thank you for posting the perfect and not so perfect, although I think they all look amazing!
    Please enter me in your apron give away.( I’m partial to the green dog and the rooster.)
    thanks again for your inspiration !

    • Many thanks for your comment Patricia! All online stores will send samples – some charge a nominal fee which is well worth the cost. If I had to rely on the local fabric stores for my fashion fabric I wouldn’t be sewing. The online offerings are incredible – anything you want!
      Got your name in the hat for an apron :)

  125. Jsews says:

    Here’s to your continued success with sewing and another year of following along with your blog. You are truly an inspiration and I love reading all about your process. Your Mood purchases have inspired some of my Mood purchases as well. . . Please enter my name in your giveaway. . I do love The Kiss, but any of them would be fantasticly appreciated. I can’t wait to see what you make next year.

  126. Miriam says:

    Congrats to you! Has it been 2 years already? I’m so glad you blogged about it. I so look forward to seeing your creations. Thank you for showing the things that didn’t work too (even those looked great). I’ve learned so much from you. And oh yes enter me in the Rooster Apron contest, love it! Have a great weekend and thanks for taking the time to share your talents with us.

  127. Marguerite says:

    Love the trunk show idea! I think you have a wonderfully realistic view of sewing. Too often I wait until I desperately need a certain item and then panic…or go the other route and spend too much time on an item that may not get all that much use. You seem to have the right balance of great style with versatility. Always look forward to your posts.

    • I learned the hard way, Marguerite! I did everything you mentioned which is why I was often unsatisfied with my sewing efforts. These days most (but not all) of my sewing projects are things I want to make instead of things I have to make. I just decided to sew the clothes I really want to wear or at least try.
      Many thanks for the comment !!

  128. Marguerite says:

    Woops forgot to say…put me n the drawing for one of the aprons!,

  129. Jayne says:

    I am Thrilled that you are going to continue for another year. I just found your website, newletter, and blog a couple of months ago. I am impressed with the quality of your sewing, style, and honesty in your garment making. Thanks for keeping it going, I can hardly wait to see what you do in the coming year? Tailored Jacket? emblishments..other than ruffles? OR Designer Jeans? (talk about a fit issue). These are several things I’m thinking about this fall, So I myself can get off the RTW trendmill.
    Looking forward…

  130. Patti Hall says:

    Your sewing has inspired me so much! I cannot believe it has been two years. I love seeing each post and always applaud your newest creation. Please enter me in the apron contest… I love the Green Dog but all of them are lovely.

  131. Carolyn says:

    Don’t enter me in the giveaway! I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing year. You’ve made some awesome garments and I can’t wait to see what comes out of your sewing machine during year 3!

  132. Mary says:

    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway and for your blog. I found you when the Mood Sewing Network started up and so enjoy your posts. It would be a thrill to receive any of your aprons, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would b the green dog.

  133. Linda jepson says:

    I would love to be in the giveaway, they are all wonderfu, but I particularly love the Davinci & the Klimt. I love your blog, spirit and willingness to share, the good, the bad and the beautiful. Keep on sewing an sharing.


  134. Congrats, Sarah, on your second fabulous year in this adventure! You’re an inspiration to so many, myself included! Never thought I would be back sewing (ok, planning to sew…!) garments…but you’ve shown all of us what’s possible! Thanks for sharing your successes, your ideas, your challenges…even your (few) failures! Here’s to many more years of getting “Goodbye Valentino” in my ‘in’ box :)

    Your aprons are precious, btw! Love hubby’s choice…but no need to enter me (I might be forced to cook!).

    Can’t wait until your next project!

  135. Cheryl Scott says:

    As I’m new to your blog, I appreciate the chance to ‘catch up’ with your beautiful projects. I’m amazed at how stylish and wearable they all are. This is really giving me some inspiration to take my sewing to the next level.

    In response to your invitation to be part of the drawing for Artful Aprons, “Yes, please!”

  136. I would like to be part of your drawing for an apron. I am sewing and learning so much. Love your blog

  137. Amy says:

    You have such a great sense of style, and I love seeing it all together here. And, Artful Aprons – how fun! I’d love to be entered for one. Having an original Goodbye Valentino Artful Apron would be so awesome.

  138. Susan Martin says:

    Your blog is a great inspiration and challenge! While I can’t match your pace, it’s a thrill to watch yours. I am sewing more and enjoying it more as my own skills advance. I would be proud to wear the Leonardo da Vinci – The Vitruvian Man apron. My Fashion Sewing group would be so jealous! Sue

  139. Jeannine Dropchinski says:

    Oh my goodness…I love to cook and would love to wrap myself in one of your beautiful aprons. You continue to inspire me.

  140. Natalie says:

    Big congratulations on your 2nd successful year of sewing! You are such an inspiration and I look forward to your posts. Thank you for sharing all your projects and information with us!

  141. sewexhausted says:

    I have been admiring your well made clothes for several months now… seems like you are always making something spectacular! 45 me mades in one year- what an accomplishment! Congrats! ~Laurie

  142. Charry says:

    Wow! What an achievement. I must say, the garments that you’ve sewn are much better looking and shows a better fit on you. Keep up the good work. I’m am so inspired and look forward to a new post every day. Well done you! I would love to be in the draw for The Kiss and the Boticelli aprons please. I will pay for postage in case I win as I live in Australia.
    Have fun with Susan’s Khalje’s course – I am so lealous as I’ve always wanted to do her Chanel jacket class. .

  143. Joy says:

    WOW! I’m been a loyal lurker for the last year, and what you’ve accomplished
    and produced is truly impressive, Sarah. You’ve sure packed a huge amount
    of patience, knowledge and beautiful results into this last year .. you should be
    so proud.

    You’re so lovely, as is your family, and it’s such a pleasure to visit you here and
    see your learning curve, fabric and pattern choices, beautiful garments and
    all the pretty settings. Love the Edisto scenes.

    The aprons are fabulous… was a great concept. Too bad things didn’t work out
    back then. Any chance there’s another solution? Count me in for a chance.

    I can’t wait to see what another year will bring to your ‘collection.’ Thought about
    adding more closet space? LOL …

    PS .. Don’t EVER stop the ruffles .. they’re so perfectly gorgeous on you!


    • Thank you, Joy! It’s been a learning curve for sure, but one I’ve enjoyed.
      I’m sure the aprons didn’t work out for a reason but it was fun at the time! The only solution I have is to sell the business to someone ;)
      Got your name in the hat for an apron :)

  144. BETSY MCKEE says:

    Please enter me in your apron giveaway..I enjoy your blog so much. Best of luck to you!

  145. Pamela H. says:

    They are very good looking functional aprons. Please allow me to enter the drawing, particularly for the Leonardo or Durham aprons! I have also learned from your style selection, which I find both classic and flattering for mature women.

  146. Victoria Bahnsen says:

    Please enter me in your apron giveaway, too. Love the idea of artful aprons and would be pleased to have any one of them. I also want to applaud your blog. It has been a real inspiration to me. I’ve sewn since I was a kid, but your adventure in sewing has inspired me to take it to new levels. Congratulations on another fabulous year of sewing!

  147. Iryna says:

    So beautiful and very inspiring! Thank you for the giveaway, my favorite ones are #1 and #2!

  148. Marilyn Sweet says:

    What a joy to see all your blogged garments in one big review—- they’re terrific all over again. Yours is a blog I look for and deeply enjoy. Thank you for the care you put into it. You have inspired me in some important ways. And now . . . . That rooster apron is something to crow for! But they are each lovely. I’ll cross my fingers!

  149. Anne Martin says:

    You are my favorite blog. When I am trying to explain blogs to my older friends, you are always the example. Walking PR agent. I would like the Green Dog or Birth of Venus.

    • Hi Anne! Many thanks for your nice comment. I can’t explain a blog to some of my older friends but I sure am glad you can ;) :) I’ve put your name in the hat for the Green Dog and/or the Birth of Venus .

  150. Tia Dia says:

    What a fabulous year you’ve had – so productive and so much learned and new skills mastered. Congrats! And I’m so glad you’re still going to continue sewing and posting! I’d love to be entered into your draw for an apron! Any one except the Durham… I’m constantly telling my four-legged floor cleaner to get lost when he invades my kitchen… :)

  151. Carole W says:

    Great post – it coincides perfectly with the children going back to school and I am going to get going on my sewing again – you inspired me all through the last school year too! Just got back from a two week vacation and we went to many luncheons, dinners and cocktail parties and the items I wore for almost every occasion were my handmade skirts. Many many thanks for all your hard work – and looking forward to another terrific sewing year.

    I’d love to win an apron – any one except the animals.

    • Thank you, Carole for your comment and congratulations on your successful return to sewing! A two-week vacation sounds heavenly!
      I’ve put your name in the hat for any apron but the animals :)

  152. Sharon says:

    I love reading your site. I am one of those people who lurk in the background soaking up all there is to learn from other seamstresses. I also read Handmade by Carolyn and have learned a lot from her. Put me in for the apron, if possible 3. Mark Durham (contemporary artist), Green Dog, but I loved them all. Keep up the great site and know there are probably hundreds like me, hiding in the background!

    • Thanks for surfacing, Sharon! ….. and thanks for the nice comment :) I too love Handmade by Carolyn – everything about her and her blog are inspiring! Got your name in the hat for an apron.

  153. Shawna says:

    I am so happy that I found your blog. It has inspired me to start sewing again. This summer I started with altering clothes in my closet that did not fit right. Now I am ready for a new pattern. After sewing you results with Butterick 5197, I think I will start there.
    Please enter me in the raffle for the Klimt apron. Thank you.

    • Hi Sharon! A few years ago I gave up shopping during Lent and started altering the clothes in my closet – some didn’t fit and some just needed repairs. My interest in sewing clothes emerged through the experience so I know where you’re coming from :)
      Good luck with the Butterick pattern which is 5917 btw.
      I’ve put your name in the hat for The Kiss apron :)

  154. Linda Moorhead says:

    Hi, love all your great outfits you have such great style. Please add my name to the drawing for your aprons.

    Linda Moorhead

  155. I want to sign up for the apron give away. I love yours and make lots of aprons myself. Thank you, Connie Cutcliff

    PS: I love your site.

  156. Connie Cutcliff says:

    I am really excited about your site. I have become frustrated with RTW, seeing your outcomes has been a breath of fresh air. Also, glad to see someone using Burda patterns. I really like the style but have not been able to make them successfully. Successfully meaning: wear outside of the sewing room.

    Please, please enter me in the giveaway. I make lots of aprons and would love to have yours in my collection.

    Happy Sewing!

    • LOL ……. there’s nothing worse than spending three days on a garment that doesn’t get worn. UGH…… I know now to set aside extra time for sewing Burda. I too love the style but figuring out the instructions is half the battle :) However there are lots of Burda fans out there!

  157. Lorena Keech says:

    I would love to win one of your aprons, I’m disappointed you had to give up your business! I love reading your blog and am truly impressed with your accomplishments.

  158. Livia says:

    Please enter my name in the give away. I’m glad you’ll keep posting. Great inspiration .

  159. Joyce in NC says:

    I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and following along on your journey. Please enter me in the give away. I would love to have the Leonardo da Vinci – The Vitruvian Man apron.

  160. Findingchic says:

    I happened upon your blog, and I’ve just finished reading every post from the beginning. You’ve made some beautiful clothing. I am inspired to start my own rtw fast challenge. I work at a highend retail store and it amazes me when I see women willing to pay for low quality, even damaged, clothing. Just today, a woman was willing to pay for a top that was coming apart at the seams, only if I gave her the right price. Instead of demanding better quality, she was going to settle for damaged goods. Unfortunately it happens all of the time. I hope I can stick to the challenge, and better my sewing skills like you have. Also, I would like to be entered into the drawing for the #4. The Kiss apron. Thanks and sorry about the long post.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I was one of those women before I went on my RTW fast and now I can hardly bring myself to buy anything! Your sewing skills will definitely improve when you quit shopping for a while. Good luck and I’ve put your name in the hat for The Kiss apron :)

  161. Karen says:

    Just now catching up after a few days away – but what fun to see your year’s accomplishments! Looking forward to year #3.

  162. LLADYBIRD says:

    I’m too late for the giveaway, and that’s ok :) I just wanted to comment and congratulate you on making it to your second year! I always love everything you make and I’m so thrilled to be able to sew and blog along with ya through MSN. Here’s to an equally fabulous third year, yay! :)

  163. Tina says:

    Love your blog! Shame on me that it takes a giveaway to comment (I really should know better, eh???) Aprons are absolutely fab, love em all and would consider it an honor to sport one! I might even wear it in the kitchen! ;)

  164. Rebecca says:

    You will have a wonderful week with Susan Khalje. She is an excellent teacher and a gracious lady. I spent a week with her sewing the Classic French Jacket. What a joy!

  165. June says:

    How can it be that another full year has passed!? You continue to inspire me – thank you for that. I look forward to your future work!

  166. Glenda Smith says:

    Love your blog and thanks so much for sharing your journey. Can’t wait to see what next year holds.

  167. I loved seeing your “trunk show”!! When you are in Baltimore, if you are inclined, let me know and I can swing by one evening for dinner. I am so close! mmm, it makes me want to come and take the class, too. soon, soon I need to take another class. Have fun!

  168. Ekky Foss says:

    Great article in paper
    You inspire me to try more sewing
    Am making a Halloween costume for my grand daughter now but née d to try more for me!

  169. Pingback: M o B D i s t r e s s ! | Goodbye Valentino

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