Merry, Merry Month of May

Make that the Merry, Merry

mmay13Well, Hello!

After sewing almost non-stop for over a year and a half, I’m ready to take the Me-Made-May’13 challenge created by the cute, creative and energetic Zoe from SoZoWhatDoYouKnow.

Her challenge now in its fourth year has gained strength and momentum with over 440 participants. In case you don’t know, the challenge is a celebration of the efforts we pour into creating our clothes by pledging to wear our handmade garments. Participants design their own pledge based on their comfort level. I pledge to wear one handmade garment made by me everyday during the month of May.

I decided to begin Me-Made-May ’13 by wearing the first top I made during my RTW Fast. I was too shy to model it on my September 15, 2011 blog post so here it is today.


It’s New Look 6964 blogged here. I think I’ve come a long way in many respects, but will always appreciate this peasant top despite its shortcomings.

Don’t worry – I’m not going to publish a post everyday about what I’m wearing this month. I have, however created a page found at the top of the blog that I’ll keep updated.

Cheers to all of us sewing enthusiasts!

May our creative energies make the world a better place!

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40 Responses to Merry, Merry Month of May

  1. angela says:

    I would not mind at all if you all blogged everyday about what you were wearing in May. It is fun to see you wear what you have made!!! I love your top too. I have a very similar top (RTW) but I absolutely love it and wear it all the time in the summer. I get cold so I wear it constantly with shorts! Cannot wait to see you wear more of your “me made items”!

    • Thank you,Angela! Trust me, you’d be annoyed if I cluttered up your email :) I do plan to keep the Me-Made-May’13 page updated if you’re interested. Personally, I’m excited to document my wardrobeselections this month!

  2. Donna says:

    I love seeing where your creative juices take you! All your posts are loaded with color and style. Very inspiring! :-)

  3. Reecie Wilkes says:


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  4. Joy says:

    I sure can join you in this quest. I pretty much wear something I’ve made every day anyhow as those are the blouses that fit me. That blouse looks very pretty!
    Hugs, Joy

  5. myrosesindecember says:

    I also would not mind if you blogged daily about the lovely things you have made. If ther are shortcomings with your pretty top, they are not visible to my eye. Sometimes I think we are harder on ourselves than need be. The top is lovely and looks beautiful with your coloring,

  6. Lori says:

    I love to see what everyone is making.

  7. LindaB. says:

    So what would be wrong with posting what you were wearing everyday?? Your posts are always a treat and that top looks lovely on you!

  8. Sharon says:

    Love your top and definitely looks very good to me. I agree with the others that I would really like to see your outfit every day but I also knows it takes time to do it.

  9. Marie Mander says:

    Looks lovely and very feminine – most inspiring. I have a similar pattern Butterick 4685 which I made in a Liberty lawn, it was just the thing for our hot Australian summer…

  10. Awwww, I was actually looking forward to seeing a post everyday with your cute little self modeling your outfits. Have fun with this, it’s such a great idea!

  11. Dorcas says:

    A rare day for me is one where I wear something RTW. It really is a great feeling. Especially when people are complimentary first and then disbelieving if they learn i have made my outfit. We take for granted our talent and think that anyone can do it, however, it is fun that they don’t! Happy Me-making, my friend!

  12. Rhonda says:

    I look forward to your posts….gives me inspiration and encouragement. One day, I hope to get brave enough to post my garments.

  13. jillybe says:

    I’m joining in for the first time this year as well; with confidence that I can easily make it through the month wearing something me-made each day. Doesn’t that feel great? And yes indeed, we’ve come a long way, baby :~)

  14. twotoast says:

    Very cute top! I am taking part as well and will probably blog every day – otherwise I am bound to forget what I have worn! And thanks to yourself, and the RTW Fast (almost 7 months in now!) I am able to take part!

  15. Karen says:

    I love your blouse and I love seeing all your outfits – very inspiring. Enjoy May!

  16. Laura says:

    Well I for one, could see something you’ve sewn every day! You’ve inspired me so many times, your big leaf knit dress inspired to make something similar, bought the fab from Gorgeous Fabrics to make a Maxi dress for my son’s wedding next week-in Myrtle Beach on the beach!
    Keep it up and keep stitching! Laura

  17. Philippa says:

    You look pretty in your peasant top – it’s a great way to start out sewing, and you must feel a sense of pride and achievement now you can make – well, everything really! I hope you have a lovely month in your me-mades. I have pledged four days a week, as I don’t have many me-made garments yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me I can meet the challenge! X

  18. Julie Starr says:

    Good for you! I, too, would love to see one of your posts in my inbox daily! I’ll be checking your “Me Made” tab daily for inspiration. Maybe next year I’ll have enough summery things made to join in.

  19. I love your very last sentence/sentiment. And that peasant blouse is gorgeous. Is that silk?

    • Thank you, Karen! Don’t you just love watching the way one creative person elicits the hidden talents of another?
      The blouse is made from a piece of silk my mother brought back from Thailand a long time ago.

  20. gingermakes says:

    Happy Me-Made-May! I’m really looking forward to seeing your outfits– your style is so inspiring!

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