When I realized the weather would be too cold to wear my navy lace dress for Easter, I set it aside for Mother’s Day, but I didn’t give up on such a pretty lace making its Easter debut, and made Mimi a skirt with the extra lace from Mood Fabrics.


During the Mood Sewing Network Lace Challenge, several readers suggested lining the lace with white or nude to make it pop which was a great suggestion!

 To give the fabric the structure it needed for a straight skirt I underlined it with a medium weight silk organza and constructed the skirt the Susan Khalje way – basting the organza to the lace, and catch-stitching the seams to the organza. Then I lined the skirt with navy china silk.

Wow  – I forgot how using these techniques move a garment into a higher echelon of clothing!

IMG_1112 2

Had I been making the skirt for myself I might have inserted an invisible zipper, but for Mimi the on trend metal zip prevailed. How I would love to find some pretty zipper pulls!

IMG_1104 2

 I used the K a t i e  Spade Judy Skirt pattern to complement her cute Kate Spade top. Today Mimi wore a chartreuse sweater over her blouse, but for my blogging purposes she set aside comfort and warmth to model the skirt.

IMG_1097 Sew far I can say sewing with lace produces high impact results and I believe I am hooked!

As far as my Easter outfit –  to avoid freezing I resurrected a tired Doncaster suit by reworking the skirt, but next year Easter falls on April 20th – surely a perfect day for a navy lace dress. :)


H a p p y  E a s t e r  to all who are celebrating!

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56 Responses to EASTER

  1. Becky says:

    This is lovely. What a lucky daughter to have a mom like you. You are inspiring me to look at lace!

  2. LOVE it! The lace lined in the lighter fabric is perfect :) Lucky Mimi! It looks fab on her. Steph will be jealous – now I’ll have to learn to sew with lace…:)

  3. Donna says:

    Beautiful! I may have to try sewing something lacy myself! Both of your projects were gorgeous!

  4. Teri says:

    So cute! You are inspiring me to try some lace sewing…..Happy Easter!

  5. madrod1 says:

    Love it! You are soo…… Inspiring!!!

  6. Amanda S. says:

    What a great way to use up your excess yardage! I love the contrasting lining/underlining and the metal zip. Your daughter looks stylish and beautiful!

  7. Alethia says:

    Beautiful skirt! She is just as stylish as you are. :)

  8. Lori says:

    Beautiful skirt for your beautiful daughter.

  9. Carolyn says:

    What a great use of the remaining lace yardage! Your daughter looks amazing! Isn’t it awesome to use wonderful sewing techniques on a garment? Don’t you just feel this sense of accomplishment when the piece is done? I will have to remember catch stitching the seams to the organza the next time I underline a piece with silk organza!

    Oh, I did wear my dress with a cardi to church this morning and it wasn’t too cold at all. Happy Resurrection Sunday.

    • Thank you, Carolyn. I bet your beautiful wool/lace dress was the perfect choice for Easter Sunday! You’re right – that sense of accomplishment when a piece is done is so satisfying. Mimi watched me scramble around trying to finish it this weekend. I’m not sure she realized what goes in to making a simple ( kind of simple) garment – lots of trying on on her side! :)

  10. Martha says:

    Very Happy Easter to you! I seem to remember Easter as always cold even when it is late. This is a lovely skirt on a charming model. You are right about the techniques.

  11. Sharon says:

    Perfect way to use the lace, gorgeous skirt and beautiful daughter.

  12. Velosewer says:

    You’ve used high end sewing techniques and on trend techniques. The skirt really looks great. Happy Easter.

  13. Philippa says:

    I adore all your lace pieces. Happy Easter!

  14. Jacqui says:

    Very beautiful and the skirt is nice too. Your adventures in lace are very beautiful and encouraging for me to try lace as a material.

  15. Carolanne Washburn says:

    Positively gorgeous and as always, I love following your blog. You inspire me to try new techniques, take chances with fabric and improve my sewing skills :))

    • What a nice comment, Carolanne! It’s so easy for me to get in a sew in all areas of life, but I’ve learned even when trying something new doesn’t work out , it’s usually worthwhile :) Many thanks for writing!

  16. Sheri says:

    The next time you are in NYC, try going to Pacific Trims on 38th St between 7th & 8th. They will make a zipper while you wait, any color, any length. And they have a display a all kinds of zipper pulls to choose from.

  17. craftysheri says:

    The next time you are in NYC, try out Pacific Trims on 38th St. between 7th and 8th. They will make you a zipper while you wait, any color, any length. Plus they have a display of zipper pulls to choose from.

  18. Cissie Wellons says:

    I was wondering what you were wearing to church on Easter Sunday! We were at the coast and it was quite breezy so my sleeveless new dress stayed in the closet, too.

    Love Mimi’s skirt — and I’ll bet the sweater is great with it.

  19. Janine Whisler says:

    I’m so glad you had enough extra lace to make this skirt, I too was on the nude/white lining wagon. I am sure your daughter will get loads of wear out of your creation and the sun will come out again soon for your own lacey debut!

    • Thank you, Janine! Right after I cut out my navy dress, I saw a photo of Kate Middleton in the most beautiful navy lace dress with white underlining! Then I really had second thoughts ………….. Mimi loves her skirt and I’m glad I had enough fabric to try it both ways :)

  20. Ah, being chilly for a photo shoot is perhaps small price to pay for a lovely skirt! And I love that the details of the lace can be seen so nicely with the light interlining. Gorgeous. I bet it will get plenty of wear.

  21. gingermakes says:

    Gorgeous! It’s such a simple silhouette, but it really looks expensive and chic– the couture techniques really paid off!

  22. sewruth says:

    Now on second thoughts…. the lace looks great with a contrasting underlining. Do you have enough left to make yourself another item with a contrasting inside? Just wondering….This skirt is beautiful.

  23. Tthanks Ruth! I’m all out – Mimi is going to have to let me borrow it ;)

  24. lbrundage says:

    So pretty, fresh and classic at the same time. Happy Easter!

  25. danvillegirl says:

    Wow, lining with a lighter color definitely took the skirt to a different level. The underlining and lining truly gave this a top of the line look. Beautiful daughter, just like her mom.

  26. AJW says:

    The dress was stunning, and so is the skirt. I love the idea of a high-contrast lining — I’ve seen some neat combos in ready-to-wear (yellow w/black, for example) that look quite special. You have turned into a lace expert — lovely results for Mom and Daughter.

    • Many thanks, AJW! But, I’m no lace expert………… I’m working on one more lace project and burned 4 holes through the nylon portion of the lace before realizing what was going on. Lots to learn here! :)

  27. CherryPix says:

    A beautiful skirt for your beautiful daughter! I’m with you on applying couture touches….makes things feel so special!

  28. Carolyn says:

    Absolutely beautiful skirt, and she looks super happy with it. How lucky you have a gorgeous daughter to sew for, and she to have a talented mum to make her such delightful things!

    • Many thanks for your nice comment, Carolyn! I am lucky indeed to have not one, but two daughters. My oldest lives farther away so it is not as easy to sew for her, however I’m willing anytime we can work it out :)

  29. Natalie says:

    Love your dress and daughter’s skirt. I was curious about the suit you wore for Easter and what you did with the skirt. You have a real talent for making garments over.

    • Thank you, Natalie! I started to write a post about my Easter suit but ultimately decided against it. My 15 year old skirt was a little snug around the waist. When I realized the waistband had two elastic inserts I removed the waistband, took out the elastic and reattached the waistband. Fortunately the waist fit perfectly after the adjustment. Then I repaired the ripped lining followed by redoing a very sloppy hem that was held together by safey pins. While I didn’t have a new Easter outfit I at least looked presentable in my very old suit :)

  30. Javie says:

    Love the lace skirt! Besides basting the lace within the seam allowances, did you attach the lace to the silk anywhere within the S/A? I have never worked with lace before but wanted give it a try.

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