Sew the Perfect Fit – Review, Part 1

At last I’m now sewing along with Linda Maynard in her online class -

Sew The Perfect Fit!

The Craftsy course title and description completely captured my attention leading me to contact Craftsy.

sew the perfect fit“Learn how to alter your patterns to achieve a flattering fit for your body. Fit specialist Lynda Maynard teaches fitting techniques you can use to customize any pattern to your shape.”

Since I am receiving the class for free in exchange for a review, I plan to write at least two thorough posts.  I also want to let you know that Craftsy is offering a 40% discount on this class to my readers. I believe Craftsy is running a special on several sewing classes (not linked to me) as well.


Lynda Maynard, widely known in the industry as a fit specialist illustrates how to fit the included Vogue dress pattern on three models of varying shapes and sizes. Many fitting issues and pattern alterations are explained.

V8766 I’m a long way from the lovely finished garment I prefer to show in my posts  -

no glamour shots today!

 Out of the ten lessons, I’ve completed seven, taking me through the construction and fitting of the muslin. I chose view D (blue dress), since I enjoy wearing straight fitted dresses and because I always seem to have trouble with the dart placement.

Just as in my last class blogged here, the beginning of the class places great emphasis on establishing proper lengthwise and crosswise grainline markings on the pattern pieces as well as proper placement on the muslin fabric.

I was quickly reminded that I am still lacking in basics even after all of my sewing over the last 18 months. For starters, I never knew I needed to true a muslin, an easy three-minute process.

After adding an additional 3/8” to the seam allowance, the crosswise and lengthwise grainlines are marked on each pattern piece. I admit I’m now obsessed about grainline issues, and marked more than Lynda’s recommended  minimum of one on each pattern piece.

V8766 Front Bodice Vogue 8766 backThankfully it was a wise decision on my part because all of my adjustments were guided by the grainlines. Lynda prefers to fit from the shoulders down, so
the muslin is constructed  and fitted in three separate parts – the bodice, skirt and sleeves.

Here I am in the bodice sewn without alterations.


The darts are too high and the waistline, (marked by a blue W on the muslin and elastic tied across my waist), is at least an inch too high.

Saved by the grain!

Slashing the crosswise grainline marking below the armhole, pulling the waist into place and inserting a strip of fabric in the gap took care of everything.


Lynda shows how to transfer these markings to the paper pattern pieces which is a must see.

As for the skirt, my fit was good in the waist and hips but slightly tight across the abs. Surprisingly, none of the models have this particular issue. I believe I worked out the alteration but am waiting on an answer from the instructor before proceeding.

 As with all Craftsy classes, I love the ability to take notes and interact with the instructors, as well as having access to the lessons forever. In reference to the Sew the Perfect Fit class, I was   t h r i l l e d   to learn how simple it was to address my particular fitting issue, and how easily Lynda demonstrated the solution.

The next part of my review will cover the assembly of the muslin and construction of the garment. Maybe those glamour shots will be a reality  :)

Until soon!

Online Sewing Class

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62 Responses to Sew the Perfect Fit – Review, Part 1

  1. angela says:

    Looks like a great class. Cannot wait to see your future review on the course. I learned so much from my Couture dress class. This looks like another winner!!!

    FYI: The link however, does not give a discount. It is still full price.

  2. I’ve signed up for this course but have yet to start. I’m now looking forward to it even more!

  3. Michelle says:

    Ok. Your review, my odd body shape ( I have no waist to speak of!) , and the 60% off email I got from Craftsy put me over the edge. I signed up!

  4. cottage style says:

    Silly old me. I would have looked at this on myself and decided my girls were getting a little saggy and hitch them up in my bra! LOL! Obviously wrong thing to do. Adding a strip of fabric solves everything.

    Was the strip you added the same width across all? Did it come under the arm hole opening? My concern would be making the armhole too big?

    Thanks a bunch. Very helpfull tutorial.

    • For all practical purposes, the answer is yet it is the same size. Once it is transferred to paper, the excess is taken up in the side dart. It was placed under the armhole so the size of the armhole was not affected. I’m really surprised at how easy the process is :)

  5. Rita Lucido says:

    Thanks for this Sarah. I’ve signed up based on your recommendation and look forward to it.

  6. laurahoj says:

    I have enrolled in this class as well. I just received the pattern, so I have yet to start. Thank you for sharing your review.

  7. artattack024 says:

    Looks like a good class, Sarah. I’m waiting on my pattern to begin Sandra Betzina’s pant fitting class. I like what Craftsy has to offer and their format. However, having said all this I’m sidetracked making bras! LOL So many projects…so little time. :D

  8. I was looking for this post this morning. :) You’ve convinced me to fork over more money to Craftsy.

  9. Leslie R. says:

    I’ve been watching this course, too. It is very thorough and easy to follow. I plan to make the blue dress.

  10. Sarah says:

    I saw on the materials list to purchase muslin with an even thread count. What type of muslin is that? I have always thought muslin was muslin. Thanks for giving us such an inspiring blog. I am currently taking a year of sewing my own clothes. Thanks again.

    • Many thanks for your nice comment, Sarah! I’m certainly not the muslin expert but it is a higher quality muslin.
      Good luck with your year of sewing. It truly changed my life :) :)

  11. Victoria says:

    Glad you found a class you like! Looks like a good one! I”ll definitely be awaiting your future reviews. I have LM’s CD book and thought it to be very informative. Have fun “in school” (wink)!

  12. Mrs. K says:

    I signed up for this class, but have yet to start, so I’ll be looking forward to further reviews.

  13. Oh, this would be a perfect class for me. I hesitate to sew with patterns because of the fit issues and I’ve always wanted to learn how to alter them to fit me. Will your discount still be available in the summer. I don’t think I’ll have time during the school year.

  14. boutis says:

    I signed up for this class and the sewing with silk one with the huge discount before I even saw your discount from the site. I have enjoyed several of the Craftsy classes and found them all informative. I look forward to your review and your finished dress. Sandra Betzina’s class on pant fitting is difficult but very useful. I am glad this class is about bodices and dresses.

    • Hi Boutis! Many thanks for writing. I too, like many of the Craftsy classes. Have you followed Sew Well? She did an extensive series of reviews on Sandra’s class.

      • boutis says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. I’m making black pants too! Like Amy says you start out thinking you have certain fit issues and find it is not what you thought it was. It is a lot of information that Sandra throws out very fast and this is where the Craftsy platform of taking notes, marking information that is pertinent to your issues, and being able to make corrections in your notes, is so very innovative and helpful. And their discounts are very nice too.

  15. sewnotwork says:

    I signed up but so far have just been watching with fascination. Just for those who have just signed up. It takes at least two weeks for the pattern to come. Thanks for the review!

    • Thank you for the information on waiting for the pattern! It’s probably a good idea to watch the lessons before sewing just to give a sense of familiarity and confidence. …… I wish I had done that!! :) :)

  16. Jacq C says:

    I have been ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about this course over the last few weeks, your recommendation and the discount have tipped the balance. I’ve signed up, can’t wait for my pattern to arrive. My sewlution for the year is to conquer my bust, fit issues have defeated me to date, so this is perfect. Thanks :)

  17. CherryPix says:

    Thank you for telling us about this course! I’ve signed up! – determined to really hone ‘fit’ this year..with courses like this and the pattern drafting course I’m taking at a local TAFE college (Technical and Further Education). I agree with your fixation on grain line – it’s critical…as is Horizontal Balance Line (HBL) (see Sarah Veblen’s ‘About Perfect Fitting’ book).

  18. Susan Smith says:

    Looks like a useful class. Would love to do it but I won’t get to it for a couple of months with my current workload. Wondering if the instructor will still be around to give advise then? And I still have my other craftsy class from last year to do….

  19. ZoSews says:

    What a nice simple change!!! Who would have thought.

  20. Katie R says:

    I “wishlisted” this class and wondered if I would find it useful if I sew by myself. Are you fitting on yourself or a dress form?

    I love following your blog! you are such an inspiration. :-)

  21. Lexley- Brisbane AU says:

    Hi Sarah, I love Craftsy classes and have enrolled in many with fabulous results. Just a question, does the teacher address how to select your pattern size ie. using upper bust or full bust measurements? Nancy Zieman’s Method is to measure the distance between your front arm creases to determine your size for a pattern which will fit your shoulders, being a very difficult area to adjust if this is ill fitting……..

  22. Gosh but learning new things can be such a wonderful, empowering thing. And it seems that Craftsy has so much to teach. I could, as you said in one of the comments, soak up hours and hours there let alone with all the other things I want to improve. Sigh.

    I have a lengthening wish list. Oh and I look forward to glamour shots n all as they come through :-)

  23. Pam C says:

    I signed up for this class. I quit making clothes years ago because I didn’t know how to alter patterns to fit my strange body. I hope this will help me with that problem. Thanks.

  24. Nice review. By saying she’s worked in the industry do you mean the fashion industry, as a seamstress or home sewing?

  25. Carol S. says:

    Since you posted, I’ve really been thinking that I would like to do this class. I just grabbed it as I saw an ad that sewing classes are being offered at $19.99.

  26. Urbanite says:

    I had been on a Craftsy hiatus. There were few classes that rose to the level of Susan Khalje’s and Kenneth King’s. I broke my Craftsy fast and enrolled in Linda’s course and had a marathon viewing session this weekend. It’s a total winner. Thank you for the hot tip.

  27. Carola says:

    I’ve had my Sewaholic pattern sitting open on my table, ready to trace out and it’s been bothering me so much that i ALWAYS have to alter patterns, but after reading this I’m convinced me to view it from another angle and maybe do yet another Craftsy course. **sigh** I also need to find more time! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    • Carola says:

      gosh, made a blunder of that one, didn’t i? LOL
      What i meant to say was that I’ve convinced myself that I need to look at it from a different angle and really see that the fit is improved if i do it right! :)

  28. Janet Hughes says:

    Add to blogs to follow

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  30. SJ says:

    Thank you for this review – although I have only just started sewing, this is a course that looks like it will be really useful as I improve. Looking forward to the second part.

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  32. Pingback: Vogue 8766 Back to the Drawing Board | Sew Not Work

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