Le temps de nettoyage!

My sewing room looks like an absolute war zone. From pictures knocked off the wall to a floor covered with everything and anything.

Would you believe my calendar is still showing August 2011?

I started sewing my own clothes on August 31st, 2011 and never looked up. Some might describe this sewing frenzy over the last 16 months as enthusiasm, which it was, but to me it’s more like I was possessed by making clothes. I truly thought of little else and it shows all around my house.


I’m ready to leave the mess behind and sew in an organized space. This week I will clean and organize rather than sew. I’m tremendously inspired by Karen’s craft room at Sew Many Ways, and may do some hardcore copying from this creative woman.




Have you visited the RTW Fasters, lately? For starters, here’s Jilly’s latest:



Basic black ?



I’d also like to welcome newest RTW Faster Annika who began the fast on January !st.


So now,  please excuse me while I strive to become organized in order for those creative spirits to flourish.

Until soon!









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25 Responses to Le temps de nettoyage!

  1. Carolyn says:

    I hope you can get that sewing room because that’s the sewing room of my dreams! I love every piece of it and wish I had a room large enough to turn into a room like that. I hope you keep us updated on your progress and good luck with the clean-up!

    • Hi Carolyn! My space isn’t nearly as big and I don’t have the natural light she has but I’m going after much of the same look. Hopefully it won’t take too long :) Thanks for writing!

  2. twotoast says:

    Jilly’s dress is fabulous, and Karen has some amazing ide in her craftroom. Wow!

  3. lynne haywood says:

    Mine too! For me it’s create ( mess) clean create clean. It’s a never ending cycle but somehow I can’t seem to put away when I’ve finished with something, excitement takes over

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Julie Starr says:

    This is so timely! Right before the holidays I looked around and realized our dining room had been totally taken over by my “habit”. I packed it all away and am eagerly awaiting the completion of a guest room that is being turned into my own dedicated sewing room. I’ve missed sewing terribly this last month so I brought down my machine and sewed all weekend when I should have taken advantage of the great weather by doing some much needed yard work. It’s so fun to see all the wonderful spaces people have created and posted on Houzz and Pinterest. Can’t wait to hear more about yours.

    • Oh wow, Julie! It sounds as though you may have a contractor on board. I’m just hoping to do a little organizing and maybe some painting. I’d love to see a pic of your sewing room once it’s complete :)

  5. ewellons says:

    Can’t wait to see finished pictures of your reorganization. I am in need of a drastic overhaul of my room too but seem to be paralyzed by the prospect. I think the first order of business for me is to start purging!

  6. missparayim says:

    I can understand the obsession, though it’s only been 10 months for me.
    I love the vogue window pose! That whole series was so ridiculous.

  7. gingermakes says:

    Wowzer! Karen’s sewing room is so impressive! I’m in desperate need of reorganization, but I’m struggling to find ways to break the task down into manageable bites. Would love to hear/see how you change up your workspace!

  8. Joen says:

    You’re sewing room sound very similar to mine.LOL I’ve been trying to organize it but decided the Christmas decorations needed to come down instead. Karen from Sew Many Ways her sewing room is my dream room – I could live in that room!

  9. boutis says:

    Good luck and happy sewing with the sewing room re-do.

    Karen is a genius at re-purposing. Her ideas are incredibly clever and practical. I like things put away unless I am using them so I am looking at a Elfa fitted closet for my stuff from Container Store. I started putting my patterns in binders after I got my first Style Arc pattern in the paper protector sleeve. Patterns (including my altered and redrafted ones) are stored neatly folded and organized by tops, pants, jackets, dresses, and miscellaneous and it saves on the wear and tear keeping them usable.This time of year office supply stores put binders on sale and I just bought 6 big ones for a dollar per unit. I am keeping fabric neatly stored in big zip-locks until used. They are reusable and keep the fabric from raveling as much and getting shop worn. I still use the formal dining room table to cut out because I do not have room for a cutting table. I did make a fitted (and ugly!) vinyl table cloth to protect the table from pins and scissors. The corners are elasticized like a fitted sheet and it works well and does not scoot around.

    • Thank you for the email, Boutis! I do not have a closet in my sewing room. Since everything is out in the open I decided to at least make it cute/attractive.
      An Elfa fitted closet might happen in my next life :) :) :) Your pattern storage system sounds ideal!

  10. Karen says:

    I was actually re-organizing one of my fabric closets this weekend – and found things I forgot I had – and some things I wish I didn’t have! That’s what the giveaway box is for… May you find all kinds of treasures and create useful spaces for all of them! Good Luck!

    • How true, Karen! I just found was a huge spool of pearl cotton thread. The day before I started cleaning I made a trip to JoAnn’s to buy some in vain – a huge waste of time as the store doesn’t carry it – and there it was at home…… :) Thanks for the good wishes!

  11. I also find that when I reorganize and de-clutter, I discover things I totally forgot I had. It can actually be quite inspiring. Have fun and I can’t wait to see what comes out of your new organized space!

  12. jillybe says:

    Thank you for the shout-out via my fun & silly window pose! I would kill for a sewing room the size of Karen’s but even with my tiny room, she has some fabulous little repurposing ideas. One thing about tiny rooms is that you are FORCED into some sense of order, but I swear it’s a never-ending project….

  13. Angela says:

    Karen’s room is amazing! I do not have nearly that much space, but I am beyond grateful to have a room that is almost all mine for sewing, so I’m not complaining. I need to do a lot of work to make it efficient though. I love seeing how people organize their rooms, to get ideas I can use.

    Are you happy with your sewing machine? I’m in the market for a new one…. and of course the more I read the more I want to tear my hair out! I’ll read Berninas are the best, then I’ll read the new ones aren’t nearly as good as the older models, and not the best for garment sewing – which is all I am interested in doing! I don’t need a million fancy stitches, won’t use them.

    • Hi Angela! I don’t have near the space Karen has either but I was quite inspired by her room. I’ve made some headway in my room and plan to start sewing again tomorrow.
      I love my 20 year old Bernina 1230.
      When my machine was in the shop during the summer the store gave me a new entry level Bernina as a loaner. It sewed just fine. Maybe you should try some demos in the sewing stores. Good luck!

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